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Letters to Sara

The IE Fairground

Hi Sara

Isn't the weather fabulous?!  I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you about my IE experience, as I've had one or two conversations with others about this and it seems I'm not alone.

I'm not married but I may as well be. I have children and run my own business so finding time to "profile surf' was never going to be easy but I found half an hour and sat down to find an exciting new secret friend. I got lots of messages from my would-be Lancelot's and more Virtual Kisses than a girl could handle but after a couple of messages and password swaps it became apparent that we weren't going to click.  I admit it, I'm picky but....

Could I please make an impassioned plea on behalf of myself and all womankind frequenting this site?

If you are 60+ please don't pretend you are 55 or under, it'll soon become obvious when you start telling me your wartime stories, that we're not awfully close in age.  Alternatively, if you're 22 with a Mrs Robinson complex, please read my profile.

Please don't make me read the same 4 cheesy lines in every profile I look at. To all the glass half full, non boat-rocking chaps who like meals in country pubs with a roaring fires and who wont bite, unless I ask them to. I am a glass overflowing kind of girl, who doesn't want her boat rocking but you can come and rock my world if you think you
can handle me. I'm not keen on a log fire, I just want you to make me burn with desire. Oh, and if you're telling me you shower regularly, you clearly don't do it often enough!

And finally, if you want to talk dirty, fantastic! if you want to talk nasty, forget it.

I have had some really great conversations with some really great guys on here - you just took some finding chaps. I am lucky enough to be chatting to one just now who is a definite maybe.  If it turns out that he's actually 65, had uploaded a photo of his son and wants to show me his collection of 'etchings' (again) then I shall be back for another ride on the IE merrygoround and hoping that this time, I can hook more than a duck!


Sara's reply :

Oh TG!  How you made me laugh (and cringe)!  Yet another lady's letter to reaffirm that lying about anything on IE is never a good idea.  Also, a note on dirty talk.  Yes, it is doable... but I think it's always worth taking a lady's lead.  If she's caught off-guard and not particularly game, this kind of things can go very very wrong.

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Letters to Sara

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