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Letters to Sara

My Secret G-Spot

I was feeling neglected and needed some fun
Not really sure where to run
Illicit Encounters came to mind...
BOY oh BOY, what did I find?
Yummy men, all naughty and hot,
Will one of these find my secret G spot?
Mailing and texting, chatting and calls
Coffee and lunches, I was having a ball
Tall and dark, chunky or slim
Lots of fun, but still not met him
Then it happened, late one night
He VK'd me and gave me a fright
I just knew when I saw the picture...this horny guy made my heart twitch-er
(bear with me, it's hard this rhyming stuff)
We met in the winter, log fires and snow
We just knew it was lust, its a feeling you'll know
Then a hotel room, bubbly on ice
It's a understatement to say it was nice!
A year has gone by, my lovers still hot
And yes... he did find my secret G SPOT!

Sara's reply:

Occasional clumsy rhymes aside, this is rather good isn't it?!  I've definitely had some VKs that gave me a fright before - but not for the same reasons as you ;)  Nice to know you're still with your hottie - and that he found your G-Spot.  Maybe he could make a map and pass it around?  I still think there are some guys who didn't get the memo.


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Letters to Sara

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