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The good, the bad and the candid feedback... from male and female members.

We're honest enough to put the good and the not so good responses from our members! Spelling mistakes have been corrected where appropriate.

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User Stories by Men

"After a few false starts I found IE, which turns out to be the best online dating site for married people.

I chatted online with hundreds of married women and met face-to-face with a few of them. IE is unique in providing a safe forum for like-minded people to share their innermost secrets and establish connections.

Having an affair has changed my life, since I am now a much kinder, jollier and happier person at home. So, thanks to IE for making this possible!"


"IE is an excellent way of enabling contact with women who are looking for love, excitement and sex outside their marriages."

Most women want a long-term, loving relationship which has disappeared from their marriage - IE offers that possibility. The site offers discretion, security and the potential of realising dreams

My search for a lover has been very enjoyable for I have met some very attractive and interesting women in the process."


"I joined IE looking for a soulmate and a physical relationship which were both missing from my marriage, not necessarily in that order.

I've been delighted with the contacts I've made and have become good friends with a couple of lovely ladies who have helped me realise among other things I still am my old self with sense of humour intact. Happy I joined IE"


"I first used IE back in 2007 and met a wonderful woman who was feeling lonely. We became firm friends and lovers, enjoying countless romantic evenings together, even managing to travel together on occasion. Although she recently moved back to the USA - hence my own return to IE now - we have remained in touch and are now good friends.

It has been a life-enhancing experience that has helped us both to remain young, happy, and has almost certainly allowed us both to remain happy and married rather than just married."


"Below is my experience and advice to potential subscribers:

First, if you are thinking of a quick and easy conquest, forget it! This site isn't for you!

Second - Don't expect instant success - What you plant in goodwill will be repaid a thousand times!

Third - Treat ladies as potential friends as well as potential lovers and it will pay dividends!

They will help you, advise you and strangely you may end up with some very good friends! I have!

Fourth - Expect to encounter a jungle culture from some people, shallow and verbally nasty!

You will get bruised, knockbacks and despair! Despite this be considerate of others feelings. Rejection hurts, don't wound people!

Fifth - It takes time, understanding and being a good listener. Men are quoted as being ruled by their genitals, ladies are ruled by their heart. Remember it well!

Sixth - Expect to locate and meet several ladies many will not have the chemistry with you. That is not you or them. It is human nature. No reflection!

Seventh - Photos - Be aware some people will judge you on your picture, some will judge you on your personality. Take your pick!

Eighth - Expect realistically to find, meet and commence your relationship in about three months! I expect many are highly skilled and beat this easily and some give up!

Ninth - Expect to constantly review and adapt your profile. If a lady says no after viewing it ask for feedback!

They do oblige and often it is quite enlightening that what you thought you said isn't what they read!

IE has so far, to me, proved a worthwhile venture and rewards way beyond my expectations.

Seek and ye shall find and sometimes where and when you least expect."


User Stories by Women

"I wrote my profile one night and by the next night had received so many wonderful responses. However, one stood out and we met the very next day. I'm now at the start of the most thrilling, romantic affair with the most amazing gentleman. I can't believe how lucky I've been. I have found exactly what I was looking for and more besides. Thank you. X"

Charlotte Bronte

"I had a wonderful 3-year relationship with a man I met on your site. It was exactly what we needed at the time. Now my life has changed a little and I want someone who is happy to fit in with that. On other dating sites I feel a fraud of sorts as I cannot offer all that someone may expect, but with IE I am free to be honest and it is understood and accepted."


"Really like the website. It has been a great experience for me, and as a result has actually improved my marriage. I have met four people from the site so far, and have had fun with all of them, even though I was only attracted to two of them. I like this site and, as a woman, I feel confident that the men are genuine. Thanks for a great site Sara! L x"


"I stumbled upon this site more than 4 years ago, I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just curious.
Chatted to a few blokes but hesitated to meet up as it was a bit scary stepping into the unknown. I started a conversation with one married man who seemed very nice and decided to go for it, this meeting ended up lasting 3 years. I’m glad I decided to take the plunge. It does what it says on the tin!
Thanks to IE!"

Charlotte figroll

"I am enjoying a very satisfying affair. It's not just the physical aspect of the affair but just knowing my lover is thinking of me when we are apart lights my day. We keep in touch by text and even those texts are exciting and stimulating. I'm hoping the affair will last as long as it can and when it eventually ends I will definitely be back here looking for more. Thank God for IE you've given me the tools to enhance my life and I'm having a ball xx"


"I love this site – it is the most genuine and honest, meaning the guys are usually what they say they are. I’ve met a few wonderful men that I have had long term fun with and won’t be leaving in a hurry. It has definitely saved my marriage and I would be lost without the lovely guys I’ve met on IE. Thank you."



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