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Letters to Sara

Thoughts on an Illicit Encounter

Dear Sara,

Oh goodness, it's like being back in the sixth form all those years ago (well, not that many really...well OK then, over 30!).  The butterflies trundling around in my stomach, the hours spent choosing the right outfit...not too short, not all-covering, a tiny bit tantalising, a smidgeon alluring, a snippet revealing, covering lumps and bumps (the mark of a true woman!), but showing my best bits off to their very best.

Then driving to the meeting place, hands shaking on the wheel... trying to talk myself into "a bit of sense"..."why don't I just turn round and head home?"..."what if someone sees me?"..."should I be doing this?"...

Arriving at the venue early, so I can check my make-up, apply a bit of perfume (not too much, I don't want to appear over-keen!), push my hair behind my ears in an appealing kind of way that, I think.  Makes me look at least 10 years younger (I wish!!).  And check my phone in case he has texted me to say he's not coming/not well/had visitors/work problems...or all of those!

Oh, he hasn't.

That must mean he's on his way to meet me! Oh, panic, panic, panic....what shall I do, what shall I say, will I make a fool of myself?

Then his car pulls up, and I allow myself a thought....."what if he is just as nervous as I am?"

That seems to have a calming effect, I feel a lot more confident....step out of the car...and into my next Illicit Encounter!


Sara's reply :

Dear Yanet.  ARE YOU ME?  Sincerely, Sara.

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Letters to Sara

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