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Letters to Sara

On a whim

Dear Sara,

I thought I'd drop you a quick message about how I'm finding IE.

This isn't a topic I've ever had the joy of discussing with any of my friends.  I did some research and read some feedback on the sites and eventually chose IE...

I have never used any form of internet dating, but figured I'd use IE because it's got to be more discreet than hanging round pubs / gyms trying to pick up guys in a small town! I spent a long time on my profile. I worried at first about putting too much detail in just in case someone I knew came across it and recognised it as me - but then I realised that if that were the case, then anyone I knew would have to explain why they were trolling through IE profiles! A fool proof plan

I therefore poured what I wanted into the mix of the profile, knowing that the words I put would attract the kinds of men I wanted. I wasn't hopeful, but I was happy that I was taking steps to brighten the tedium.

Twenty minutes later, my email program was dinging away on my phone. I had forgotten to turn off the email notfication for new messages. I logged back in as soon as was safe and lo and behold, I had messages, lots of them and they were from REAL men, not some autobot!

I replied, cautiously to a few and not so cautiously to others. I was being daring after all, letting the real me out. I had an entertaining few weeks chatting to lots of different personalities and I have settled on meeting a few. I read somewhere on here that you have to kiss a few frogs before you prince, and it's true. I bumped into a few frogs but I have to say I am very pleased with the outcome and have myself a very fine gentleman that is just amazing to look
at and to touch! Yummy! I feel like an absolute teenager again and all fuzzy inside. Who would have thought that a whim to register here would have resulted in this?

Just wanted to say thanks, and if I could send you chocolates, I would x

Sara's reply :

What a wonderful story!  It's funny where a little detour online can take you - very gald you've met someone worthwhile.  Kissing frogs is part of the process, but it usually doesn't take too long to find your prince, evidentally ;)  Wishing you both the best!

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Letters to Sara

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