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Letters to Sara

My Experience....

Dear Sara and The Team,

Thank you for your message inviting me to write to you which has given me the perfect excuse to share my experiences with the many so called 'Married Dating' specialist websites before taking the decision to become a Gold Member on IE. I hope that this may help anyone else who, like me, is experimenting with these 'competitively priced' sites or considering it.

Firstly, can I congratulate you on running ONE site so that my profile does not mysteriously appear on another, loosely associated site, resulting in notification emails from 'Red Hot *insert derogatory term for women here* ? Emails which would inform me that 'Someone nearby (same side of the equator as you), who does not meet your criteria (nor, for that matter do you meet theirs.....even though you haven't set one), was thinking about joining the site but decided not to - but why not get in touch with them anyway to welcome their change of mind and swift departure?'

Clearly others fall victim to having their profiles 'shared with their carefully selected sister sites' as these sites which supposedly 'specialise' in helping married people meet up have profiles which start with 'Hi, If you are married and try to contact me I will instantly block you, report you and send virtual dog waste through your virtual mailbox....'

I believe they are fondly referred to as 'White Label Sites' and yes, despite carrying out research, I have to confess to trying a few out. I will not bore you with the details of all of my experiences but, to help highlight the difference, I will give you a couple of examples:

"You have a message from someone who wants to meet you..' - How could I resist such a teasing email notification? It happened so quickly after signing up that I hadn't had chance to fill in my profile description. This site must be full of very keen people my blinkered thoughts told me. Well, of course, I sign into the site and immediately click 'Messages' and yes!...there it is!..my email notification did not lie!.... a message from someone in Hampshire wanting to meet...

....someone called Nathan.

My initial thoughts of 'maybe it's just an unusual screen name' were soon set aside when I opened the message and subsequently viewed the profile to see that Nathan was in fact male. He had written me a personalised message confirming he was indeed� wishing to meet in order to 'get to know me better'. Had I made a mistake in the sign up process? No, I hadn't selected 'I am female' or 'looking for males' in the basic settings. It would seem therefore that 'Nathan' was possibly looking for some love that was too special for me.

Although I consider myself polite and do like to respond to messages Nathan's potential special love request was relegated to 'Not Interested....But We Will Permanently Keep The Message In Your Inbox Anyway'.

However, on another occasion I did receive a message which I took the time to reply to from someone I will refer to as Mrs 'X'. A promising start with this one as it appeared to be from someone that at least met the basic criteria I had set. So, again after receiving an email notification I go to my messages, a little more wary this time and...... I was right to be.

Mrs 'X' did in fact want to meet up as I was not only very local but also 'exactly the type of person she liked to meet up with'. What's better than being exactly what someone is looking for?  How about being exactly what 2 people are looking for?  Her husband also wanted someone like me to come along so he could watch! I had been cordially invited that very evening to join them in their car which would be in the local Tesco's car park.

I have to admit I replied to that one.  I'm afraid because of my nature I could not stop myself enquiring as to whether my attendance would qualify for Clubcard points for, you see, I am a keen collector. I had also asked, if Clubcard points were in fact available, could they could let me know where I should swipe my Clubcard to collect said points in order to avoid any embarrassment. Sadly I did not receive a reply to my message.

Anyway, in all seriousness I have been relieved to find that Nathan or Mr & Mrs X are not members of your site and based on my experience so far I don't think they will appear either. Although everyone's experience will be different, personally I have found the site a refreshing experience. It is relatively early days for me but I have found everyone here so far to be very genuine and I'm sure that I will be fortunate enough to see someone soon......and who knows, it may even be with their consent and knowledge.

Sara's reply:

White Label site make me so angry!  Especially when they exploit married people by farming their profiles out to other singles sex sites.  I think which ever site you choose when pursuing an affair, you need one which is exclusively married dating.  We're not the only one out there, but at least if you sign up to IE, you know that's all you're signing up to!

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1312462-Deleted - 19 Jul, 2019 - 06:54PM

Your letter made me laugh so much,brilliant.So well written too.

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Letters to Sara

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