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Reasons for joining?

I would like to know people's honest reasons as to why they joined IE?

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Bobbie100+ - 02 Nov, 2023 - 04:06PM

Good sex, swinging is too cold, good sex with most of what supports it, good company,
warmth, distancing from everyday life, it used to be called Saturday Night Out.
Ni lies about where you are, what your doing, just disappear.

1623823 - 24 Sep, 2023 - 10:01PM

I came on here to maintain my active sex life. Now widowed I have been very fortunate sexually, done so much, and just want more with an adventurous female. Young or older all woman have qualities, some just need a push to unleash their wildest dreams, not attainable at home. There’s no need to break up a happy home by having great sex with a new good friend. Luckily there are some women on here that really do just want a good friend to share some treats with!

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1598081 - 24 Sep, 2023 - 07:58PM

I joined for the intimacy of a relationship with one woman. To fill in what I am missing at home. But it may take time find that person. Plus it going to take me time to get a date,

Outtheret - 24 Sep, 2023 - 05:38PM

Thought this looked like a good topic to comment on.

Sometimes you feel there is more to life, everything becomes stagnant and you feel there is more out there, it may be a thing that has to be descreret or maybe not so.

The thing you desire is to see a challenge or risk and see where it leads.

Samuelsamuel - 21 Sep, 2023 - 09:40PM

I have been in the UK a year now and I need that special someone to share new and exciting experiences with. I don't know how to lie. So please let's keep it real💋

1624162 - 20 Sep, 2023 - 07:53PM

So for me joining IE came from me turning 50 and realising that everything in my life was so planned and structured, I want excitement and the thrill that you get with the first kiss or a secret sexy text from someone who just gets you. Sounds daft and it could be called a midlife crisis but I don’t care I want more of the rush and less of the hush

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TheEnigma - 20 Sep, 2023 - 04:11PM

Monotony and the natural drifting apart when kids come in to the picture. My wife is wonderful in most spheres but her conversations with me seem to all relate to demands or asks.

I earn 3/4 of the household income which gave her the flexibility to reduce hours and concentrate on the kids, so now I earn 5/6 of the household income. By that token my status work wise means a degree of inflexibility I.e. I can’t earn the money and always be at every parents evening or play. It sucks but that is the sacrifice I make to advance my family, living in a nice detached house, pay private school fees etc…

Sometimes you just want a connection, laugh, drink and good passionate sex. Something that puts a spring in your step.

JayJames70 - 19 Sep, 2023 - 05:58PM


My ex wife was abusive and violent, I came here to find an escape in 2012 and found someone here but it still didn’t help me break free.
You need professional help and support as it is so so hard to break free from an abuser. I know it took me 5 attempts over four years to finally do it.
Feel free to msg me and I can signpost you to some help
Breaking free is the hardest thing ever but you can do it as I eventually did

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ArmanUK - 18 Sep, 2023 - 09:35PM

OK so I typed it but then deleted it. I prefer to talk about it with someone who's worth the time.

In short, I'm after some kind of a relationship and connection.

FluffyClouds - 18 Sep, 2023 - 09:11PM

Mineyo1 -

If your husband found out you are on here, what do you think he would do then with his history of violence towards you?

Think very hard in pursuing this, as there will potentially be other people, men, you could be putting at serious risk.

You should contact the National Domestic Abuse Line, they can offer you help and advice.

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1296520 - 18 Sep, 2023 - 01:37PM

Married over 30 years, wonderful friendship & grown up family, but no longer physical together...i miss the sensual touch & excitement of flirting.

Beckysharp - 18 Sep, 2023 - 01:07PM

Mineyo1 I’m sure you know, but an affair isn’t the way to escape DV- you need to get out now!!! Enjoy being single for a while and then meet a man who respects and deserves you.

The men on here are ultimately after sex and will not help your situation.

Good luck

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Mineyo1 - 18 Sep, 2023 - 12:29PM

Nearly a decade of being together been married for a couple of years. I’ve just had enough , I’m scared because he gets violent have been hit, had furniture thrown at me , been strangled. I would just leave if it was easy , I want to feel loved again.

laugar164 - 15 Sep, 2023 - 03:21PM

Hilly man great start but the thread is about reason for joining!

Gillyman55 - 14 Sep, 2023 - 02:07PM

I'm very genuine and mature very confident and open minded I don't lie or try to be someone iam not i have a very high sex drive and iam very very hygienic and discreet also a good listener hopefully there is some female here looking for the same also chemistry between us is very important and having good communication and conversations about anything being able to talk about absolutely any topics that is valuable in the building up to having a great sexual experience not just wham bam I love being spontaneous with the right people and having a good true chat and hopefully we both can have the stress release were both here for

1563427 - 12 Sep, 2023 - 11:34AM

After 43years of marriage, a bad car crash after the first year, I have been a carer to not only my good lady, (more so a husband), but also supporting members of both my family and the In-laws. -or the Freeloaders, as I call them. I appreciate that sometimes, I would love to have what I call 'me' time. to meet up with a lady , who maybe in a similar position, just to get away for some time to relax and breathe...

Funguy77 - 26 Aug, 2023 - 09:13PM

@ AsianGent1986 - 24 Aug, 2023 - 10:42AM

First off don’t try to have it all it’s never to happen .
Have you actually sat down and spoken about what’s happening what’s missing as 99% of the time it’s usually just one of you who has this feeling of isolation / neglect.
Just speaking from my own personal experiences

Marriage is team work and patience toys may not be the answer try stimulating her and your intellect. Perhaps counselling.if you read my profile it’s my very hart and sole is in there and it’s quite similar to what you have just wrote.

So my advice would be if you feel you can make a go of it talk to your wife about what she wants needs even though Iim on this site I would never condone having an affair and this is a man who has had them on and off since his 20s

Ps yes it’s Saturday night and Iv had a drink 🥃

AsianGent1986 - 24 Aug, 2023 - 10:42AM

This is a complex question for me.
I have a young family and my wife and I have becomes ships in the night, where every interaction centres around roles, responsibilities and things to do. I remember when we first got together I would have a boner (apologies) just sitting next to her and we would talk a lot. I miss that excitement with a woman.

She’s also unwilling to be more sexually adventurous. I’ve introduced toys and things she would like but hasn’t reciprocated with things I want sexually.

You can avoid exploring these things with another woman. Or just walk around miserably and end up being a worse version of yourself in your marriage and to your family because you are unsatisfied or you can pursue happiness and try to have it all.

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Mister.E.Mann - 23 Aug, 2023 - 08:10PM

My wife told me that she didn't love me anymore. That was a few years ago. She's been aloof for a long time. Recently, my brother's wife left him and my wife and her are good friends. I don't want to be left alone. I've been faithful to her but we haven't even had a snog in over two years. Since becoming economically inactive (a housewife) I need some female company - a woman to please. I'd like to feel appreciated again.

1617335 - 22 Aug, 2023 - 01:03PM

I see it is an escape, fulfilment, validation, living life to the full and filling a deep primal need to connect with and satisfy another.

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eastleedslad - 21 Aug, 2023 - 03:34PM

Hello all!! New here so treat me gently...

Main reason for joining is I have a high libido - don't want to change my personal circumstances (like I'm sure a lot of people on here also), but I do need very regular sex...

Just being honest!!

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1588157 - 20 Aug, 2023 - 09:24PM

Yes its controlled by yhe thought police....i bet this doesnt get posted

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mipaulac - 20 Aug, 2023 - 07:31PM

AdonisForever - 17 Aug, 2023 - 02:35PM
Can you be more specific?
There are definitely some with a mercenary, using, touchy attitude but there are also men who are similar and cringely ingratiating.
The forum is manipulated and controlled.

1588157 - 20 Aug, 2023 - 12:02AM

Adonis mate

I dont think you have much chance of getting a shag with that last response

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TheBoredHousewife - 18 Aug, 2023 - 01:42PM

Dotty Green - 18 Aug, 2023 - 10:46AM

And if he is, there shouldn’t be any future need to bother about women at all, regardless of perceived disposition. A win for all parties!

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Dotty Green - 18 Aug, 2023 - 10:46AM

Paula99 - 17 Aug, 2023 - 06:08PM

I think us women should be thankful that he is downgrading his membership......

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1615476 - 17 Aug, 2023 - 07:17PM

To find like minded people with common interest of exploring life and those unfulfilled expectations whilst remaining within the numerous constraints we have around us. For many the topic is a taboo and therefore talking about it in usual open forums has repercussions. IE provides not just space but most importantly people with similar needs to meet those expectations

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Paula99 - 17 Aug, 2023 - 06:08PM

Once again someone posts a ‘bland’ statement with no explanation of the context or some kind of information to back it up….we are all shoved in one box


Sandypops - 17 Aug, 2023 - 05:48PM

I've not come across any men I would perceive to be snobbish but there are a lot of men who appear rude.

My motto is to treat others how you would wish to be treated. Non-judgements and with manners, kindness and respect. We all have our own personal reasons for being here.

