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"I would like to say that if you are genuine and make clear what you want and what you honestly can offer then you will meet someone.
I've met the most fantastic woman who I'm going to have a very "special" friendship with.
The site was an excellent forum to discreetly meet someone and it's very very easy to use.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks for a great site which has given me a new lease of life."
Mr G, Durham

"I have met a wonderful lady via the site and we have become great friends which I hope will endure for many years to come. Before you ask, we are both still in our marriages and have no wish to change that, but I believe I have found a soulmate."

"I enrolled on Illicit Encounters after seeing an advertisement in a monthly magazine. I was nervous as had not done anything like this before. All I can say is that there was no need for nerves as I have had tremendous support from the site administrators who keep in regular contact to make sure that you feel supported and relaxed about the whole experience. The icing on the cake was that I have now met a wonderful man. He was the first man to contact me on the site. Although I spoke with others we just seemed to be on the same wavelength in our emails. Have met 5 times already and are meeting again on Sunday. We are both happy with what is happening at the moment. Big thanks to you!" Member ID 85233

"I don't remember how I stumbled across this site but its the first one I have ever been on, including all of those messengers and chats. This site is bloody fantastic! Its great, it works well, and the advice is great. Happy happy happy customer!" Member ID 87237

"In my experience Illicit Encounters is a great networking vehicle for connecting like minded people with each other. I have met some super people and cannot recommend Illicit Encounters highly enough. Yours, very satisfied." Member ID 41715

"My impression, having first used the site to good effect about a year ago, is that it has much improved in the last 12 months. It's also the case that as far as I can tell you have succeeded in attracting very many genuine people - and that in itself is an achievement for a web business." Member ID 4720

"Saw it advertised in the back of a woman's mag, and after a lot of mucking about on inferior dating sites, have found this to be exactly spot on. Very good and have met a couple of people already. Excellent. Would recommend it." Member ID 83553

Hi, found your site on Google, yours was the best by far. It's also done the job for me for which I will be eternally grateful. I have met a fantastic girl with whom the chemistry has been simply amazing. Thank you so much." Member ID 79747

"I have just read a few comments from the other people on this site and had to add mine. I was a bit dubious about it as I have had some weird experiences before on other sites, but have to say this is the best by far. I was in need of some TLC in my life as my marriage had lost its spark. And did I find it on here? Oh yes!! I have chatted to some lovely guys but there is one in particular that I have met, and not only is he totally gorgeous but he seems to think the same about me, so yes, there is a God! Lol! So I would say to anyone who wants to join up, go on give it a go. I did when I was feeling a bit fed up and am so glad I did, I'm smiling again! Thankyou!" Member ID 74252

"I thought I'd click and give it a go, really glad I did. Have met up with some really lovely people, 1 or 2 that weren't so lovely, but hey, it's a chance you take. I can only say that this site has made a real difference to my life, made me much more confident in myself and really gives me a buzz. There is life after and during marriage, my saying now is 'Married, not dead'." Member ID 73804

"Thanks for such a wonderful site. I have met a very nice man and we are both in love, so its really a wonderful life! If not for Illicit Encounters we would never have met, so yes, thank you very much indeed. x" Member ID 58320

"Being on this site has transformed my life. I have met some wonderful men, a couple of whom are now great and loving friends because although we didn't click sexually we do have loads in common and enjoy the same things. I have also met a really great guy who I am spending valentine's night with and have high hope for it being a long lasting and wonderful relationship. The site has given me back my self confidence after being in a loveless and celibate marriage for many years. Thanks!!!" Name Withheld

