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** LIVE NOW ** Should I have my age against my name?

Hi I see people going on about age on here they set age limits , to me age is just a number ?...

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What's the most unattractive outfit a date has ever turned up in to meet you?

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Tattoos - Yes or no ?

What are your thoughts on tattoos? Do you like them or loathe them? Do you find them sexy? Would...

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Take me to the movies!

What are peoples favourite sexy movie scenes? Have you ever tried to reenact them?


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What Defines Attraction?

Bearing in mind we’re all meeting each other initially via “Cyberspace” and not...

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Is age nothing but a number?

Is age nothing but a number? I'm enjoying chatting to some younger men on here, but is...

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Take things slowly?

I'm a female and have been on a lot of meets during the time I have spent on this...

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Biggest crush?

Which person of the opposite sex, throughout time, would you liked to
have had a date with...

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Help I'm new!


I've just joined. Please send me as many tips as possible. I have never...

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How important is a good profile name and photo..?

Have you dismissed a potential IE on the basis of a terrible user name and
a profile...

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Hotel Nerves

Have you ever had the experience of an ie having their nerves get the better of them and leave...

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Would you date someone new to having an affair?

Would you consider having an affair with someone who has never had an affair before? Or do you...

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