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** LIVE NOW ** Dating tips

Feel like I have been out of the dating game for so long, it's almost like relearning an...

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Advice on sexy texts

Okay, where do I start? I’ve been seeing this man now for a little while, and we started...

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Do you have a type?

If you do, are you disappointed when someone you’ve been messaging turns out not to...

Join In!     503 comments

Cold feet

Does anyone get cold feet after arranging a meet? how do you deal with it..? I am serious about...

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How can you tell?

How can you tell if your prospective IE is just as great in real life as they seem in their chat?...

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The 'Average' body

This seems, I suggest, to be often considered differently by men and women.


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I'm wary of profiles that say they are looking for 'casual'. My interpretation of...

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Pick Up Lines

Has anyone else been getting lots of corona-inspired chat up lines ! Hit me with your best ones...

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I find that a work call is the best excuse to use to call my IE, how about you guys?

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Bodies & Age

Do you believe men have unrealistic expectations on what a woman should look like beyond the age...

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How do you keep your meets fun?

Where has you IE suggested for your meets? What is normal .. a hotel room..
air bnb... a...

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Is ADHD a good excuse?

My best friends husband cheated on her last month and he is using his recent ADHD diagnosis as...

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