"I just wanted to tell you what a great site I think IE is. I joined last April when I was feeling very low and my existing lover decided to end things. I was devastated and that coupled with a very unhappy marriage - I wasn't sure what to do. As a bit of an entrepreneur, I had this wonderful idea about starting a dating service for married people (The Times doesn't deal with marrieds) so had a quick check online to see the competition - and there you were. After registering really quickly and easily I soon saw that I wouldn't be able to compete, and before I knew it I was receiving 'kisses' and messages from respectable and professional men who wanted to chat and meet. I would be lying to say it's all been plain sailing and there haven't been a few hiccups along the way. But on the whole it's been a very pleasant experience. I've had about a dozen or so dates out of the many many more I could have chosen from. I am currently seeing 2 men from the site - both are wonderful (one is fab in bed and I don't know how his partner lets him out without a leash on). They are generous and kind, handsome, with beautiful manners and respect for me. In fact I've been 'glowing' so much that my original lover has come back to me. So I'm actually being a very naughty but very happy girl!!! Thanks, it's been excellent and wish I could recommend you to all my friends, but then they'd know what I've been up to!!!" Member ID 33644

"Great site ! My first contact has resulted in the discovery of a great friend and lover already. We both seemed to be looking for the same thing from our profiles and seem perfectly matched when we met for the first time. Both said a one night stand was not on the agenda before we met, but friendship, respect, trust was required first. Think we were both surprised what happened, but it felt so good and right. We now talk everyday and have become an important part of each others lives already. Thanks for changing my life already!!" Member ID 21037

"Dear IE, I came to your site recently with few expectations regarding finding someone that was not just ok but right in every sense. To my amazement I began writing to someone who I thought might just be a little close to what I sought, as contact continued my interest grew and began to see that in fact I was close to finding the person that had all the attributes that I wanted in a person. I was cautious still but a meeting a few days ago confirmed that I had found precisely what I had been looking for and more! There was an instant spark and no barriers just complete delight. Neither of us expected to come away from this site with anything other than maybe's but I was wrong and attitudes have changed form it wont happen to we are going on holiday together! It was instant and she is a wonderful attractive person who has blown me away and I am happy to say vice versa. We are now looking at possibilities that we both thought would not or did not want to happen but it has and it was from this site that we found each other for real. What else can I say except thank you and to persevere to all those that think it cannot happen exactly how you want it to but it has. Thank you again IE" Member ID 33644

"Hi, I joined the site back in September & had a number of responses. At the beginning of October I met a fantastic guy, we have been seeing each other regularly since then. He has changed my life completely & revitalised my sex life which was very much missing at home. I have never visited a site before but I am glad I found this site as I feel so much happier, in one sense as I have met the man of my dreams, but sadly my marriage has broken down. It had been on the rocks for a good few years & this gave me the final push to end it. Hopefully the guy I have met will become a permanent person in my life as his marriage has also been over for a number of years. Thank you very much for the site & I would recommend it to anyone as it is safe site to use & all the people I had contact with were honest & open. I hope I don't have to visit the site again ( I mean this in a nice way)." Member ID 51793

"I have enjoyed my time on Illicit Encounters, have met some wonderful men, and one in particular who, fingers crossed, may develop into something serious, (actually after 3 weeks is already quite serious lol). Thank you Illicit Encounters." Member ID 44382

"There was a time where I never thought I'd find someone who wanted the same things as me, a caring friend who allowed me to return to my family but I've found him thanks to IE and my confidence is growing daily. Thank you." Member ID 45983

"I love your website. I have chatted to more people on this site in 3 days than I have on any website ever! Keep up the good work." Member ID 57317

"I have a strong sense of gratitude to IE for providing me with a means of finding such a very nice man. My life is revolutionised. Of all the men I met in order to find him they were all perfect gentlemen." Name withheld

"Through your web site I have found a very special lady to share passion and romance with. She is everything I have ever dreamt of and a lot more besides. I never expected to meet anybody quite like her through the internet. She is gorgeous looking, slim, sexy and has a wonderful warm and bubbly personality. In short she is the find of the century and her husband must be nuts to let her slip out his grasp!! I can only thank you for setting up your web site, hopefully I won't need to come back and visit again...so best of luck...." Member ID S002110

"I have only been a paid member on the site a few weeks, very impressed with the response, and the quality of ladies who are serious about meeting up! Also found the Online Administrator very helpful, prepared to listen and respond to suggestions about the site." Member ID 50865

"Within 3 days of joining Illicit Encounters I found exactly what I wanted on the site. The site has real women who know what they want and it is so easy to use. I have found a beautiful girl who is so sweet, something I was looking for over years. I wish to thank all staff at Illicit Encounters for their part in making this website so good and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone." 40yrs, London.

