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Letters to Sara

Chefs Hat

I had been chatting to a guy for a few weeks.  We exchanged numbers and arranged to meet at a thai restaurant. He turned up, at least 10 years older than his photos and quite unkempt.

We chatted,  and I thought "I need to get out of this date".  Not wanting to hurt his feelings, when he went to the loo, I asked at the bar if there was another way out other than the main entrance. The waiter said "Yes, through the kitchen" and said he'd ask chef if I could leave through the back.

Minutes later he returned with a chef's hat!  I had to wear it to escape undetected, which I did very quickly!

Sara's reply:

Sweet Lord what a palava!  See folks, these incidents could be completely avoided if you just used accurate photos of yourself... and spruced yourself up a bit before leaving the house.  Obviously I understand not wanting to arouse suspicion, but a little aftershave and a comb wouldn't go amiss.

Best of luck to you, anon, in finding someone you don't have to escape from ;)

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Letters to Sara

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