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Letters to Sara

Stories of an Old-timer

Dear Sara,

I read with interest your first clutch of letters. They go some way to demonstrating the diverse assortment of members IE has attracted over the years.

Sometimes, I feel I have been on IE for ever. I don't mean that in the 'time drags when you are miserable' way but more I can't remember life before I joined the site. Would you believe IE has been part of my life for a decade? Of course you would, you can see when I signed up! I've written a book inspired by some of my correspondence over the years and only stopped short of buying the T-shirt on the grounds of discretion. Okay, I admit I made the T-shirt thing up but the bit about the book is true. Dear Sir - Erotic Stories for Married Men, available at Amazon, if you'll allow me a plug!

It is interesting to see how the site has changed over the years. I remember when we considered 100 people online at once to be busy. That was back in the days when IE really was a secret. I consider myself happily married and love that the site allows me to meet someone in a similar predicament. It is so important to be sexually fulfilled and knowing that my lover is taking as big a risk as I am is extremely reassuring.

I talk to lots of men who tell me it is harder now to find someone than it was in those early days and I tend to agree. The great curiosity that is now generally felt for IE is, I think, a double edged sword. It brings more members looking for a playmate than ever before but equally brings more people who are unsure of what, if anything, they are looking for. My advice always is to persevere and to enjoy the hunt. I have had as many wonderful, flirty online evenings which were not taken further as I have had real life dates. I know it is easier to be philosophical but, as with everything in life, your time on site is what you make it.

In a nutshell, my IE life completes me. I will soon celebrate my fifteenth wedding anniversary and my experiences here is no small part of the reason why. So thank you. Thank you for creating the site, for maintaining it to such a high standard and for attracting so many charming gentlemen who are so very good at misbehaving.

Kindest regards,
Member 9##5

Sara's reply :

This is wonderful, really.  I'm glad you've found such success and happiness on IE, and it's always lovely to speak to someone who's been with us since our conception.  I'm also glad that we aren't such a secret any more, though I think there are still thousands of men and women all over the UK who could benefit from our service, but obviously traditional means of advertising don't really suit us.  Still, our online numbers are going through the roof at the moment - gone are the days when 100 was busy!  I wish you all the best with your marriage and with your IE pals.

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Letters to Sara

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