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Which chats do you prefer?

Do you prefer chats which are short and banter- like in nature, deep descriptive and intellectual, purely sexual or general boring chit chat about their boring day?

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Comments (55)

Pink Eiga - 13 Jul, 2023 - 09:58PM

Paula99 - 13 Jul, 2023 - 08:42PM

Morgan Freeman vs Joe Pasquale down the phone doing an intimate chat. Who would you prefer?

Paula99 - 13 Jul, 2023 - 08:42PM


I appreciate that’s what some men like to do and everyone to their own ..but I do find that some guys can type it easily but they can’t reproduce it in real life….it does absolutely nothing for me ..plus if you desire to add phone sex to the equation then you do need to have charisma a voice like melted chocolate …😉😁

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1610668 - 12 Jul, 2023 - 04:50PM

Must admit I prefer some back & forwards sex chat. I love telling & describing to a woman what I’d like to do to her. Love getting a girl wet virtually and building up the anticipation until they are practically begging to cum.

I love to listen and find out what a girl wants. I’m willing to do anything legal to turn a girl on and make her feel good.

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1575958 - 20 Jun, 2023 - 02:05PM

All of the above. I like to get to know the person I'm embarking on an IE with. Sometimes life isn't all fireworks and champagne.

1602525 - 09 Jun, 2023 - 06:55PM

It depends.

Tillymintz - 09 Jun, 2023 - 06:16PM

Fun flirty texts to start with float my boat nothing too
Long winded as it loses my interest straight away x

DiamondGeezer - 30 May, 2023 - 05:50PM

For me, not having that connection or banter at home is something that i want via IE.

So that connection banter and fun chat is vital.

Though after a while on IE, if the chat isnt directed to arranging a meeting etc then it can get boring.

rodstripe - 24 May, 2023 - 08:33PM

As usually happens my brain operates on IQ mode 150 but in the right company (x) it is soon reduced to a level below my dog and I become a spluttering helpless imbecile.

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The Joy of Impotence - 24 May, 2023 - 08:26PM

I often find chatting about pituitary gland function a great way to break the ice.
Things usually rapidly progress one way or another from there.

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dirkdiggler96 - 22 May, 2023 - 02:36PM

Proper dirty ones where I get hard and don't know what to do with myself.

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