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Have you ever met someone who is perfect in every way ? Well groomed, taller than you ( difficult for me I am 5 11) looks good, great conversation, fabulous kisser, until it comes time to do the deed, (sex) and found out they are tiny..... is this a deal breaker for you ? 

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Blossom Reborn - 13 Nov, 2019 - 11:36AM

I've been following this thread from afar, and I can't help wondering.........
Am I the only one who has the opposite problem?????

Fortunately I'm far too old to be of any interest to "manofmystery2019 - 14 Oct, 2019 - 10:29PM", or, trust me, I'd have been in real trouble! (sigh)

Freyja - 12 Nov, 2019 - 11:00PM

This did make me laugh
Thank you
It is always a difficult moment when you realise it's not what you expected but I'm sure the old saying is true
It's how you use it that counts

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1344827-Deleted - 12 Nov, 2019 - 04:42PM

If the gentleman is a skilled lover who goes out of his way to please it shouldn't be an issue. I have recently met two lovely guys (not together btw) who, for want of a better expression, were temporarily unable to get it up but they well made up for it in other ways.
No disappointments there at all.

Mowglee - 06 Nov, 2019 - 06:29PM

ain't the quantity but the quality.

HelenF - 04 Nov, 2019 - 01:13PM

Yes this has happened to me some time ago, although I have also met lovely men in the past who didn't disappoint at all. A certain race are of the smaller build even if quite tall and it does make a huge difference, albeit not their fault at all......

stephen_D - 30 Oct, 2019 - 08:33PM

When I was young I always had comments about how large I was. I didn't take it seriously as I thought it was the sort of thing that girls just said anyway, irrespective of size. Over time I got a reputation and girls would want to sleep with me just to experience it. I felt used. Like a toy.

It was brilliant.

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HannahW - 29 Oct, 2019 - 08:04PM

Defo an issue if small I’m afraid. If you’re going to the effort of an extra martial affair then it has to be worth it in every department in my opinion. I’m sorry if that offends but yes, it would be a deal breaker for me.

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ruth09 - 24 Oct, 2019 - 09:14PM

I find that size isnt an issue..i enjoy the foreplay and penetration is a bonus

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are you for real - 23 Oct, 2019 - 07:33AM

IF you are a foreplay girl above all else , size does not make up for poor skills. If like me you love foreplay but see it as a warm up act for the star event then yes big is better,but staying power is what matters more.Big or small what you do for how long is what really counts

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Sandy22567 - 21 Oct, 2019 - 12:11PM

Yes you sound detanged

manofmystery2019 - 14 Oct, 2019 - 10:29PM

It is rather difficult for a man with above average dimensions to comment without it appearing like a boast! But, yes, by an accident of birth I have been blessed with a rather large appendage. It is a bonus, for sure, but no replacement for charm, wit, emotional intelligence, manners…..

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Fungirl84 - 13 Oct, 2019 - 05:27PM

I had a affair with a amazing guy who guess what had tiny thing. It made it all fun tho. Every meet was different. It adds to the fun.
I've also had someone very large and that hurt!

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thirdkind - 07 Oct, 2019 - 06:02PM

Lol guess from the lady’s point of view might be a let down. Not that I seem to have that drawback (so ladies have told me), but there are other ways which should be equally pleasurable - I love performing oral sex, and the stimulation and intensity of orgasms seems to be as good if not better than straight penetrative sex.

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are you for real - 07 Oct, 2019 - 10:40AM

if it works you can work with it...big is nice but what you do is better

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Tennisstar - 03 Oct, 2019 - 01:19PM

Thing is, just ask before hand, so to speak.... Men should ask "If I were to yodel outloud inside your precious purse, how many seconds or perhaps minutes delay would it be before I hear the echo?"

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afternoon 69 tea - 29 Sep, 2019 - 01:35PM

Playing the Devils advocate...
How would you feel if you were judged apon having had children?
Drooping breasts and a vigina that's (let's put it this way been streached a bit) after childbirth?
Physical attraction will always be a first its human nature, but remember looks change
Embrace the Experience
Or you may as well go out and book an escort for the night

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jessicagirl3 - 28 Sep, 2019 - 12:55PM

I find it odd that you ladies have come onto this site to meet the perfect man. If you find the perfect man will you fall in love with him? And if so will you then want more than an Illicit Encounter? Is it not the imperfections that attract us in the first place?