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posty79 - 17 Aug, 2023 - 05:10PM

I joined as i have gone so long without any physicality, just want to feel that again

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Funguy77 - 17 Aug, 2023 - 03:43PM

@ AdonisForever - 17 Aug, 2023 - 02:35PM

Is it really them ???? Or is it you ???? 😂😂😂😂

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AdonisForever - 17 Aug, 2023 - 02:35PM

I am about to downgrade my membership. Why women are so snobbish here?

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Lwtbf - 17 Aug, 2023 - 01:12PM

to meet someone thats not in my circle my favourite phrase is that we are in a bubble a bubble for us where we forget about all outside it

bksurrey - 17 Aug, 2023 - 01:06PM

I joined a couple of hours ago and already been invited out by 20 men lol

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AdorableOne - 17 Aug, 2023 - 01:03PM

People need to feel valued, its not just sex. To be valued, appreciated and desired can lead to sex.

Thats why you will find lots of people here that just chat, because thats all they need to put a spring in their step and fill in the being ignored at home thing.

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bksurrey - 17 Aug, 2023 - 12:57PM

that is very true dave

shaved_dave - 17 Aug, 2023 - 12:35PM


Thats why I am here.. People say I need affection, connection but they all want one common thing. That is sex.

bksurrey - 17 Aug, 2023 - 12:30PM

Just joined today, curiosity and excitement i guess are the reasons i joined, not really sure to be honest.

JimmyG789 - 17 Aug, 2023 - 08:53AM

Why am I on IE ? ... hardly the most original of reasons but whilst my marriage is friendly I miss intimacy and yes, I need and want sex. It's not just about sex though, I love emotional intimacy as well and they go hand in hand for me with the physical side.

So I'm on IE to find someone I like and fancy for us to have some fun times and great sex

Beth810 - 16 Aug, 2023 - 07:05AM

I'm here as I had an instant spark with someone last December which resulted in many months of flirting online and gave me a new lease of life, this person is pushing for more which I won't give (we work together) so ultimately we finished but now I'm craving that external connection again.
Believe it or not I'm happily married with a good sex life, but the spark ignited my drive further and sex at home went through the roof.

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Funguy77 - 14 Aug, 2023 - 11:34AM

I joined to meet new people and hopefully find my spark
It’s been somewhat challenging 😥.

Had a clog nice meets drinks and a lot more from one of them that ended before it’s time . So I’m back to square one looking for that one . Any takers in the Edinburgh/ Lothian area interested in starting a conversation xx

lifestooshort86 - 12 Aug, 2023 - 07:56PM

Because life isn't simple for many of us, but we all have the same needs. My marriage is dull to say the least, but I won't leave my kids. The alternative is to hopefully find a like minded person that can bring excitement and passion back into my life, and visa verce...not having much joy on here though lol

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WillKr - 12 Aug, 2023 - 10:28AM


You seem angry / frustrated. Put that motivation (your profile flex ) into matching with someone on your looks level.

TheBoredHousewife - 11 Aug, 2023 - 10:16PM

tb461162 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 04:57PM

Sometimes, I would much rather discuss that, than have to reply to ‘what are you wearing?’. But I did sign up to have more of the latter 😏

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ClassyLady77 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 09:52PM

I still have sex wit hubby .However even after 20 years he doesn’t know the other side of me and when he’s seen glimpses he doesn’t like.. I need a outlet a way to set her free and that makes me a better person..

I know I sound nuts 😂

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Stranger in the dark - 11 Aug, 2023 - 09:00PM

Thank you for being open especially with regards to your ex wife. From your comment on here, it tells me a lot about you. I do hope you find your IE partner and find the happiness that you deserve. X

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Funguy77 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 08:46PM

@ Sandypops - 11 Aug, 2023 - 12:36PM

I’m truly sorry for my fellow men . We are not all creeps
There’s some of us who despite being in here are honest and decent x

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Funguy77 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 08:35PM

@ Sandypops - 11 Aug, 2023 - 12:36PM

Your ok . Not all of us are creeps and I’m sure in time you will find someone who appreciates you . Well I hope so as I also hope for the same x

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Gentle Man Jim - 11 Aug, 2023 - 07:49PM

For me, it’s to find the spark, the flutters, the fun, maybe some good sex. It’s not a menu for life. It’s more make it up as you go along!
If everyone held the same sort of ideas I’m sure it’d be a happy place! I’m also sure that many text messages without meeting can lead to misunderstandings
I’m still hopeful anyway!

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1615683 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 07:20PM

Becky...I'd rather not thank you. I haven't had dinner yet

Frustrateddad1979 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 07:06PM

Flirting and connecting with likemided people where the spark in their relationship has evaporated.

Beckysharp - 11 Aug, 2023 - 06:15PM

You are welcome to wonder Cuckold 😘

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1597404 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 05:56PM

To make an emotional, intellectual and physical connection with another woman. To see how it feels to get the juices flowing again, so to speak. I want to have some fun and new experiences.

1615683 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 05:40PM

Becky...thank you for telling everyone how lucky you are.
One wonders why you still visit IE if you are in such a state of bliss. Are you a 'just in case there's something better' kinda girl?

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TJJ89_fun - 11 Aug, 2023 - 05:19PM

To feel the excitement of having something outside of my relationship. Flirting, connecting and genuinely feeling those butterflies again that I haven’t had at home. Not to bore anybody with all of the extras that come with home life. To enjoy something fun with somebody that I share chemistry and attraction with!

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1583686 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 04:57PM

To discuss the existential threat of global security caused by, not only increasing economic and political migration, but also the democratisation of knowledge and resulting polarising effect of social media. ( or what flirtin60 said 😂)

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1616655 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 03:04PM

To find an erotic chat partner who is open to see where that may or may not lead

Beckysharp - 11 Aug, 2023 - 02:42PM

I had an on off on thing for ages. Which I finally managed to end. And have been so so lucky to find someone local and gorgeous and very…. skilled to replace him.

I actually didn’t expect to be quite so lucky - don’t give up you only need one connection for it all to be worth it ☺️

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1616140 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 01:45PM

Because they lack passion in their home life’s?

TheAnalogKid - 11 Aug, 2023 - 12:54PM

Hi Sandypops.

Rest assured there are some still of us out here just as I sure there are genuine ladies.

However despite what their profiles say many seem to be on here just to chat about the mundane and conversation quickly dries up when a meet is is suggested.

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Sandypops - 11 Aug, 2023 - 12:36PM

With the beauty of hindsight I can now say that I joined ie because I obviously enjoy -
Having my head and heart messed with, continually
Choosing completely inappropriate men
Naively thinking that men actually mean what they say
Giving my all to someone who obviously doesn't appreciate me
Continually feeling that my all, isn't enough

Apologies to any men reading this who are actually decent (but you're as elusive as the Scarlett Pimpernel)

And sorry it's a bad day of head 🤯

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Sandypops - 11 Aug, 2023 - 12:36PM

With the beauty of hindsight I can now say that I joined ie because I obviously enjoy -
Having my head and heart messed with, continually
Choosing completely inappropriate men
Naively thinking that men actually mean what they say
Giving my all to someone who obviously doesn't appreciate me
Continually feeling that my all, isn't enough

Apologies to any men reading this who are actually decent (but you're as elusive as the Scarlett Pimpernel)

And sorry it's a bad day of head 🤯

TheAnalogKid - 11 Aug, 2023 - 12:09PM

Pretty much the same as others have said. Marriage is generally happy but lacks the physical intimacy I still crave.

If it was just about the s word them escorts would probably be easier but it's also about that emotional connection. I want to feel really wanted.

I must admit it's hard going when so many profiles seem to express the need for meaningful connection but when you message and try to start a meaningful conversation you get one word answers.

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Funguy77 - 11 Aug, 2023 - 09:35AM

I’m missing a connection with my OH . There’s a hole in my very sole that’s painfully obvious. The sexual connection was lost a longtime ago and is very very infrequent OH is happy and complete with out marriage but can’t see or understand what I’m feeling or trying to convey to her . So my decision to do this is to give myself the missing pieces and hopefully hold what’s left of a marriage untill my youngest son is a little older.

Not sure if this sounds selfish or not but it’s the honest truth x

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1610286 - 12 Jul, 2023 - 01:21AM

Nothing is permanent in life! People change for various reasons. The worst thing that can happen in a marriage, in my opinion is when your partner turns spiritual. Their whole outlook towards life changes. There is no intimacy, even when it is there, it look more like a routine rather than an interest!
Spiritual people are devoid of feelings, emotions, they are detached and it feels like you the person is living in a different planet. Doing mundane things as a routine, like a robot. So where does this leave the other half?

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Seyilar - 03 Jul, 2023 - 11:38AM

First for connection and pleasure galore.

1605394 - 30 Jun, 2023 - 09:47PM

No sex at home at all for 5 years. Need to find someone that wants me , but i dont want to hurt anyone .

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Danjam441 - 28 Jun, 2023 - 10:19AM

Shame but the other half just doesn’t have the same interest sexually as me. Im sexually adventurous and always horny, wanting to try new things but she doesn’t want that. I’ve come on here to meet like minded people who don’t want to change what they have at home but want to have sexual fantasies achieved x

Jay122 - 27 Jun, 2023 - 05:46PM

I am hoping that IE can provide an opportunity to fill a void both physically and emotionally connected to the charge of excitement, butterflies and real life erotica that for me has taken back stage over the friendship and partnership that has blossomed over the years. All very important things. I’m now unashamed to say I want my cake and eat it.

