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Letters to Sara

Deary me

Hey there,

Ok, my history on I.E..

Joined 8th December 2011.  Found several men looking for casual relationships... Not what I was after!  Started to feel a bit disheartened.. But then found a gentleman, though a little older than I wanted, yet a gentleman.  We got to know eachother, even exchanged phone numbers.

Decided after a couple of weeks to meet up.  I thought It would be best to meet in a very public place (axe murders don't like public places do they?)

Before we met, he "confessed" instead of being 43 he was actually 53.  I said "no worries sure you look younger than what you are...." I mean the picture he sent he looked like 40-45.

Well, that fateful day arrives, and we're meeting at a local fast food place.  We both agreed a hand shake and if we are both happy with each other we'd hug in the end, arrange a place more private to meet for next time.

As I walked in I see this man, smiling at me like a cheshire cat.  He looked 80 years old!!! I looked around.. and realised this was him...OMG!! He was about 5 stone heavier than his pic and at least 30 years older! I was panicking, but I shook his hand and decided to at least give
him a chance.

As we sat down to talking all he could say was "I want to feel your body with mine..." I felt sick and wanted outta there. With luck my phone beeps... A TEXT MESSAGE!!!! YAY!!!!

I look at it and see it was an old friend from school asking if I wanted to meet up sometime.... I looked at the man, and said "My son forgot his P.E. gear.. I'm gonna have to go!"

As I got up to walk through the door he stood between me and the door.  He put his arms around me and tried to kiss me! I ran as fast as I could to my car and drove off.

Needless to say, I left him a very blunt text thanking him for lying and stated that if he plans on getting anywhere on I.E. to put a proper pic up and put his proper age up.  He has never tried to contact me since.

In saying that, recently I met MY guy.  He sent me a message on I.E. and being busy I left it alone for over a week.  When I looked at his profile it seemed half done but I sent him a message telling him I was sorry for late response but if he wanted a chat I was around.

We have been together since.

Moral of the story is, make sure if you want to keep the "bad bits" a secret on I.E. just do not mention them at all, a girl would rather know you are insecure than a liar!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. My man is actually 43 and looks HOT HOT HOT! Lucky he picked me. SO HAPPY.

Sara's reply:

Wow - what a story.  Just goes to show, being dishonest on your profile will only get you so far!  The sad thing is these gentlemen would definitely have a much better success rate on IE if they told the truth from the word go, and met women who were going to be interested in them.  I've never understood it myself!  Anyway, glad to hear that you finally had some success ... your guy sounds like quite the catch!  

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Letters to Sara

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