"I would like to express my total satisfaction with your site. It has been a most enjoyable journey and I have now met my ideal contact in a lady called **** and also made a number of other contacts who are now good chatroom friends. Out of approximately 100 contacts only one was what you could describe as "strange”. All other women have been very polite open, and honest. Many thanks, I would recommend this site to any decent person and will use the service again if things don't workout." Member ID 44978

"Lets be honest, it's better to use a site like this as you can be honest about what you want. Much better than going on to a 'dating site' and misleading people." Lisa229

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this site. I've had a really great experience on here, and it has added a new and much needed dimension to my life. I know there can be pitfalls in this sort of thing, but thus far, I have been very fortunate with my 'introductions'. Best wishes to you all. Regards." Name Withheld

"Hi there, I thought your site was excellent, I have met such a nice man, very kind as well as being gentle and thoughtful. Who knows what will become of it but if I need to go back I would do so straight way. Many thanks for your help. PS I would tell others about it." Member ID 51398

"This really is the most amazing site. I did not hold out much hope as I had looked at another couple of places and they were horrid. So far I have not anything like the same nasty experience and in fact spent most of today fantasising about a guy I spoke to last night!" Member ID 52828

"I think your site is brilliant. I think most people are decent professional people who are fed up like me! There is obviously a call for this kind of thing judging by the amount of people on here. Thanks so much." Member ID CO48322

"I first signed up two weeks ago, on the first day I got lots of messages! Got a messages from a gent, I then asked to see a photo, he was very open and sent me two. We had a chat on the phone that day and got on so well we met later that afternoon. And wow! Was he nice! Just like his photos. We talked in a pub for about an hour then we took a nice walk round my town, we then took a nice ride getting to know each other even more. Then we ended up in a hotel room and it was just what I needed. I thought it would have been a one off as I was happy with things but he emailed me again a week later and a meet is on again for this afternoon so I have a little spark for now!" angel 40

"Hi there, haven't been up to much... life is pretty good. Was on IE many months ago and was very happy to chat and flirt with a few people, even met someone, but then realised it wasn't for me... but the website did make me open up and talk to my husband and tell him exactly how I felt... we even went for counseling, and the result is that we are happier than ever so thank you IE. Not only have you introduced me to a few very lovely people but also made me get my marriage back on track... With best wishes P.S One of the people I met through IE has become a very good friend.. who not only is good listener but a fab flirt." Name Withheld

"I am being spoilt for choice here; I find the site very therapeutic, have met some very nice guys had a very good run so far (lol). Having been on a few of these sites before, I have found Illicit Encounters to be the site with the best results and varied options." London - Name Withheld

"I joined the site a month ago. After sifting through around 150 responses and meeting several very genuine and appealing men, I have met the man of my dreams and we have fallen in love. I am unable to find the words to express my appreciation to the site for helping us find each other" Member ID 43450

"Thank you - I have found exactly what I was looking for and feel like a new woman! I have been fascinated by the fact that I am somehow sending out messages as I have been chatted up, beeped at in the street and frankly hit on more times in the last months than ever before! Thanks enormously for making my 50th year so much better than I could ever have imagined!" Name withheld

"I have met the most wonderful man and shall not be visiting IE, forever I hope - thank you so much for getting us together!" Name withheld

Hi, I'm probably also one of your "success" stories... I absolutely reveled in the attention I got from your site, and when R emailed me, I didn't rush to reply as his was only one of many mails I received. One day however he was online at the same time, a couple of instant messages were exchanged and 17 months later I really do feel I've met my soulmate. We've shared fantastic weekends together and a number of very happy and also very sad moments in this time and I really couldn't be without him. My marriage has broken down in between times -- inevitable unfortunately -- but it changes nothing between us and I really am grateful to I.E. for bringing us together, there's no way our paths would have crossed otherwise. I hope I'm only one of many successes for you!" Member ID H002664