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Black Gent - 24 Sep, 2019 - 10:42PM

Here is a thought (or two). Let he (or she) who has the problem raise, or should I say mention it before entering the approach to coitus. It avoid a lot of hopes being dashed.

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Lavender Fields - 23 Sep, 2019 - 02:39PM

I think size does matter but the ability to last a while is more important. Nothing more frustrating than a man who only lasts a minute and then can not get it up again!!
Especially after weeks of chatting and planning.

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bringing on back the good times - 21 Sep, 2019 - 03:41AM

I'm a female and i can't believe this!.. Do men turn us down if we have small breast or big breasts?..... NO!
Dear God!.... I can't believe im sticking up for blokes here but hate to say it ladies it is not all about sex its about connection. If there is a connection i doubt it would matter if his (I will say willy to be polite) was tiny.

Seriously tho - Some women might even be married to a bloke who has a small one - so what! I bet you wouldnt complain if he was handsome, or rich
I thought i was fickle but this takes the biscuit :-)

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1319135-Deleted - 17 Sep, 2019 - 06:53PM

lys123 - given the number of “athletic” and “slim” men I’ve met, no.

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lys123 - 16 Sep, 2019 - 07:08PM

And if there was a button for men to indicate size, would you believe their answers :-)

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SensualSarahD - 15 Sep, 2019 - 09:38PM

The truthful answer is yes. Size does matter for me anyway

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tea_coffee_me_ - 13 Sep, 2019 - 11:41PM

"Hannypenny " Same and agree

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1330290-Deleted - 12 Sep, 2019 - 07:31PM

Not if they can last and don't come really quickly. Now that IS a deal breaker!

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Dorset guy - 12 Sep, 2019 - 12:08AM

Would be quite nice to even get some terrible sex 🙁

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Hannypenny - 11 Sep, 2019 - 08:43PM

I have had a previous lover who had ED and did not tell me until we were naked. But it mattered not a jot . He was an amazing lover, tender and considerate and we dated for quite a few years.

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funloverkent - 11 Sep, 2019 - 10:18AM

This raises a point about how much info should be written in a profile (male or female). “Curvy” etc, and “5’2”-5’6” don’t tell much. Many men like an idea of breast size, while many women like to know a man’s length/girth. Revealing photos are not tasteful, but since there is one prime reason we are on here, and the current auto profile generator tells amost nothing, should each of us (m or f) think of writing more about our personal attributes in our profile words? Would I get more interest if I wrote that I am long and girthy? Are we (apart from the few who are too blunt in their words) being too coy? I don’t know the answer, but simply pose the question.

Two things are for sure, Attraction matters more than age, size etc, and is only found when one meets. And size in itself doesn’t prove prowess in the bedroom, though maybe it helps!

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1319197-Deleted - 08 Sep, 2019 - 11:58PM

Ladies, the term throwing a sausage up the high street comes to mind; every item highlighted seems to be a man's problem. I agree with the lady who states that a good lover should know their limitations, female or male and learns the techniques that satisfies their partners.

Ladies, I was taught by a younger lady what is required. Don't be shy, tell your partner what it is that you enjoy. If necessary show them. As a young married man I only knew what I thought was right. Learn from each other, nobody has the exclusive know how. As men we sometimes need to be taught; and men we need to be able to say what we require; it's all about honest communication and feedback.

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anonymouse-1 - 08 Sep, 2019 - 10:56PM

Really!? Come on it’s technique and quality not quantity. As a woman size has never bothered me. It’s a fallacy that well endowed men are better lovers .

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Teicu - 08 Sep, 2019 - 11:08AM

Rather small than too big...which from experience is awful.
You can still have great sex with other body parts!

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1320587-Deleted - 07 Sep, 2019 - 04:24PM

Did my message act as an encouragement for other men to let you know how big their fun-size Mars Bars are...?

theartoftouch - 07 Sep, 2019 - 07:15AM


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Zyphod - 06 Sep, 2019 - 10:38AM

Everybody is a different shape or size be they male or female, and sometimes there is just no sexual chemistry or compatibility. Which is why it baffles me that some people wait until they are Married to do the deed.
But is that not what foreplay is for finding all those hidden parts that make you go "oooo la laaa".

