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I'm relatively new to this world.

1) Any tips for booking hotels in...

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A recipe

In three words describe the perfect affair...

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Help I'm new!


I've just joined. Please send me as many tips as possible. I have never...

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I'm curious to know...

...how many people have actually had a successful long term affair on here as I really have...

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Anti-Aging Affair

I've been with my childhood sweetheart for many, many moons. And I never truly played the...

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Let one's hair down

Full disclosure: I am genuinely a much happier person to be around since having an affair....

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Do we?

Do we get fussier with age? I personally think I've been more open minded the older I've...

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Is age nothing but a number?

Is age nothing but a number? I'm enjoying chatting to some younger men on here, but is...

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Are we more honest on IE?

I tried a normal dating site before this, but ended up lying through my teeth on it. You...

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Why do we want to have an affair?

Why men cheat VS why women cheat... discuss!

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