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Letters to Sara


Dear Sara..

Just to let you know....

In march 2008 I joined IE whilst sitting in my hotel room, on a rainy day, in Disneyland Paris.  I previously saw it on GMTV and was more than excited at the chance to join. I was then married for 31 years....the last 12 having drifted apart from my hubby who was 20 yrs my senior.

I thought nothing more about it and carried on enjoying Disney with my daughter and grandchildren....

However, when I got back home and opened my messages...there was loads!

Well....my confidence levels shot up.  I had always been conscious I am a "larger lady"....but to receive so many compliments was a real boost.  I'm a dressmaker and Cheltenham races were looming, one of my busiest times, so had to send a blanket reply to all saying "sorry but will contact you in a few days".  Most accepted this, but one cheeky chappy said "If you're short of time...no problem..will message YOU and keep in close touch till you are free...I'm only down the road!!"

Down the road happened to be 50 miles along the M5, but the pressure was soon off me and we happily messaged and chatted away. I met him 1 week later and OMG, we instantly clicked ....and never looked back.

2 months later we left our families and moved in together.......absolutely amazing time......i soon caught up on my lost 12 years and we went everywhere and did many new things together.....heaven on earth...

After 3 years together, work pressures got the better of me and we parted, but THAT spark never went and althought we both moved on, we still have a massive spark for each other and continue to meet most weeks.  Circumstances have now arisen to allow us to get back together where we belong..

Anyway, thank you IE.  I will soon have the love of my life, my one TRUE love, back in my life. Thanks to you.... and what a relief..!


Sara's reply :

Wow!  What a whirlwind.  I'm glad you're finally back in each other's arms.  Certainly an unexpected romance - I think most people coming to IE would never dream of leaving their partner but I understand in some circumstances there is little you can do to stop it!

It sounds like you two are made for each other - there are some couples that simply can't be kept apart, and it looks as if you guys fall into that bracket.  All my luck to both of you - let's hope this relationship is finally here to stay.

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Letters to Sara

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