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masterbatesalot - 27 Jun, 2023 - 04:17PM

I like my missus, she is my mate but obviously there are some things that don't happen anymore. This seems like a less disrupting way of getting what I want.

Dan111111 - 26 Jun, 2023 - 05:47PM

Its always difficult meeting new people. I guess when you get to a certain age you think you know what you want. I find myself alone more than spending time with my wife. She often goes to bed early and I have the dog to keep me company. Dysfunctional yes but a family I don't want to leave! However I have forgotten what it is like to have real intimacy's. Do we have an issue! No we just don't have a sex life. It is not eithers fault! Maybe more mine for expecting more. Its not fair if you simply do not have a libido? How long can you discuss the same thing! How long can you feel unnecessary! I bought my wife a matching set from Ann Summers. OK not the most expensive but for us! That was 3 months ago and I have still not seen her wear them? (She has worn it out however)! Well to work! So that leaves me with the reason! Well I guess its simple! I have had enough of asking why and accepted we are never going to have that amazing love life I would love to have with her! But that does not stop me wanting one?

Dotty Green - 25 Jun, 2023 - 01:03PM

Confident10 - 25 Jun, 2023 - 08:50AM

The nature of the beast is once an affair is over quite often one or both parties will move on.

For me personally it is not end one day move on in a week’s time … I am also not after short term affairs.

Any affair has risks so a clean bill of sexual health is a must.

Unless you are hoping to meet a virgin any sexual relationship has risks, whether that be an affair or a new relationship IRL.

If you are so concerned about this element - are you sure an affair is the correct path for you ?

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Paula99 - 25 Jun, 2023 - 12:55PM

Women seem to get the blame for all the excuses that are generated by IE sour grapes brigade😕

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Paula99 - 25 Jun, 2023 - 12:47PM

The GU clinics are under pressure but so it’s the NHS in general ..health clinics are the responsibility of the members and do we really want to go down the ‘disclaimer’ route…🙄

In the case of ‘ moving on ‘ this applies to both sexes and how are you supposed to ‘move on’ ..do the guys think about their health when they say they want safe sex and when you meet ..does it happen 🙄
Just because you read posts from women on here does it mean that guys are exempt from ‘cooling off’ .. it just indicates that women share more than guys..

In the case of ‘are there any sexy women ‘ around anymore ?..I agree women are not as glamorous as they once were as a lot do male dominated professions but does it mean they are not sexy ?..if we are too sexy we get labelled with ‘high maintenance’..
I’m the case of Mr Floppy a lot of guys suffer from performance anxiety/over confident syndrome .….a sexy woman raises certain parts but that’s no indication that all is well … you migh

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1596777 - 25 Jun, 2023 - 08:50AM

The fact GU medicine clinics are over subscribed discredits your faux rage.
I don't care what you get, but I read so many posts, predominantly from women, who 'move on' when their man cools off, that I simply wonder if many on IE actually consider the health implications of what they are doing.
If you do, good for you.

ExoticOrchid - 24 Jun, 2023 - 03:00PM

This judgemental attitude that we don't know/don't understand about sexual health is quite insulting

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The Joy of Impotence - 24 Jun, 2023 - 02:21PM

Good point MatureBBW.....the same goes for me, you know. I've known husbands who have been labelled 'impotent', but very few men who are physically healthy have performance issues with a woman they fancy.
Mr Floppy is usually paired up with Mrs Turnoff.
He soon perks up when Miss Slinky appears on the scene. Problem is, there aren't that many sexy women around these days. But if you're lucky......😘

TheBoredHousewife - 23 Jun, 2023 - 05:58PM

Beckysharp - 23 Jun, 2023 - 11:56AM

Short, sharp and bloody hilarious 😂😂

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14769293 - 23 Jun, 2023 - 03:54PM

For me dating a married lady suits my life and my working life,I live alone and have no interest in love or full time dating,with a married lady I know there will be times she is not about,where as as a single expects much more commitment, I've had many dates with married ladies and it is always fun without all the constant attention of my time.

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MatureWorcsBBW - 23 Jun, 2023 - 01:22PM

I've often wondered if the wives in marriages where there is no intimacy, are always blamed for that lack of intimacy.
When my ex husband had an affair which then brought about a divorce, he had lied to his new friend.
Intimacy never had been lacking at all.
She was shocked to discover thst he'd lied to both of us and who knows who else.

Imagine that your wife is lacking intimacy from you and is bored with you but doesn't want out.

Maybe she already has a lover or lovers.
I know several married women who have lovers, their husbands dismiss them as being frigid.

Now that I'm single, I will be sexually free again while taking very sensible precautions, having visited a sexual health workshop recently.

My Dr Google comment was merely an attempt at banter.

Trust me, I'm not being glib, on the contrary, I'm well informed and realistic.

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Beckysharp - 23 Jun, 2023 - 11:56AM

Confident10 has a good point. Condoms don’t completely protect against all STI. Only abstinence works there.

But at least he can be reassured he won’t get a (sexually transmitted) life threatening airway infection 😅😂

Although I wonder what his advice is for avoiding monkeypox. Maybe we should bring back social distancing!!!

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ExoticOrchid - 23 Jun, 2023 - 09:21AM

Sanctimonious much??? 🤷🏻‍♀️

The OP asked for "people's honest reasons" and MWBBW gave hers.

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The Joy of Impotence - 23 Jun, 2023 - 06:22AM

MatureWorcsBBW....I don't think we're talking contraception here.
Perhaps confusing apples and pears? Easily done.

1596777 - 23 Jun, 2023 - 06:13AM

Condoms do not necessarily protect you from monkeypox. Many infections can be transferred in saliva.; oral condoms are not that popular.
And unprotected oral sex is can lead to airway infections, some of which are life threatening.

Your approach is risky and clearly you are not as au fait as you wish to portray.

Relying on Google for your health information is a bit like relying on sat nav to tell you where to go. It's ok up to a point but......
Hospital clinics are full of people who thought they knew what they were doing.

ExoticOrchid - 23 Jun, 2023 - 12:15AM

MWBBW - 11:22PM

Absolutely agree ... 👍
(can we have a collective 🙄 here)

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MatureWorcsBBW - 22 Jun, 2023 - 11:22PM

Condoms and other forms of contraception are easily available.

STI's are completely avoidable.

Consult Dr Google if you're not educated on modern contraception.

The judgment of some married men is unnecessary.

Especially when they're on a website called Illicit Encounters.

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1596777 - 22 Jun, 2023 - 10:44PM

Sounds like a fast track to Chlamydia and pelvic inflammatory disease to me.

MatureWorcsBBW - 22 Jun, 2023 - 10:26PM

What I want.
When I want it.
On my terms.
Now that I'm single, it's much easier to hook up with someone else who is also single.
I'm also dating occasionally so still looking for some future significant other.

Until I find him, I can fool around a little, can't I. Lol.

I wouldn't completely rule out a 1 night stand either, because I occasionally stay in hotels with my job.

I just don't want all the hassle of negotiating the technicalities if meeting.
If it's complicated, I'm already bored with it.

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Sachkie61 - 22 Jun, 2023 - 10:02PM

I feel I want to have some excitement we all know it can get stale I’m not married but I like the thought of a married man no hassle still have nice times though .xx

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The Joy of Impotence - 22 Jun, 2023 - 06:20PM

I'd finished the crossword and there were no Pringles in the house.
So I thought ' Why not?'
Haven't looked back...well, not since my whiplash injury, anyway.

Paula99 - 22 Jun, 2023 - 06:17PM


That’s a long relationship ..so are you looking for another one for the interim service 😂

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WillbytheSes - 22 Jun, 2023 - 03:31PM

Friends with benefits, have one friend and weve been FWB for 3 years.

BristolGuy123 - 22 Jun, 2023 - 02:26PM

I'd like to find a sexy in my eyes, (my eyes aren't as good as when I was younger) woman to exchange saucy chats. And see what happens.

Poptart10 - 22 Jun, 2023 - 01:40PM

Love my wife but the passion and intimacy is just not there. Sex isn't everything but it can be fun and meeting another woman for new conversation and interests is what I'd like.

Obviously a bit of ooo errr too hahaha!

1604331 - 22 Jun, 2023 - 11:06AM

For discreet intimate encounters - to experience what I want that I have not had before and hopefully make someone elses experience special too.

laugar164 - 21 Jun, 2023 - 11:04AM

Good honest reply Caroline

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Caroline Red - 21 Jun, 2023 - 12:27AM

I don't love how these threads start with people addressing the subject then descend into bitching about each other. Same every thread and starting to get really boring guys and girls.

To answer the question I want a man but prefer to borrow someone else's. Wifey can cook the meals, do the washing and visit the appalling relatives. I'll take the fun bit thanks.

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1604745 - 20 Jun, 2023 - 09:20PM

Dotty Green - 20 Jun, 2023 - 01:49PM

Dotty by name, dotty by nature. Its been a pleasure.

