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Take me to the movies!

What are peoples favourite sexy movie scenes? Have you ever tried to reenact them?

My favourite is the kiss in the rain in The Notebook, and yes I have! 🙈😍

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WhiteKnight_99 - 03 Jul, 2024 - 12:27AM

Michelle Pfeiffer in the Fabulous Baker Boys. ...sadly never

Starplayer - 03 Jul, 2024 - 12:03AM

Don’t look now… Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie
And Kim Basinger and mickey Rourke in 91/2 weeks

Paula99 - 15 Jun, 2024 - 10:11AM

Love Rita Sue and Bob too…old school and really funny …

Famous line Bob after he had sex with Rita n Sue ….Ehhhhh I thouggghttttt I wer grrreatttt.

Rita to Sue….I want to go first …you always go first 😂😂

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EmnEm123 - 12 Jun, 2024 - 08:03PM

Not that it's particularly sexy. But typically British and an absolute sneaky, sly laugh, Rita, Sue and Bob too!

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Ronniebegoode - 11 Jun, 2024 - 01:41PM

Thomas Crown Affair, but you really can't beat Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway.

In The Ipcress File, Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) makes an omelette with his colleague Jean Courtney (Sue Lloyd) watching. Somehow I find it a strangely erotic scene, there's an electricity in the air and you know they'll end up in bed. Ever since I've wanted to be able to break eggs one-handed, but never achieved it.

1677023 - 04 Jun, 2024 - 04:09PM

9 1/2 weeks, the passionate rain in the alley scene

FluffyClouds - 01 Jun, 2024 - 06:57PM

Harrison Ford - Indiana Jones - the part of the film where he's injured and pointing to all the different parts of his body which hurt and she kisses them - he's so sexy in that film

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DeVanteRocco - 30 May, 2024 - 11:54AM

Cruel intentions - lesbian kiss.

Gunther73 - 30 May, 2024 - 10:58AM

Sexy scene aside, I wonder there have been any bunny boiler moments (Fatal attraction, Glenn Close) people have experienced in real life?

thenakedfarmer - 30 May, 2024 - 01:53AM

Sexy scenes from the movies are all a bit tame tbh because well porn isn't really appropriate for ' the movies' as such ! Certainly re enacting some raunchy porn is fun..
Some scenes from fatal attraction are really hot ..

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