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Letters to Sara

My first week

Hi Sara,

Well here goes ... my first experience of IE.

I found out about the site some time ago from a news article on Yahoo I think.  Out of curiosity, inspired by a feeling of slight unfullfillment in my marraige, I decieded to take a look. I started to fill in and register, got so far and when it came to the profile I stopped (how many others I wonder have done the same?)

Time went by.  I had e-mails from you suggesting possible matches and I never really ruled out the possibility of using the site, but never got round to finishing my profile either. Then a week ago, prompted by another birthday and re-looking at my position I took a leap and decieded to give it a try.

First thing to do was to write a profile which was harder than I thought. I looked at someof the profiles others had written for inspiration, many of them were saying what I felt couldn't put into words.

So I went through it and was honest which in itself is odd, as this is a place for being dishonest in some ways. If I have learnt one thing from life it is to be honest about yourself. I refer to your limititations, your ability and your ambition and what you want for yourself. For me I did not want to be looking back in 30 years time thinking "if only", and in most cases you regret the things you don't do more than the things you do.

So profile finished and posted, suddenly I had 5 or 6 messages,( not all from Sara Hartley!) but now was I going to go all the way and pay for membership?  I really wanted to find out what the messages contained but I was due to be away for a long weekend soon and didn't want to miss any oppourtunity that may have cropped up. In the end I think I went for it because if I didn't now I might never (is there ever a good time to do anything?). So I did it, for a month just to see how it went, no expectations just hope that I might find someone like me.

The initial excitement of getting the messages quickly ebbed away when I saw that they were from all over the country, nowhere I could realistically travel to easily. However I had made contact with a lady who was more local and we began swapping messages, and photo passwords. Eventually we arranged to meet on Saturday in the afternoon just for a coffee.

Less than a week into my trial, I am driving off to meet a lovely lady. I was quite calm on the outside but all the way there in the car I was a bundle of nerves. All sorts of things went through my mind - what if I'm recognised; what if she doesn't turn up; did I confirm I was coming? Got to the place we were meeting at early and had a chance to settle my nerves before she arrived.

I wasn't disappointed - she is charming, warm and friendly.  All I had to do was give a good account of myself. We spent a couple of hours chatting about all sorts of stuff including IE. She had used the site before quite recently and it was good to hear her experiences. Our time together came to an end and we went our separate ways. We are currently exchanging texts and hoping to meet up again soon. The journey home went much faster than the outward one, probably because my head was full of what we had been talking about.

Since then I've had a few my profile reads, a couple more messages and a definite 'thanks but your not my type'. All in all a great start to my IE experience. However, if any ladies are reading this, pleasedo respond to a message, even if it's to say 'no thanks'.


Sara's response :

Thanks for your letter Boycott - glad your first date went well.  It just goes to show, being proactive is always a good idea.  And you're totally right about courtesy messages - if you can, ladies, do reply to our gents whenever possible.

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Letters to Sara

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