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51, huddersfield

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Married, Slim body
6'0'' (183cm) or above
Looking for: Friendship, Long Term Relationship, Romance & Fun, See how it goes

Caucasian/White,  Non-Smoker,  Light / Social Drinker

Occupation:  Other
Education:  Graduate/Masters Degree
Eye Colour:  Grey
Hair Colour:  Blonde
Religion:  Other

Looking for Female between the ages of 35 and 68

Star Sign: Cancer
Last Active: Reel him in

About Me:

I like lovers who recite entire poems when reaching the summit, implying a prolonged stay at the peak, my task and joy to facilitate such a long stay, because I can then enjoy a double-act, for sure. So, indeed, mastery of spoken English is thus an absolute must, although I don't mind poetry in another language being recited or sung as well, just to please those for whom English is not their first language. Of course, it is difficult, tremendously difficult, to find such a poetic lover but I am in good faith finding this superwoman. It is, moreover, a bonus when afterwards, in the so-called after-play, the poems are written down, then also requiring mastery of written English or the said other language. Bon voyage.

(You cannot classify me. I am not an alpha male, so pass on in case that makes you tock --a telling typo.
I like Sognefjord by Normann at Leeds Art Gallery; I look like one; lunchtime)

Let me tell you what makes me tick:
I should tell you, I'm dedicated, caring and sincere

Cheers. When it comes to media,
solve. I like Pulp Fiction and Monty Python,
the. you'd never catch me with Apocalypse Now.
puzzle. I can't get enough of Classical and Bach and ... but not so keen on Radiohead

This is how I look: grey eyes, slim and tall

For those who care about this sort of thing
I'm educated but forgot it all
I consider myself quite ambitious
working in an assortment of roles
I am looking for friendship (and iff when I think I can trust you ...)

Yes, this is generated; on purpose.
No photos. Google image would reveal us implying that you are likewise online.
you are my: dr , my: magicmagister , my: proton , send me a: mail , with a period for: communication

Some rules:
- don't trust me; I won't trust you; safest option;
- we can meet 2x, say, and do something simple: museum visits/wal as if we met by chance, to see if there is a click; if there iso click we have at least done something nice together anyway
- if it clicks we can have a very safe (I would say likely stale) encounter, only if you wish no rush
- if trust emerges and we wish to continue we get checked together and reveal each other's names as safeguard
- if thereafter I do a fuck-and-run I pay you a spa-weekend for 2; say 250pounds; and vice versa if I do a fuck-and-run;
- if I deceive you or you deceive me, that is rape by deceit, sexual abuse by deceit, sexual harassment by deceit; so don't do it; we set that in stone/contract.
- we only talk about stories from when we were less than the age of 13, visits to cities abroad or literature (we could read a book together of our choice); we don't talk about personal matters
- then and only then I serve you; sex is mutuality otherwise it is not sex but abuse. Concept of not being there to please each other is beyond me; in the beginning I will keep track of how many times you come; has to be more than me; otherwise I feel I take advantage of you; simply the way I have been taught and brought up; simply a matter of caring. Not loving, which is teh reason I don't want to know you political views, whether you have children,your daily life, etc.
- All about stress relieve and being there for another in a very limited yet very caring setting --full of trust. I will give you tenderness, tactile and caring and your pleasure is my pleasure.
- Main (m)character of homeland looks like me; I am taller. I don't exchange images.

By the way, a friend of mine had an affair, via another site, which got me curious and very cautious. He said it was absolute magic on all fronts and actually enhancing my marriage, by design. Then apart it fell and became hell. Deceit was the cause and absolute contempt about it. It completely broke him down. sad to see this happen to a very rational and reasonable bloke It was the contrast and downfall, from magic to hell, that tripped him. I aptly observed and told my friend: you are a closed person, opened up and gave yourself completely to find yourself deceived. Yes, he replied, someone else told me that I am damaged. His marriage actually improved because he became more human. On one front he did feel guilty: not the magic part but that he fell for the wrong person, not a nice person at all, and about that I feel utterly guilty, he told me. Despite all that, he remains a humorous guy, cracking jokes, smiling, is energetic, ok-looking, yet scarred. I replied: who isn't scarred; life goes on; we try to deal with it. But it is sad to see my friend that way, sometimes so intensely sad. "theangelofdeceit" (wpb) he says, "who was it, her or me, knowing all too well that in some sense I also deceived myself by allowing to play with magic? That darn ambiguity, do you understand, he asked?" Not sure I said, but that you are in pain is obvious.

And he continued: "What I know realise is that I never was in love but simply committed and caring. I was accused to be in love and caring too much but tat was not true. She came more often than I did because I kept count. Given that I was raised by feminists in the true sense of that word, I was taught about certain things and without it ever being said, see and saw it as my duty to take care one pleases and keep one's self-gratification in check. When I said, she was one up on me, on purpose and by design, she was shocked. Feminism is not the right to be as much an asshole as the multitude of men who are assholes, in terms of their misbehaviour against women. Feminism is more and also a man can be or try to be a feminist. Altogether my trust in (wo)mankin has dwindled but there is no point in crying since smiling is more fun."

People with overly positive profiles I don't believe; they have something to hide. The key is not to deny that bad things happen to us all, but the key is how to deal with it and laugh about it.

The story of my friend explains why I think the end is important such that we walk away with a smile and have a memory that makes us smile, forever.

What do you think? If lady is drugged and taken without leaving a trace and softly; she does not know; feels a bit peculiar but that's it? Is that a violation? I think it is. Now if someone makes fake promises, one person only, they have an affair, etc etc and then that turns out all lies, is that a violation or not? Worse than the lady not knowing or not?

From another site, not on here of course, I heard of the following case: it killed the guy, they had agreed they would eliminate each other's profiles; agreed on the exclusivity; had they not, he would not have had a problem, he said; then he found out 6 months down the road that she had not eliminated her profile (on this other site); somewhat warned by her remarks that if he could not meet her quickly, their agendas did not match for a few weeks, she said she would resort to kikking (?) and watching porn-movies. At the time of those remarks he thought she was joking, he said, as the remark taken face value, is too rude for words, he thought. After all, they had clearly agreed 1-on-1 besides their partners, and on meaningful sex and friends-with-benefits. Again, if they had agreed on loose behaviour or anything goes, then he would not have felt so humiliated, he said. It is all bogus, he said, expect the worst behaviour on this other site and when it is otherwise count yourself lucky. It did not break his heart, even though he thought it did, which was confusing, he said, worse, it did break his trust, in anyone. Must have been amusing for her to break my friends trust. But hey, what a fool he was is the first place, wasn't he?

He is my twin brother. Want to show it can be done right. And you won't notice he difference, would you?

Ideal Partner:

You know what you want and are honest about it. You are a keen reader paying attention to punctiation (-). You are wild when justified. Anti-brexit and detest accompanying misbehaviour. You see the humour of the boaty mcboatface referendum in the context of the referendum. For us it is mind over matter except on occasions. "Faithful in their infidelity", we both like that one.

We like to please another as long as it is appreciated, in the beginning, in the middle and especially at the end. When all is over, you should have a nice memory that makes you smile and, vice versa, when I think about you, it should make me smile.

You are a feminist, I would like to add, but that is an oxymoron on here, by default, don't you agree? We love sarcastic profiles given where we are in triple-deceit alley.

Happy to meet regularly in Leeds (work part-time as dr). In London on occasion and travelling at times for coincidental longer meets.

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