Dotty Green - 20 Jun, 2023 - 01:49PM

Fredholm2ndKindIntegralEquation - 20 Jun, 2023 - 12:11PM

Wow really going all out to prove yourself... Women must be falling at your feet, such a charmer.

Cheesypuff - 20 Jun, 2023 - 11:51AM

Aw we can't get rid of the Puff........ but I am sure the new name would have them knocking down your door, although not sure you need a new name for that.....

1604745 - 20 Jun, 2023 - 12:11PM

Dotty Green - 20 Jun, 2023 - 10:48AM

As long as it was reflective of women like yourself that is fine by me.x

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Cheesypuff - 20 Jun, 2023 - 11:51AM

Changing my name to SirCockalot before anyone else gets it 😋

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Dotty Green - 20 Jun, 2023 - 10:48AM

Fredholm2ndKindIntegralEquation - 20 Jun, 2023 - 10:34AM

No I get the irony did you pick up on the sarcasm ?

1604745 - 20 Jun, 2023 - 10:34AM

Dotty Green - 20 Jun, 2023 - 09:27AM

You may want to review the second suggestion again... i think the irony was missed.

Dotty Green - 20 Jun, 2023 - 09:27AM

Fredholm2ndKindIntegralEquation - 18 Jun, 2023 - 09:29PM

Dotty Green - 18 Jun, 2023 - 08:32PM

To something more generic and boring like SirCockalot? or Checkered Red?

Yeah they work - you will have em queueing up ........

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1604745 - 19 Jun, 2023 - 09:20PM

Paula99 - 19 Jun, 2023 - 07:02AM

Because i am integrals that know how to move...

...i am here all week.

Paula99 - 19 Jun, 2023 - 07:02AM

Maths equations?

What about the equation of the first kind? ..did it not please you 😂

1604745 - 18 Jun, 2023 - 09:29PM

Dotty Green - 18 Jun, 2023 - 08:32PM

To something more generic and boring like SirCockalot? or Checkered Red?

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Dotty Green - 18 Jun, 2023 - 08:32PM

Fredholm2ndKindIntegralEquation - 18 Jun, 2023 - 08:21PM

Mate friendly word of advice … change that user name …

1604745 - 18 Jun, 2023 - 08:21PM

I was trying to buy a cupboard from Ikea and my hand slipped and i accidentally paid for a full membership to this site.

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Toffee.macchiato4 - 14 Jun, 2023 - 08:18PM

Like many here
I joined because I want to laugh play and have sex with someone other than my hubby. When I say play I literally mean silly playful things that end up with lots of laughter.and sex.
A little escape from my reality. It’s not a need but a want . Nothing sinister or dreary just adding a little something to my sense of adventure. 😊
I think

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Pavloss - 14 Jun, 2023 - 08:00PM

To meet women who want that risk of being with someone else, the thrill of doing something they shouldn't. Have a discreet meet up.... everthing this site is about.

mrrocket007 - 14 Jun, 2023 - 07:54PM

Years ago it was for the lack of sex, however I’ve now realised that being with the love of your life does limit one’s experiences especially if they really don’t like certain things. I am very much of the opinion that I need to be open and broaden beyond my stereotype that I would normally go for. This has led to some eye opening revelations!

Max_master - 14 Jun, 2023 - 03:54PM

@silky - that answer … my heart!

1604430 - 14 Jun, 2023 - 02:22PM

For a number of medical reasons, the intimacy has left my relationship (Not my medical issues). I am looking to find my spark again. I am sure its there somewhere, hiding away

silky81 - 13 Jun, 2023 - 03:38PM

To feel wanted again. Isn't that what everyone wants?

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Poptart10 - 13 Jun, 2023 - 11:21AM

To be very truthful - lack of sex and intimacy at home. I think flirting and chatting with other women is great and could hopefully lead on to other things.

BridgetJ - 12 Jun, 2023 - 01:54PM

Originally I joined as I’d been a single mum for 10years. My friend suggested it to me when she couldn’t understand why I was single, I was single as I didn’t want my kids being brought up with different men coming in and out of their lives. That was 7 years ago.

Now I’ve joined because I ended up in a relationship with a widower, he had been married 20 years. The sex isn’t fun, he doesn’t really appreciate lingerie, just very vanilla but other that this he is alright

moonmagicman - 12 Jun, 2023 - 11:40AM

The thrill of the illicit experience is a big reason. But really, while home life is good, there are no longer intimate moments, neither emotional nor physical. I miss both of those.
And a two-year affair ha recently ended, so...

1603955 - 10 Jun, 2023 - 03:45PM

Looking for some fun ;)

1603955 - 09 Jun, 2023 - 11:11PM


1493580 - 09 Jun, 2023 - 07:15AM

For me it was really for a couple of reasons. I recently separated from my soon to be ex wife and am not looking for another long term full time relationship. Also the fact I am separated means I am really flexible in terms of when and where I can meet so I thought this might be a great place for me to look into.

People here are not looking to change their situation, I'm not looking for a serious long term relationship and I can make when and wherever for the right person.

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David Copperfield - 09 Jun, 2023 - 12:00AM

Well it all started on my stag night actually . The sort of story that will be familiar to many guys here .

I woke up with a splitting headache , a mouth as dry as a ditch , one eyebrow missing and my wallet open with credit and debit cards scattered all over the bed.

The marriage went ahead. Some time later we amicably divorced (still good friends) and 10 years after that I'm still lost in here looking for the exit and trying to figure out how to stop the automatic repeat payment schedule!

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Unclejack786 - 08 Jun, 2023 - 11:39PM

Looking for a BBW. Love curves and roll.

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Maxdeep - 08 Jun, 2023 - 11:09PM

To meet someone in a similar situation, for discretion n for some great timrdwith one like minded lady

EmnEm123 - 07 Jun, 2023 - 05:07PM

Hello Exotic and Paula

Thank you, much appreciated.

Needing a little ‘loving,’ , so to speak! 😂

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1602801 - 06 Jun, 2023 - 02:00PM

My reason is simple that I have no issues whatsoever with my partner aside from the intimate and sex side so simply looking for that fun again.

Bangers&Mash - 06 Jun, 2023 - 12:37AM

I've just joined as my former lover has moved away, and looking for the excitement that an affair brings.

Paula99 - 05 Jun, 2023 - 07:50PM


Welcome back …we have so missed your posts..😊
Hope you are well 😊

ExoticOrchid - 05 Jun, 2023 - 05:12PM

EnE123 - 04:26PM

Welcome back ... you have been very much missed! 💐

EmnEm123 - 05 Jun, 2023 - 04:26PM

Crikey! I have barely been on here the last 6-9 months but it’s the same old same old!

Married men complaining about single women.

If I were to be looking for a serious/permanent partner I wouldn’t be doing it on this site.

Plus, if you don’t want a single woman, DON’T message them!!!

How do, old and new?😆

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DesperatelyseekingEve - 05 Jun, 2023 - 04:11PM

OK Dotty I do understand what you mean, I was looking for the easy way to start this and was unsure if it was going to work for me, obviously if I wish to use the site I will update my profile. But for the time being let me just browse until I pluck up the courage to jump right in

Dotty Green - 05 Jun, 2023 - 02:09PM

DesperatelyseekingEve - 05 Jun, 2023 - 12:29PM

Not sure how you will find it here if you are not a paid up member... and also with a lot of your profile being computer generated. Good luck hope you find what you are looking for

 1 member likes this comment.

DesperatelyseekingEve - 05 Jun, 2023 - 12:29PM

I have only just joined and reading other comments my reasons for joining are much the same
I am married but I feel very lonely in the relationship, there hasn't been any sex for over a year now, (but I don't think that is the reason) I would like some companionship, someone to chat with, if something more serious comes about that would be fantastic, I am not looking for a relationship, I would love to be able to enjoy life and share this with someone who feels like minded

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Kiss_Lover - 04 Jun, 2023 - 01:20PM

Missing that ‘alive’ feeling. Too much unrequited passion and fun to give. Life’s too short to settle for anything less than your soul craves. IE has been amazing in the past for meeting likeminded souls. X

1602940 - 04 Jun, 2023 - 11:13AM

Known each other for 16 years and been married for 4 years. At the moment don’t want to leave.
The spark is not there, haven’t had sex since October last year. There’s no connection.

He’s more of a complainer about everything under the sun and gets easily stressed about petty things. Would rather talk about politics, watch the news and drink beer and that’s just a major turn off for me.

I’m more outgoing, bubbly and just generally chilled. I love the feeling of being loved and the excitement of engaging with someone you have a lot in common with. That’s why I’m here.

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DiamondGeezer - 30 May, 2023 - 05:31PM

Simple, being married for 16 years the sex life and connection has virtually gone.

So at the moment, i dont want to leave. So IE is the only other option.

 2 members like this comment.

BestBollocksInRotherham - 28 May, 2023 - 07:53PM


Ha! Ha! Very good

1598020 - 28 May, 2023 - 07:21AM

I read a great quote a few years ago from an old rock and roller about regrets they had. They said “I have 2. Not looking after my teeth and not having more sex” 🤣

Well I look after my teeth but I’m here to work on regret number 2!

