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Do you have a type?

If you do, are you disappointed when someone you’ve been messaging turns out not to...

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Meeting my I.E. partner

Well, today something amazing happened to me. 

I decided to meet my I.E...

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Are we more honest on IE?

I tried a normal dating site before this, but ended up lying through my teeth on it. You...

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Making the first move...

Is it right that men always have to make the first move? In today's world of strong and...

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Do we...?

Do we really know what we are looking for?
I only know when I have found it....

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How much contact in between meets is enough contact....

How many messages do you and your IE have in between meets and what do you
think is...

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Confidence and Age

Does anybody else feel more confident in their 40's/50's/60's than they did in their...

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How long does it take?

I am interested in meeting someone and enjoy time together but there are so many messages etc....

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Hair Colour

Why is it that men put their hair colour as brown, grey, blonde etc....but when you see their pic...

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If you lost all five senses and could have only TWO back for your next IE, which would it be, and...

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How important is a good profile name and photo..?

Have you dismissed a potential IE on the basis of a terrible user name and
a profile...

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