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Letters to Sara

Tango letter of the month

Dear Sara

I have just received your email of today asking for letters to be written to you.  Well, here goes!

I am 80 ! ( Yes-eighty!) You might wonder what made me join IE.  I know I am far, far too old for most, if not all, your members.  Well, I will tell you what made me decide to join.

Sylvia, my wife, and I have been married for 53 years. Sadly, a few months ago, she passed away; (cancer of the kidneys.) It was all very sudden.

Sylvia & I have been dancing Argentine Tango for about 12 years. We were very keen, & have been going dancing 3 or 4 times a week, dancing all over London, Windsor, Eton, Farnham etc
& many countries overseas as well, always going on holiday somewhere where we knew that Argentine Tango was available ( which is almost every city in the world!).

When Sylvia passed away, I wondered if I should start dancing again, & I am pleased that I decided I would. All tango dancers are very friendly & have been very kind.  I am fortunate that at all tango events, there are usually more ladies than men, so it was not difficult to find ladies to dance with =, having lost my dancing partner of 53 years!

Well - apart from the tango, there are times when time drags a bit.  This is what made me think about IE. Searching for a bit of company.  I did intend to say to any members who might contact me that I am quite happy to teach them the tango.  I have been told that I am one of the best tango dancers in London, and a good teacher!  I don’t think that is quite right, but anyway, I have had a lot of experience, so should be able to teach any lady.  That is why I mentioned this in my personal profile.

One problem is I am not very good with computers.  You have kindly sent me details of a few ladies, who seem quite interesting.  I have tried to send a few of them a message but simply cannot do so.  I have been in touch with your Customer Services team, & they have been very helpful but I still cannot solve my problem!

And, until I do , I cannot make full use of IE.

Kind regards,


P.S : Perhaps my name should not be divulged? I could not cope if 100 ladies suddenly asked me to teach them the tango!

Sara's reply :

Thanks for your sweet email E.  We've assigned a support rep to you to help you step-by-step with the site.  I know it can be a bit daunting if you're not particularly adept when it comes to computers, but IE is relatively easy to use once you know how!

I hope that once your issues are sorted you're able to find yourself an equally lovely dancing partner.

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Letters to Sara

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