Wanting more boobs in my life I think is a combination of several things. Firstly, I just want more sex than I am having and am likely to have in the future with my life as is. I want more sex because I think it’s important and I think I neglected it’s importance/got too hung up on it earlier on in mi Vida. I did get a diagnosis of ADHD a while back also. Does that explain my quest for novelty or just a handy excuse?….still trying to work that one out.

Anyway thank you for the (not really free) therapy session. I hope you all find what you are looking for 🤣

tonicwithice - 25 May, 2023 - 11:02PM

It's been a long time, I'm not sure I know why I joined, or even how I found out about it. Of course a desire for sex is there, but I think I've come to understand there's more to it (one could just buy sex if one was so inclined). We can tell ourselves we are looking for 'fun' 'excitement' 'the missing spark'. Maybe that's true, at least in part. I'm sure for many of us there's also the mid life crisis factor! Wanting to feel wanted, a bit of validation, self esteem boost, knowing you're still attractive (if indeed you ever were). There have been a few reports recently of how few friends many guys have, I wonder how many of us are really looking for friendship more than love/sex? The human condition eh? [I'm clearly having an introspective moment...]

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1584361 - 25 May, 2023 - 08:01PM

I am not married but, don't have time fora normal relationship..

I would rathe date a married lady as they are more fun and exciting....and don't put on pressure to meet.

Married girls are are simply the best.

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TheBoredHousewife - 25 May, 2023 - 03:21PM

oakleaf53 - 25 May, 2023 - 02:52PM

The forum is a decent place to hang out for those who are seeking, and for those who have been matched. Different requirements and expectations throughout, but hang in there, and I'm sure the one you are looking for will come along eventually. Good luck!

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1595705 - 25 May, 2023 - 02:52PM

Seems to me that the men on this site are here for similar. For a range of reasons, sex at home ceased. Speaking personally I’m seeking a genuine / warm / meaningful way to replace that.

For women on this site.. I’m seeing a much broader and more complex range of requirements. Perhaps this is the flip side of the coin about why sex at home stopped for the men in the first place. Which has a certain irony.

Being here is certainly challenging me more than I’d expected - its a buyers market for the ladies whose decisions seem swift and brutal. Yet its still an incredible place to hang out for a while, a unique conversation, a place of anticipation and suprises.

 2 members like this comment.

The Joy of Impotence - 24 May, 2023 - 08:47PM

I'm generally considered a deeply unappealing sort of chap, so I thought I'd give this place a try to see if I can dupe some desperate individual into sharing my lamb Rogan Josh for one ( she can have the meaty bits).
No luck so far.
But I can either post stupid comments here or read my book on the Peat Bogs of Northern Europe.
Wasn't feeling in a boggy mood, so here I am...

 5 members like this comment.

rodstripe - 24 May, 2023 - 08:26PM

A lack of ejaculation leads to an early death and I don't fancy that.
My garage closed down a while ago and I need a good servicing.
Or else. x

Maketime2tick - 24 May, 2023 - 05:37PM

The intrigue the potential excitement why not😃

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1600439 - 24 May, 2023 - 04:40PM

Hopefully I have a few decades remaining and that’s a long time when there is no sexual spark at home.

It’s only human to be attracted to a beautiful woman and if there’s a way for magic to happen between you, then go for it. That may be friendship, attention, companionship and/or sexual. The desire for sex is normal and, if you can’t get it from within the marriage, it’s only normal to look for it elsewhere.

I heard about this site from a friend. No idea it existed before that. Hoping it leads to me finding what I need, which is a bit of spice and excitement back in my life.

1599959 - 24 May, 2023 - 03:11PM

I have a lot of admiration and respect for my wife, but any semblance of love/romance/sexuality left the relationship a long time ago.

A separation isn't viable at this moment, however, I still crave that spark and electricity with someone who just gets me. Thought it'd be easier to find it with someone in a similar situation.

 3 members like this comment.

DriveHarder - 24 May, 2023 - 02:56PM

I’ve been in a loving but sexless marriage for many years now, I joined here as a proactive step to do something about this and meet someone in a similar situation so we can ultimately make each other happier more fulfilled people.

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Daniel_Kot - 24 May, 2023 - 02:27PM

Venturing into the realm of illicit encounters? Bold move, my friend! My personal Top 5.

1) Spice: life can sometimes turn bland, a dash of illicit thrills can add that much-needed spice!
2) Variety: as they say, variety is the spice of life. Here you get a buffet, so dig in!
3) Uncover Hidden Desires: you might discover a side of you that’s been hidden all along.
4) Excitement: who doesn't enjoy a good secret, right?
5) Growth: an unusual path, but you might learn things about yourself that surprise you. Just remember, make sure everything is consensual and harm-free. Enjoy the thrill! 😉

 3 members like this comment.

Dikki316 - 24 May, 2023 - 01:47PM

For me it’s simply that my relationship has gotten very stagnant over the years and I feel the years slipping away to have more excitement in my life. Although trying to find someone has been very tricky on here so far

 2 members like this comment.

Mimi86 - 23 May, 2023 - 11:40PM

I have not been kissed passionately for the last six months, and no sex for eight months. My husband is busy with his great career and especially his hobby. I am in bed alone every night while he watches his crime series till late. We are a great team when it comes to parenting and definitely best friends, but the spark is gone. He did a similar thing before, so it's ok for me to be here. I struggle to feel attracted to anyone, though. It makes me sad because I want to be desired, and I want to desire someone. I want to feel something!

 5 members like this comment.

Shmoogles - 21 May, 2023 - 03:53PM

Real reason? For pleasure. Bored, alone when partner is working away, undesired in the humdrum of daily life, emotionally unavailable for anything of depth and meaning, new and exciting experiences, the excitement of discovering a new mind, always the mind first. The intimacy of a secret shared . What other reasons are there?

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randyrob059 - 21 May, 2023 - 03:34PM

I am stuck in a sexless marriage as I am her full time carer.We haven't been able to have sex for a few years and I am looking for someone who could relieve my frustrations occasionally.

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Leicsfun69 - 21 May, 2023 - 08:26AM

Like most people I’m in a sexless marriage. I just want to find one lady to have fun with and maybe explore our sexual fantasies.

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MistandSnow - 18 May, 2023 - 09:01PM

Much the same as many others, I’ve joined as I’m in a sexless marriage and need the emotional connection good sex with an engaged partner would bring to my life.

 2 members like this comment.

larnaca1988 - 12 May, 2023 - 11:13PM

I joined because I am in a sex less marriage and I'm often in the UK which gives me a chance to meet a lady in the same position

 2 members like this comment.

Trolden - 10 May, 2023 - 03:09PM

Like many here, I am in a long marriage which is full of cuddles, conversations and good humour, but without a sexlife for over a decade.
Part of my reason for joining here was with the thought that, as I travel to rural France frequently, I might find someone who would like to share an illicit encounter in the French countryside…

 4 members like this comment.

Hoodwink - 10 May, 2023 - 12:34PM

Mine is not a marriage made in heaven and for various reasons we haven't been intimate for many years. I miss the intimacy including the sex. But, in my personal experience, when the intimacy goes so does the deep marital friendship.

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1598075 - 08 May, 2023 - 06:03PM

I have been contemplating joining a site like this some some time.
I’m 54 my wife is a couple of years older. We have been together for nearly 35 years.
We haven’t had sex for many years, we have spoken about why and tried to get it going again but haven’t succeeded.
I would never leave her but do miss sex.
Basically I’m here to meet a woman for sex. I only want one woman and wint just meet anyone.
Not sure how it’s going to work out but I’m going to giv it a try.

 4 members like this comment.

Foxy656 - 08 May, 2023 - 01:32PM

There are two kinds of people on here, who what an affair,

The first one is someone once more than one lady for more fun and some one like me who just like to find that connection feeling of being wanted desired, my wife at the age of 44 for the past 5 year dose not what to ever have sex with me or any one again and dose not like sex at all, she told me she got what she what, kids and me too and I love my kids, but at the age of 41 I need to still be wanted and the only way to keep my marriage together is to find that nice lady to spent some time with xx

 2 members like this comment.

Funandfrolicks45 - 07 May, 2023 - 06:38PM

Well my reason would be to find someone to have fun and good times with,I'm single and have plenty of time on my hand for meeting up.not sure I'm ready for a long term full on relationship so this way seams the best of everything! Feel free to interact.not a full member but will be soon 😞

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Dotty Green - 06 May, 2023 - 08:58PM

Naughty But Niche - 05 May, 2023 - 03:45PM

I agree - I quite like an early exchange of photos … and then meet for that initial coffee/drink as sometimes photos do not do justice

 3 members like this comment.

ConraddKr - 06 May, 2023 - 08:40PM

Intoxicate Your Mind - 06 May, 2023

I don't see anyone welcoming you x

 6 members like this comment.