Cerberus 36 - 05 Sep, 2019 - 06:50PM

I think it’s all down to a woman’s preference. Personally I like the “full feeling” that size gives but like others have said maybe what you can do with it is enough for some women.

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Wildeside - 05 Sep, 2019 - 09:40AM

Are you disappointed that he did not warn you before the deed? On the bright side, it's not about the size but what you can do with it..... if life gives you lemon, don't just make lemonade, be creative and innovative.

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1329188-Deleted - 04 Sep, 2019 - 02:35PM

Hi, I'm a man but was interested to read this thread; I did feel sorry for the guy who didn't come up to scratch. I'm fortunate not to have this problem (yes, really!) but ladies, if you do come across this, pleased let the guy down gently to avoid mental scars!

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SecretSt - 04 Sep, 2019 - 12:56PM

I wonder whether there is an element of relativity here? I have encountered women who haven’t been able to accommodate my full length; likewise women who could be penetrated instantly and without stimulation. Isn’t it important that we are a good fit?
On a related matter I wonder if there are women out there who prefer a small penis? I ask this because I prefer small breasts; driven by my male cravings (well ladies we can’t help it), they convey a sense of inadequacy and vulnerability that I find irresistible.
Many years ago a beautiful older woman explained to me (in the context of her diminutive frontage) that ‘anything more than a mouthful was wasted’. I learn’t that she had a very good point (two good points actually). I wonder whether there is/are parallels with women’s take on penis size and their intended destination(s)?

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589389-Deleted - 04 Sep, 2019 - 11:01AM

I agree with HornyButCautious. I would never judge a guy on the size of his manhood. If you click with someone size shouldn't matter. How would you feel if a guy told you you're breasts weren't big enough for him?

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1105479-Deleted - 04 Sep, 2019 - 12:29AM

honestly, yes. This process has to enhance my life as the risk I’m taking having an affair isn’t worth anything disappointing: be that penis size, mismatched expectations, sense of humour, halitosis etc.

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HornyButCautious - 03 Sep, 2019 - 08:49PM

No, it's not the size that matters, it's what he can do to pleasure you, whether it's with his small manhood, fingers, tongue, toys.... part of the fun of sex is also learning what works for each of you and getting passion and fun out of it :)

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Gymfit8 - 03 Sep, 2019 - 08:01PM

I have but it hasn't been too much of a problem. I think it's about quality, not quantity! It's more about the person your with rather than the size. You can stimulate and that helps......if someone isn't satisfying you sexually then there is nothing you can do!

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Iwonderif72? - 03 Sep, 2019 - 07:38PM

Sorry but yes it would be a problem.
If he is that small you can't feel anything.
Basically defeating the object for me.
And yes- you can do different things, use sex toys etc.... but it just isn't the same.

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The Actress - 03 Sep, 2019 - 06:08PM

If a man KNOWS that he's in the smallest percentile, and has learned to be a good lover in other ways, then No! it wouldn't be a deal breaker, not for me!

However, if he thought he was Mr. All That, and took his pleasure regardless of the outcome for me, then I guess it would have to be!

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1320587-Deleted - 03 Sep, 2019 - 05:26PM

My problem is that I'm too big for my wife and for some other girlfriends I've had. I thought I'd come here because it seemed a bit higher-rent than the average dating site and hoped that the tone of discussion and level of understanding might be a bit better too so that women will realise that being bigger is not always a benefit.

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Tantalising - 03 Sep, 2019 - 05:17PM

More than one way to skin a rabbit

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StevieNicks - 03 Sep, 2019 - 04:49PM

OMG yes! I wasn’t yelling that. He couldn’t get it up through guilt & begged me to make it work! I’d written him off. Lay there chit chatting then it suddenly popped up. I’m expecting foreplay but no...he tries to force it in. FFS what a Pratt!

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Iamgoingsupernova - 03 Sep, 2019 - 04:34PM

As a theme, I'd say it's quite common to have great online chemistry, followed by terrible sex! I've had the misfortune of meeting someone who was as frigid as possible. If you observed from a distance, you wouldn't be able to tell the lady and the mattress apart! Guess the occasional baad experience of terrible sex is just a part of the IE experience!

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Cuteness73 - 03 Sep, 2019 - 11:07AM

Yes BUT only because the man in question was so low in self esteem we couldn't connect. He wouldn't open himself up to learning and exploring sexually.
Shame as he was a good man, intelligent, funny and handsome.

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