"I joined your site a few weeks ago, and this terrific guy contacted me who had also recently joined. We are both in marriages with children so are committed, but fell in love as soon as we spoke to each other. Never had an experience like this in our entire lives before, I never really believed in love at first sight, let alone love before first sight! We both know we have commitments at home, but have met up a few times and things just keep getting better and better, I feel as if I've been waiting for this wonderful man my whole life. So thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. xx" Member ID 40570

"One of the men I have met is tall, muscular and very adventurous - likes sex anywhere and everywhere. He's very naughty - on the kitchen floor, in his bed, in a field, in the car and that's just the first five meetings!" Name Withheld

"My profile was a little different from some as I was looking for something longer term as I'd already had a couple of long term lovers and wanted a new one. I met with almost a dozen members of Illicit Encounters to find what I was looking for and have had fun with a couple of them." Name Withheld

"Thanks for giving us marrieds the opportunity to find that extra something missing in our lives" Member ID J043305

"I am seeing a genuine nice guy who I met on your site and at the moment we are on cloud nine and very happy. Thanks IE." Name withheld

"Hello. I have been a member for 5 months I have found a really nice friend. We talk a lot and meet up sometimes, he has brought a lot of happiness to my life. Thought I'd let you know." Name withheld

"Hello, I thought you would like to know that I found someone very special within three days of my profile being on show!!!! Quite amazing and we only live 20 minutes apart. Perfect!! Thank you." Name Withheld

"Ah, this site is great, obviously the annoying bit is ploughing through my 30 odd messages, but some of my encounters really have been a great laugh. Its made me realise life doesn't have to be all work and no play, so thank you. xx" Member ID 17460

"I can't believe I've met my gorgeous man. Took a site to meet someone so perfect for me. We were saying the other day that its a good idea because some people are shy and girls in particular can't just go to a pub or something to meet people. This way you can get to chat to someone first and if you feel uncomfortable you can just move on without too much trouble. Anyway, thank you again. Be back I'm sure for chats. Just tell them all out there, it works. Just don't tell anyone it was me that said so..." Name withheld

Greetings from this side of the Irish Sea ! Just want to say many thanks to you and the site. To be honest I was rather skeptical about the site at first, consequently I only joined for a month. Living In Ireland I knew there would be obvious problems in relation to travel and maintaining long distance relationships so I didn't hold out much hope ! BOY O BOY was I surprised or what - despite my reservations & short membership I had many responses which amazed me - now 3 months down the line after many emails & correspondence plus a few trips across the water I've found a very nice woman who just happened to want what I wanted. Now I know there are many cowboys, cowgirls, creeps & predators out there - and fair enough you have tried to weed them out. Everyone has an agenda on this site but I never wanted a harem of women across the UK - just one special one!! Thanks to your site I think I found that person! We are in regular contact by phone, text & email and I am embarking upon my third trip over to see her this weekend!! I can honestly say that I enjoyed the experience of being on your site despite the reservations & expectations I had! Illicit it may be, but as I have discovered it can open doors to a whole new world if used in the right way!!" Member ID 29375

"Happiness! Unbelievable happiness! 3 months now with my IE man and blissful. He was the first person I saw on here. Left it alone for a while to make up my mind to contact him. HE contacted me that day!!! We've been together ever since after meeting a couple of days after our first few mails. No plans for this to stop either. Gorgeous, genuine, kind, caring, honest man. We were both so lonely but had commitments, so now we're not lonely anymore. Think the world of each other. I've found not only a really good friend but lots of love and comfort and support during difficult times. I hope I give the same back. Thanks guys. Only went on here on the spur of the moment. Thought it couldn't harm to just look. One week later.... bowled over. Doesn't mean we won't both be having a nosey on here from time to time though. You do something for people that most would think a no go area. Just because someone is married or in relationship, doesn't mean things are perfect and they don't need to find something elsewhere. That's a hard thing to find. You've overcome the barriers of social wrongs and rights and done so in a upfront, lovely way. Thank you from both me and my man. Regards." Name withheld

"Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant site. It is very addictive! When I have the opportunity I jump on. Home life very boring after many married years, and its lovely to interact with other people who are in the same situation." Member ID 18777