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Letters to Sara

Found again

Hi Sara,

Love the site, and have recently returned after an absence of 4 years.  Had chatted to some nice people and no more than that until one night I got a message from someone saying 'Hey, chat with me'.

After looking at his profile, I replied. We shared a brief hello and asked how long each of us had both been on the site. Then I mentioned that I used to know someone who came from the area he does. There was a 5 minute pause (guessing he read my profile again) and then he came back asking what line of work I was in. I then guessed (and hoped) that it was the same person, so I asked if he worked with cars. He said yes, to which I replied 'Hello Mr S****!'

I'm sure there was laughter and a smile from his end as well - we had dated before. We have both changed profile names and been away from here, came back at roughly the same time and found each other again amongst all the other profiles - astonishing!  We both have fond memories of our previous time spent together and had just drifted apart due to work commitments.  Now, 35 pages of messages, texts, emails and one meeting for coffee later, we are meeting again tomorrow.

Sara's reply:

I love stories like this - how exciting!  Whoever wrote us this anonymous note, please do write back to us and keep us updated.  I hope things went swimmingly and that things are even better the second time 'round.

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Letters to Sara

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