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50, somewhere

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Living Together, Athletic body
6'0'' (183cm) or above
Looking for: See how it goes

Other,  Non-Smoker,  Non-Drinker

Occupation:  Other
Education:  Graduate/Masters Degree
Eye Colour:  Grey
Hair Colour:  Brown
Religion:  Other

Looking for Female between the ages of 23 and 60

Star Sign: Taurus
Last Active: Within 2 Days

About Me:

Short: busy professional who seeks like-minded partner-in-crime for discreet companionship intentionally tactile, tantric and patient.


The art of touch. Does one need to say more?

Tall, fit, take life seriously but with laughter, humor and a light touch. It means I will take you seriously, listen, touch, joke and care within the limits provided. Enjoyment we seek. Am a tall fit brown-haired version of DL (initials of an actor).

Given our surroundings, propose to meet casually for an activity in a public space that is rewarding whether or not there is a mental or physical chemistry between us. We can take it from there by meeting each other as strangers, accidentally, while talking about what we see during our activity. So prefer to meet in person and see you in 3D -

While living in Manchester, we meet elsewhere. Work brings us at Leeds, Sheffield or Wakefield, Cambridge. These cities have plenty of public activities where we can meet and walk around casually as if we are, and we are, just strangers having a conversation.

Not being a fan of 2D conversation, we limit our electronic exchange to a minimum. Again, prefer to meet in person and see you in 3D. Simply choose the above and enjoy or pass by and reject. Meeting will be civilised and pleasant. In principle no sharing of images.

No texting, unsafe; we make a bespoke protonmail account at some point after some chatting here with a pen-name and safe provider . We understand that such matters are important and part of being civilised and respectful.

If you are not from around my neck of the wood, then I generally don't reply. Oh, I like to sing by the way, funny and dirty songs. The latter songs generally being sexist I modify them to apply to the male sex to balance out matters. Join in if you wish and can handle it.

Somewhere being between liberal and socialist, I don't like excessive capitalism (-), which you understand when you are clever enough to catch my drift.

Hi, hi, suppose the above is the long-winded way of saying: someone normal and with common sense, which is indeed not the norm. Edoc-woleb. Confusing, isn't it?

Ideal Partner:


The woman who I mistook for my Isis
never was, never was my true love,
only a fata morgana amiss,
one kiss for my real love isn't enough.

Sex is togetherness, otherwise rape,
deceitfully cruel for both of our minds,
it is, it is for the rest of one life,
when I loved you were my fata morgana.

The above is fiction (not by me <--bpW, what's in a name; anything goes).

Whenever I read about an abuse victim no longer being able to trust others and being depressed, I notice a shock of recognition. The breach of trust is often the worst, whether it is a female with a male abuser or a (young) male being abused by an (older) woman is irrelevant, the damage is the same. What I am saying is that it is very unlikely I will trust anyone on here. In sex trust and mutuality is key. Breach that trust and all consent given is gone, was never given in the first place. And in the alleged me-too era consent is key and that holds for all involved. It has nothing to do with having fun, since for one person such misbehavior is going to be quite unpleasant. Having fun is no license to abuse. Having fun includes responsible behavior and clear agreements. In certain places (-) I no longer think such behavior exists.

Prove me wrong. I am very tender, gentle and listen to instructions with interest but do not abuse that trust and care please.
We first (2nd and 3rd) meet by --arranged-- chance for a walk and talk, eat a ice-cream or scone, in a museum or along the river, such that when we do not fancy another, we merely met happenstance, and enjoyed the ice-cream or scone. And when we do fancy another, we go for more ice-creams or scones. Be an intelligent reader. sff just read.

- PI & work combination does not raise suspicion; if one does not get caught you do not.
- Patience: one can only meet if both have a safe excuses; otherwise patience.
- I have been stood up so many times, paid hotels and travel, that work&taking-care-of-someone-if-it-fits is the only way to avoid that & vice versa
- Don't become someone who treats others as unpaid male whores. Someone is taking advantage of the situation, it occurred to me; when one thinks twice about it, even in the best case you're all unpaid pros...'s, given that you don't get the loot. Sobering thought, isn't it?

I just finished an affair or rather she did.
I had her going, satisfying me orally time after time after a lot of instruction.
It left her exhausted (sure I did my job too but less so). She gave me good family advice as well
Just to ensure a seamless transition without any breaks I had started looking around further
while the affair was still going strong. You know, a man needs to be satisfied and all that..
Whether I already met and did someone else, 2 for the price of one, I let you decide.
She finds out, is really angry, what I did was dangerous, chance of STDs (we had unprotected etc).
I say: you are already cheating, so what, we can't care really about another. Now she has a nervous
breakdown etc. Should I feel guilty? Am I prick? I don't think so; anything goes, right.
I have no STDs but even I had, it is her fault for cheating, right? What do you think?

(Amazing comments, exactly as I thought they would be.

What I described was namely exactly the opposite, with male and female roles reversed, so I was the victim as a male and a female did to me what I described exactly above, but in an obvious gender-role reversed manner. And I am still completely devasted by the incident, despite superficially functioning fine, the internal turmoil at times is complete. If you actually read my profile you likely would have noticed something odd between the comment above and my profile.

So thank you so much for the harsh comments, because if you are any decent, which I do not expect, than your comments do actually apply to the female in question. Otherwise, when you think males should endure such duress (or mailes are assholes in the first place), then you are, simply put, sexist. Of course, let us hope, and I have little hope after the incident, that those who were harsh to me in the first instant are not sexists.

Looking forward to the comments now!)

My original post was false just 2 see how people would react; my 2nd post for Raquel12 what happened to me by a deceiving female. Quite unpleasant to the extent that 1yr after the deceit confusion ruled, in yr 2 I realised what bothered me was the utter contempt displayed (is usually what victims of abuse bothers most the powerlessness and the contempt displayed by the people who wield that power; the female knew I was sensitive wrt deceit given information we had shared as [disingenuous as it turned out] friends), yr 3 I wanted to commit suicide (and someone who I met on IE as a friend prevented that in parts; see also BBC documentary on male suicide -it is very good), and in yr 4 I joined several clubs as pastime. Not a laughing matter really; tried to get CBT from NHS, which was so stupid and ineffective that it actually made me laugh, in a way. What also bothers a lot of people is when relationships have no closure, and it usually requires a bit of talking. Was bluntly refused. Anything goes, time flows.

Impressive indeed and correct. Thx to female friend I did not commit suicide at the time. Still, if I would do so then my note/blog would contain all names involved, and an apology to my partner. But I agree, why be surprised about lying in the age of lying. I do defend the right to disagree being subjected to possible STDs, because someone has multiple contacts of a dangerous kind with more than one man (while that was not agreed), or because when confronted their response is utter contempt for the other person's (and partner) physical and mental well-being. I am a bit perturbed that everyone condemned me in the first round (rightly so) but that there were no condemnations in the 2nd round. Pretty telling isn't it?
Finally, don't run away when you are finished with someone: have a coffee & arrange a decent closure eye-2-eye; that is mature, is what I had proposed every time, which was met with contempt and threats by the authorities. Apparently latter are more involved with this illicit scene and protect their illicit women then safeguarding us from actual crime.

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