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Letters to Sara

Send your letters to Sara (letters@illicitencounters.com) and you could win a prize if your letter is selected as Letter of the Month!

Breaking the ice 19 Feb, 2020 (3 comments)


I can't remember how long it's been since I've had to try and...

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Advice Please 19 Feb, 2020

Hey everyone,
I would like to share my experience with you guys and have some 2nd...

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It’s said that affairs ruin marriages...I disagree... 19 Feb, 2020 (2 comments)

My marriage feels stronger than ever...because I’m having an affair.

So my...

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Quiet after hotel date 05 Feb, 2020 (58 comments)

Hi guys

I would like your opinion. So I met a guy on here, he was lovely(or so it...

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Lazy Ladies 04 Feb, 2020 (36 comments)

So your tummy is full of butterflies, you're dressed to kill, look good and smell gorgeous....

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Age 28 Jan, 2020 (18 comments)

My wife is now almost seventyone years old, I am a few years older. Although we have a quite...

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Who pays the hotel room bill? 28 Jan, 2020 (46 comments)


Please can I ask others who use this site who pays when you meet up?

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Realistic expectations 28 Jan, 2020 (19 comments)

Dear Sara,   
I'm told i'm an attractive looking woman for my age, (54)...

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Player 21 Jan, 2020 (36 comments)

Hi I have been in an exclusive affair with a man on here for a few months. He’s promised me...

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Ghosting, Adulthood and Manners 21 Jan, 2020 (12 comments)

Hi Sara,

I just wanted to bring up the much talked about Ghosting phenomenon...

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