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Letters to Sara

Send your letters to Sara (letters@illicitencounters.com) and you could win a prize if your letter is selected as Letter of the Month!

letter of the month Ghosted? 10 Apr, 2019 (134 comments)


I'd like to know what the views of the others on the site is.
I met...

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The 3 day rule... 09 Apr, 2019 (59 comments)

Hello Sara,

So, been talking to this amazing guy. It has even progressed to us...

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Five F's 02 Apr, 2019 (47 comments)

Dear Sara ,

Has anyone written to you about the Five F`s, Fun, Fantasy...

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Double Messaging? 13 Mar, 2019 (28 comments)

Just curious as to members views on double, or triple, or even quadruple, messaging. 

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Failure to launch 13 Mar, 2019 (31 comments)

This is something I have encountered in ordinary life and the use of
contact sites. Where...

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Issues 23 Feb, 2019 (58 comments)

So I've been on here on and off for a few years and this time a few months

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Fantasists? 23 Feb, 2019 (42 comments)

Dear Sara,
I am wondering if others are experiencing the same here in IE? I have

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Picture exchange - the minute after... 30 Jan, 2019 (97 comments)

Hi Sarah,

I have had quite a few instances that after exchanging picture passwords...

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Sexuality 25 Jan, 2019 (34 comments)

Should the profile include the option for people to reveal sexual preferences - particularly...

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Anal 21 Jan, 2019 (87 comments)


I have been chatting with several gentleman and finally braved it and met...

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Letters to Sara

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