Hedone - 06 May, 2023 - 01:27PM

Mr Matlock - 05 May, 2023 - 03:30PM

Quite simply extra marital sex and fun - as like many on here, my relationship with my wife is actually really good, with the exception of the sex - we have a very active sex life but the simple fact is you can't recreate that anticipation, spark, lust that you get with someone new with someone you've been with for years - the sex becomes predictable, the effort wains and rarely is anything new introduced. So that's why I'm here :-)

I’ve been off the forum for a while and I’m welcome backed to this comment. Wtf!
How about if that’s the case you put in the effort with your wife if it’s that good. I’m wondering if she’s saying the same about you !

 1 member likes this comment.

1506940 - 05 May, 2023 - 03:45PM

Mr Gin UK,

I usually chat a little first, but then I want to see a photo. It is just a point of connection really to look at who you're talking to. Mostly I just want to see they are real. As far as types are concerned, I like a glint in their eye and something interesting about the photo. I say my checklist of desired attributes on my profile.
Personality comes through in messages and I know for sure that I like them when we meet. However, there are some looks that are no go. So occaisionally, I do see a photo and know I don't want to pursue the chat, and that could be a very subconscious thing that they remind me of a negative experience, I don't know why, I just ccaisionally deicide no at the photo stage.

And men have done all that with me. Like Exoctic Orchid says, it's just how the cookie crumbles. Then we start messaging someone else and start again.

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Mr Matlock - 05 May, 2023 - 03:30PM

Quite simply extra marital sex and fun - as like many on here, my relationship with my wife is actually really good, with the exception of the sex - we have a very active sex life but the simple fact is you can't recreate that anticipation, spark, lust that you get with someone new with someone you've been with for years - the sex becomes predictable, the effort wains and rarely is anything new introduced. So that's why I'm here :-)

 1 member likes this comment.

Beckysharp - 05 May, 2023 - 11:35AM

Sure CKR send me a pw request


 2 members like this comment.

Enigma.. - 05 May, 2023 - 10:00AM

Dearest reader’s

If you want to get anywhere on this site…. Just be honest 🤷🏼‍♀️

No bull💩 💋

 2 members like this comment.

Dotty Green - 05 May, 2023 - 07:42AM

Enigma.. - 04 May, 2023 - 11:01AM

Apparently I have a type … I didn’t really realise then chatting with others and looking a past IEs they is definitely a theme 🙈
🥈🦊 🤷🏻‍♀️

 4 members like this comment.

ConraddKr - 04 May, 2023 - 09:00PM

Beckysharp - 04 May, 2023 - 10:32AM

Can I please have a picture of your rusty sheriff's badge?
Enigma already sent me one of her chocolate sporren so you have some competition.

 2 members like this comment.

TheBoredHousewife - 04 May, 2023 - 08:06PM

Enigma.. - 04 May, 2023 - 11:01AM

If we start with contradictions, we will end up nowhere. Might as well write a true and accurate account on their profile to start off with.

 2 members like this comment.

Enigma.. - 04 May, 2023 - 11:01AM

I think it’s hilarious when male members on the site have….

“Looks unimportant.
I don’t have a type.
Size and shape are more important to me.
Intelligence and personality are what counts with me.”

Then their first message or several messages into a “conversation” you get asked “what’s you photo password”.

Clearly looks are important to certain men and they, very obviously, do have a type.

When you point this out to them and suggest they change their profile, the “suggestion”, is met with a stoney silence….

You see…. They can’t or won’t change their profile because that narrows down the playing field 😉😂😏

 7 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 04 May, 2023 - 10:56AM

Bsharp - 10:32AM

Stems from previous experiences.

MrGinUK - 10:08AM

That's the way the 🍪 crumbles I'm afraid ... no point chatting for days and then finding there's no physical attraction 🤷🏻‍♀️

I would also add that the men are just as guilty (understandably so as their membership ⏰️ is ticking).

 4 members like this comment.

Beckysharp - 04 May, 2023 - 10:32AM

I don’t think it’s shallow or teenage to ask for a pic first. Everyone has a different way that works for them. If it doesn’t work for you it just means you’re not compatible. Move on and don’t dwell thinking of put downs. Makes you look teenage!

 5 members like this comment.

MrGinUk - 04 May, 2023 - 10:08AM

I joined to meet like minded ladies discretely both socially and sexually. I am rather disappointed though as some ladies ask for a picture without getting to know the person. I thought that was a shallow teen thing or those other mass media dating sites. Others just chat endlessly without any indication of meeting. I assume it’s nerves. There are some really lovely ladies here too though that keeps me tuning in xx

 1 member likes this comment.

Paula99 - 03 May, 2023 - 10:05PM


So tell me does an open relationship really work ?

 3 members like this comment.

Luna78 - 03 May, 2023 - 01:58AM

I may be a little unusual but I’m in an open relationship and thought this might be a good way of meeting people for no strings fun.

 2 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 02 May, 2023 - 05:27PM

I like some of his songs but he's totally unattractive to my old eyes! 🤔

 4 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 02 May, 2023 - 05:26PM

Douglas F..

Clearly you are reading the shopping lists 😂

Beckysharp - 02 May, 2023 - 04:31PM

Multi talented Lewis… women do 🤷‍♀️

Lewis’s tone deaf Dad…. Good luck to him 😂

FluffyClouds - 02 May, 2023 - 04:29PM

BeckySharp -

Damn it, you got in there first. Fight you for him

 2 members like this comment.

Beckysharp - 02 May, 2023 - 04:25PM

You describe yourself as Lewis Capaldi without the voice @DouglasFresh- I’m sure you’ll have a queue of women just after your version of fun very soon 😉

 2 members like this comment.

1596954 - 02 May, 2023 - 03:23PM

Serious question to the women on here.

I want to know exactly what it is that drove you to want an affair on here. My reason being that looking at a number of profiles, I am reading that your partner does not appreciate you anymore, listen to you anymore, talk to you anymore, take you on dates, spoil you, etc.

That is pretty serious shit to me and I will be honest and say I could not provide any of that on here. Are there any of you who just want some escapism, fun, laughs, good times. Just asking, for a friend, he is shy and wouldn't do it himself, the loser.

 1 member likes this comment.

ConraddKr - 01 May, 2023 - 07:40PM

Waskally Wabbit - 01 May, 2023 - 02:02PM

Mine too, those Waskally Willie's!

 1 member likes this comment.

1577296 - 01 May, 2023 - 02:02PM

My Willy made me do it !!

PlusSizePrincess - 29 Apr, 2023 - 08:47PM

I realised that it isn't normal to be in a sexless marriage in your early 30s and that while I adore my family I'm not prepared to be sexless and wondering what if for the rest of my life.

 2 members like this comment.

1565417 - 29 Apr, 2023 - 07:59PM

So, you know when you wake up next to your oh and realise they haven’t touched your for YEARS!
You’re only in your 50’s and have so much to offer.
Tearing the family apart isn’t an option but you can’t stand the status quo, that’s where i found myself 7 months ago! And just realised I was ‘affairable’ . One night stand made me realise’ i missed intimacy..:
The rest as they say, is history’

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1595473 - 28 Apr, 2023 - 03:58PM

I was lonely and needed someone to talk to. I am still lonely :-)

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1587581 - 27 Apr, 2023 - 11:26PM

Complete lack of intimacy of any description.

I was hoping to maybe find someone nice and have some fun.

It turned out I found more than I could ever have hoped for. Long may it continue!

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Redfirefox - 27 Apr, 2023 - 10:11PM

Tbh I’m only commenting on this because the comments currently total 666. 👹🔥
Carry on folks.

 3 members like this comment.

Jake_1972 - 27 Apr, 2023 - 07:42PM

Make the most of life, live it to the full, be excited, experience as much as you can.
Life is short, enjoy yourself and don’t cause pain to the loved ones you have been living to please in the past. The time has come for you and your happiness again…..

 2 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 27 Apr, 2023 - 07:35PM

Sandypops - 06:36PM

Yes, of course you can and absolutely no apologies necessary!

You go girl! 👍

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Sandypops - 27 Apr, 2023 - 06:36PM

Can I say my husband is an arrogant, narcissist who has done things to me that meant I lost all respect for him as an equal?
If I can't, apologies.

For personal reasons, and because he still maintains he loves me and I'm his soul-mate (he has a funny way of showing it if he does)
We have children, one of whom a disabled so I'm never leaving.

We have separate lives and separate rooms and I work two jobs as he doesn't work, which means I can be out of the house most of the day and evening. My bestie and I cover for each other, so meets aren't proving difficult.
I seek excitement, those butterflies, passionate sex, sensual touches, that feeling of wanting and being wanted and oh how I want kissing.

And I really need to reduce my electricity bill, recharging or replacing toys from overuse is proving costly 😂

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Cockneyladsomerset - 27 Apr, 2023 - 04:43PM

Wifes is a lovely person .Absolutely but admits to having virtually no labido.
We have genrally drifted apart and have little in common.Divorce ?yeah right put my daughter through hell ? Dating sites even swinging sites forget it? (i totally understand why im abused if i admit im a cheater!) So lets see how it goes!!..

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NoRegrets66268 - 27 Apr, 2023 - 11:45AM

There's absolutely nothing like the excitement you get with a new potential partner, the messages/pictures/calls etc. I don't think anything comes close to it. Used this site before, quite worldly wise to it now but know it works, have met several lovely people here over the last 12-13 years. Been off the site for the last 5 years but fancy a little excitement again, we'll see what comes along.

