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Letters to Sara

Only one thing ...

... beats that feeling when we meet someone for the first time; the will-he/she-like-me-for-who-I-really-am buzz of apprehension; that what shall I wear dilemma (for both girls and guys); will I be pretty/handsome enough?; will I make him/her laugh?; what am I going to say to keep the conversation going? Argh! Aren't these all the things we used to take in our stride when we were young, free and single? Wasn't life much less complicated then? No husbands/wives to fool; no excuses to think up in order to go out to play; no kids wanting you to play taxi and scupper your own devious plans?

But hang on a minute... yes, we know the pitfalls are huge if we get caught out but isn't that also a part of the excitement too? Maybe that's a bad reflection upon me but I've shared these thoughts with some of the truly lovely men I've got to know on this site and thankfully, I'm not in a minority at all! Phew!  Thank goodness for that!

If I'm truly honest, I did, and still do, have reservations about this site. We're all aware that we have much to lose should our secret(s) be unveiled but we also have much to gain if we meet the right person. Yes we know that feelings of vulnerability and insecurity at deceiving live-in partners are to be respected and considered but what about the feelings of joy, fulfilment and pleasure we can experience as part of this quest? Is it truly so wrong to at least try to attain some crumb of happiness in today's world? We may not always succeed but we can have some fun in trying! Being the optimist I am, I choose to believe that out there .. somewhere .. is just the guy I'm looking for. I'm frustrated (in more ways than one!) however that it's taking me so long to find him.

I guess what I'm trying to convey is that it's a pity we have to execute such devious methods in order to find fun and contentment with the opposite sex . But thank goodness we can!  And when we do, that's when we get to enjoy that "only one other thing" I mentioned at the start of my letter!

Sara's reply :

See, I have a love/hate relationship with all that apprehesnion.  On one hand, I love the nervous energy of a first date... but on the other, my neurosies tend to take over AFTER the first date.  Sorry that you haven't found your Prince Charming yet - though I'm sure he's only just around the corner.  Good luck!

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Letters to Sara

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