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theunit42 - 27 Apr, 2023 - 09:44AM

Bit of fun, need more sex, excitement,

Springit - 03 Apr, 2023 - 08:54AM

Fun, excitement , passion and that feeling of wanting and being wanted ,

Runner6969 - 05 Mar, 2023 - 02:25PM

There are sex (swinging) sites and dating sites - my requirements fall somewhere in-between. This seemed like the logical midway point.

1586116 - 05 Mar, 2023 - 02:16PM

I’m lonely, don’t feel desired or wanted. My husband is in the next room but might as well be 400 miles away. I miss the attention I used to get from him. I love the attention I get when I go out with friends. I want to have my cake and eat it. I’m scared but excited too.

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1571340 - 10 Feb, 2023 - 08:07PM


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Cheesypuff - 07 Feb, 2023 - 07:34PM

CaptainMorgan2023 - 07 Feb, 2023 - 05:59AM

I wish Mrs Morgan had been that rude 🤐

 5 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 07 Feb, 2023 - 06:56PM

P99 - 11:30AM

Hear, Hear!

You need to have a thick skin to be here. Besides, Cheesy made a tongue in cheek comment which also happens to be a relevant one actually!

 3 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 07 Feb, 2023 - 11:30AM


This is a chat forum ..if you make a post then you need to be prepared for others opinions or funny comments..
Take everything with a pinch of salt and enjoy the chat 😊😊😊

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1580733 - 07 Feb, 2023 - 05:59AM

Cheesypuff 6th Feb, 8:30pm

Please do not comment about things you have no idea about. You don't know my marriage or my situation so keep it zipped.

Cheesypuff - 06 Feb, 2023 - 08:30PM

CaptainMorgan2023 - 06 Feb, 2023

I think getting married might be a bigger one.

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1580733 - 06 Feb, 2023 - 08:26PM

I thought this site offered some hope from the usual rejection.
Now I think it could be rejection x all of the women on here?
Maybe the biggest mistake I've ever made?

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Cheesypuff - 06 Feb, 2023 - 02:51PM

CitrusCandy - 06 Feb, 2023 - 02:40PM

I heard you were sour and bad for my teeth, we would make a great couple!
It's ok you don't have to come live in Norwich I'll just buy us a mining village or two over there 😘

CitrusCandy - 06 Feb, 2023 - 02:40PM

I heard you were all hot air and at bit cheesy so would rather give it a miss. Add to that Norwich is such a shit city.

Cheesypuff - 06 Feb, 2023 - 02:28PM

CitrusCandy - 06 Feb, 2023 - 02:21PM

There's one in Norwich I heard, if you can get your great arse over there.

CitrusCandy - 06 Feb, 2023 - 02:21PM

I want someone who is straight down the line, no fuss, no drama, just get in the moment and enjoy it. Trouble is there aren't many of them around.

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TheBoredHousewife - 05 Feb, 2023 - 04:10PM


Thank you for sharing 😊

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Cheesypuff - 05 Feb, 2023 - 01:29PM

Cheesypuff - 05 Feb, 2023 - 01:16PM


ExoticOrchid - 05 Feb, 2023 - 01:22PM

P99 - 12:10PM


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Cheesypuff - 05 Feb, 2023 - 01:19PM

Paula99 - 05 Feb, 2023 - 12:10PM

There's really no element of payback at all, I genuinely wish I was sexually attracted to her as it would make life so much easier.
The other element is that I've now had an affair where the sex was so much better than anything I ever had with my wife that I don't think we were ever really sexually compatible to begin with, unfortunately.

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Cheesypuff - 05 Feb, 2023 - 01:16PM

Paula99 - 05 Feb, 2023 - 12:10PM

Bugger off Paula, Only joking 😁

Initially she rejected me, I wanted sex but she didn't, mainly due to body confidence. That was the status quo for many many years, I tried to help however I could but was persistently pushed away. So eventually I stopped trying and just accepted that's how it was to be, with being rejected for so long I couldn't help but feel undesirable and so I lost my confidence too so I didn't want sex either. The was fine as neither of us wanted it.
Then I was out one night with mates and got chatted up by a ridiculously hot woman, who made it clear she wanted me. I didn't do anything but when it happened again a few weeks later I caved. It was great and I realised what I had been missing for so long and I suddenly wanted a sex life again, only when I thought about having it with my wife I didn't like the idea. I wasn't attracted to her anymore even though I really tried to be, Now she's older and more confident she wants it but for me it's long

 6 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 05 Feb, 2023 - 12:10PM


So why do you not want to have sex with her ?

Do you not find her attractive?

Has she refused you in the past and now it’s pay back?

Is she suffering with the menopause or other illnesses?

Is it like many of us …a lot of water has gone under the bridge and we can’t go back

Tell me to buggar off if you think I am being nosey..but on here the majority of guys are chasing intimacy/sex because their partners have gone off it and/or have never been interested in it …for whatever reason ?

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Cheesypuff - 05 Feb, 2023 - 08:54AM

Paula99 - 02 Feb, 2023 - 05:57PM

That's my situation, my wife wants sex but I don't want it with her, dancing or no dancing 🕺

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1571340 - 05 Feb, 2023 - 12:17AM

More excitement

Bslooking - 03 Feb, 2023 - 09:55AM

Wife has been very bi curious for a number of years and now the kids are older we have the time to find a lady to join us

Paula99 - 02 Feb, 2023 - 05:57PM


Well said…it’s not always the women that ‘go off’ sex and in my opinion women go off sex for a good reason 😕

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laugar164 - 02 Feb, 2023 - 03:29PM

By the way does an lady fancy dressing up and dancing around the bedroom for me 😂
Offers kindly excepted

laugar164 - 02 Feb, 2023 - 12:06PM

It doesn't look good criticising you other half for not wanting sex. It works both ways I do understand that running a house children shopping is draining that's why I do my fair share also the is the dreaded menopause something we don't go through so women' have a lot to deal with
After a day of all that would you want to dress up and dance around the bedroom lol

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1580733 - 02 Feb, 2023 - 11:02AM

Been married 25+ years. My O H has no interest in any physical activity anymore but I. I feel like I don't want to live a life without intemacy. I'm hoping someone here will want me?

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1572054 - 01 Feb, 2023 - 02:51PM

I have been married for 9 years now and although relatively happy, we have such a boring vanilla relationship.

I’m craving someone to have fun with and like minded.

Holidayvibes - 30 Jan, 2023 - 02:41PM

I want to feel alive again

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SweetDiscreetLocal - 29 Jan, 2023 - 12:30PM

Seeking friendship, excitement with a large dollop of lust thrown in too. If I find a woman who’s looking for the same I think it could have great benefits for both of us. If I’m right we’ll both want repeat performances and encores! 😁

791941 - 27 Jan, 2023 - 08:50PM

I joined 10 years ago and dip in and out.

I love the wickedness of taking another man's wife, knowing that I can give her what she wants. And have met quite a few and enjoyed their company.

Rhodey99 - 27 Jan, 2023 - 08:00PM

I feel neglected, but i married my best friend an i would rather watch the world burn before hurting her, but like many i guess theres no sex nor passion, feel more like a slave to the family. I want to feel lusted after again and for sex to feel wanted rather than a dutiful chor

thenightowl92 - 26 Jan, 2023 - 11:36PM

Stepping into the unknown is exciting and I feel I play it safe too often. Life is for living.

Jewels71 - 26 Jan, 2023 - 10:18PM

I was previously here many years ago when married and met a very lovely man. Now divorced and single I am tired of the standard dating sites and am here hoping the calibre of guys will be better. Open to what I am looking for although in an ideal world would like to meet a separated or divorced man.

1554570 - 26 Jan, 2023 - 09:22PM

I think like everyone else really, everything on the home front is dull but dutiful.

Looking for that extra little something for myself, currently I get more cuddles from the dog 🐕

wheelybin - 26 Jan, 2023 - 07:40PM

I was looking for someone to play scrabble with

1578378 - 26 Jan, 2023 - 05:14PM

I joined the site recently looking for that electricity and passion that disappears from so many people's relationships. Life is too short and this site seemed to have more genuine people than others. Hoping to find someone soon for that discrete fun...

1578378 - 26 Jan, 2023 - 05:08PM

Recently joined looking for a spark to replace what has vanished from my relationship. This site seems to have more genuine members than its competitors. Remain hopeful to find someone fun that we can share some discrete passion...

This is the way - 26 Jan, 2023 - 04:57PM


So actually it must be the bit where I say ‘I think I might like to be dominated….’

Omg, I must have been pissed when I wrote that! Doh.


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This is the way - 26 Jan, 2023 - 04:49PM

Beckysharp 2.19pm

Does my profile suggest I want to be dominated?!
Hahaha, that might explain it. Is it the bit about tattoos and piercings?

laugar164 - 26 Jan, 2023 - 03:19PM

I'm just getting to know people through the forum
For now before I take the plunge
For me the time is not right as I I don't have the time to commit to an affair and it would be fair to start on if not fully committed so all you beautiful ladies will have to wait a bit longer

 1 member likes this comment.

Beckysharp - 26 Jan, 2023 - 02:19PM

@shyguy if you want to be dominated I imagine that is reducing your options so may well take longer. Definitely best to be honest and upfront about it though 😊

 2 members like this comment.

Dotty Green - 26 Jan, 2023 - 01:47PM

Shyguy743621 - 26 Jan, 2023 - 01:04PM

Ah yes still early days I guess. It does take a bit of time to find the right person.

I've not checked out your profile so no idea of your age or location or what you want. It took me a month or so to find someone this time, had a couple of meets until I find the my IE.

This is the way - 26 Jan, 2023 - 01:04PM


Not long to be fair. 3 weeks maybe. I know, I know, it’s not long but barely a friggin bite!

And yes, it is their loss! 😉

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The Orangery - 26 Jan, 2023 - 12:37PM

Seeking excitement! Adventure! And more!

1578622 - 26 Jan, 2023 - 12:37PM

The thrill of meeting someone new. You just can't beat the feeling of getting the initial messages leading up to a meet. So exciting.

Dotty Green - 26 Jan, 2023 - 12:19PM

Shyguy743621 - 26 Jan, 2023 - 12:11PM

haha - their loss eh! Out of interest how long have you been on here? Have you had any meets at all ??

This is the way - 26 Jan, 2023 - 12:11PM

Hmmmm, let me think.

I can’t remember why I originally joined, something about an illicit encounter?

I say I can’t remember because I’m no closer to that now than when I joined! All I seem to end up doing is getting either no reply to messages or KBs from ladies who frankly don’t know what they’re missing! 🤣

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1480089 - 26 Jan, 2023 - 09:58AM

For me the reason I joined is quite simple really to have the excitement and the passion the rush, As we all know as we’re married this seems to deminish as we get on with our lives and we get content of just the same shit but a different day if that makes sense and you think to
Yourself there has to be more to it than this??!! As the old quote says ‘’ we are all here for a good time not a long time’’ so if anyone feels the same as I do get in touch Xxx

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Stevekaroq - 12 Jan, 2023 - 09:43PM

To be honest, I would really love to sit down and have an open, honest and flirty chat over a coffee.
I sadly find myself in a sexless, cold relationship ship, which I seem to maintain for the sake of the family and others.The thought of going through a breakup is absolutely horrendous and I don’t want to be the bearer of hurt.
So I thought this maybe the place to find a similar minded lady who would also like some no strings horny fun.
Hopefully, I’m not in the wrong place??🤞🏽

 6 members like this comment.

Daved23 - 08 Jan, 2023 - 11:29PM

The reason I have joined is to not be on my own. I hate it, I love company and a laugh. Sadly it’s not there anymore

Wake up smiling - 06 Jan, 2023 - 10:58PM

I was hoping to find somebody interesting who likes music/ theatre/ exercising to connect with.

Andyoxf - 02 Jan, 2023 - 11:22AM

I like this site because I can be honest about being married. A few other sites allow "married but looking" category but most expect you to be single. Meeting others who are married or at least open to meeting married members is good. I met someone a decade ago after joining this site and we dated for ages, but now that's ended, I'm back.

 1 member likes this comment.

GrandeAmor - 02 Jan, 2023 - 10:45AM

My experience in other dating apps and websites is how difficult is to trust them, how many fake profiles, prostitutes and bots, its a minefield, especially as a male, so far IE seems all legit but we’ll see

 3 members like this comment.

Cheesypuff - 01 Jan, 2023 - 10:42PM

Coz dis is where da sexiest laydeez be at 👍

Ashfordman617 - 30 Dec, 2022 - 02:57PM

I lost my wife and eventually got into a relationship that quickly became Derby and Joan. I still have many years left in me and a lot to offer someone in the same position as me.

Max_master - 29 Dec, 2022 - 12:36AM

In a sexless, passionless, increasingly Lack of emotions marriage - kind of doing it for kids and family etc. but there is so much to experience, there is so much love to give, joy to share and a friend said, why not try this and may be you get lucky. So looking for that spark and hoping and staying optimistic. All the best to everyone.

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Micky Buble - 28 Dec, 2022 - 07:25PM

@misschief stop it with the chat on lingerie will you !
Your proper turning me on 😉

Micky Buble - 28 Dec, 2022 - 06:26PM

My reasons for joining are marriage is stale and need some fun with someone I connect with in the same spot as myself
Simple as that really

 2 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 28 Dec, 2022 - 05:36PM


Why have you decided to rejoin ?

Did you not find your perfect woman ?

stoicix - 28 Dec, 2022 - 04:26PM

Just back on IE. Looking at the recent msgs, all focussed on lingerie. I definitely enjoy taking them off! What about people’s honest reasons to join IE? I am looking for both the physical exploration and the emotional connection.

Marlen - 26 Dec, 2022 - 02:36PM

@miss chief 76, you understand my perspective. Beautiful lingerie is but a wrapper. It's a feast for the eyes, acting as an appetiser for the main course...it isn't the feast....A woman can be sexy in a bin bag...its how you carry it. For me, a certain look in the eyes can be enough. Nice mental image of you with your legs behind your ears...ankles crossed?

 2 members like this comment.

TheBoredHousewife - 26 Dec, 2022 - 10:26AM

Beckysharp - 26 Dec, 2022 - 10:09AM

We all need some retail therapy 🛍️🛍️. Sorry you’re feeling poorly. Clicking on fashion porn will make you feel better in no time.

Please get well soon - especially if your meet is still going ahead! 😘

 1 member likes this comment.

Beckysharp - 26 Dec, 2022 - 10:09AM

True @TBH!!! And thanks for cheering me up! Been poorly and not feeling Xmas this year. However I do love a sale 😇😂

TheBoredHousewife - 26 Dec, 2022 - 10:01AM

The sales are on. Happy shopping one and all! 😉

 1 member likes this comment.

1483842 - 25 Dec, 2022 - 09:36PM

As we are on the subject of lingerie...I know what my body looks good in. Having a lingerie shop at 18, in Weymouth, where my only competition was Contessa, I had a field day learning about beautiful sensual lingerie. Suspenders do not suit my very long legs and child bearing hips. Hold ups do. Ribbed basques do not suit me because I'm supple and with my legs behind my ears, the metal crushes my ribs and deform in shape. Chiffon baby dolls suit me, but what look perfect for my breasts are either peekaboo body stockings or skin tight chiffon dresses or Basques. It really is about feeling sexy for oneself. I got married in a red Basque. If i feel sexy, the man thrives on it. Lingerie is a feast for the eyes for the man as most men are visual lovers and I get the best out of my man understanding how to turn him on and build his anticipation for an explosive orgasm, for both sides. There is nothing wrong in a man confiding what does it for him, as long as the woman does it equally as much for herself

 2 members like this comment.

Marlen - 24 Dec, 2022 - 03:01PM

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone, whatever your tastes and desires....I figure we'll be all busy for the next couple of days....

 1 member likes this comment.

Marlen - 24 Dec, 2022 - 02:55PM

@Dotty Green.....

Precisely.....well put.

ExoticOrchid - 24 Dec, 2022 - 02:37PM

DG - 01:09PM

You've hit the nail on the head ... "not expected" ... that's exactly it ... ! 👍

 1 member likes this comment.

Conradd - 24 Dec, 2022 - 01:49PM

Yes I do enjoy clothing theatre if shes into it of course

Dotty Green - 24 Dec, 2022 - 01:09PM

Beckysharp - 24 Dec, 2022 - 09:24AM
Aw thanks lovely. Glad you adore the vintage look.

For me feeling and looking sexy is all part of the affair - he said he likes the effort I make - I love it’s not expected !!

I quite like meeting for a drink pre hotel and maybe a sly flash of a stocking top .., or the cheeky feel of a suspender belt …

Like others have said I wear for me .. not the guy …

 2 members like this comment.

Marlen - 24 Dec, 2022 - 11:48AM

Oh, dear, seemed to have touched a nerve here.... yes, like everything it can be a fetish...the commentary ran from an early comment about frilly...
It isn't a pre-requisite. It's a wrapper after all for the beauty within. I've had no complaints from previous partners....they appreciated the thought, as with other gifts, etc.

 1 member likes this comment.

TheBoredHousewife - 24 Dec, 2022 - 10:50AM

Beckysharp - 24 Dec, 2022 - 09:24AM

Couldn’t agree more with you there. I’ve met with men who can’t seem to stop talking about what they like their women to be in. It’s really off putting.

Brought this topic up with my IE during pillow talk, and he said he loves whatever I put on because I look great in his eyes, and it’s up to me to decide (it was holdups and a hot pink number yesterday). He’s not having a relationship with my lingerie but with me. Oh, what a breath of fresh air. Keeping this one for as long as it lasts!

Maybe I’ll turn up in some granny knickers next time and see if he still feels the same way 😉😂😂

 3 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 24 Dec, 2022 - 10:43AM

Fetish….what’s that all about ?😂😂😂

 1 member likes this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 24 Dec, 2022 - 10:34AM

Bsharp - 09:24AM

Totally with you there ... nothing puts me off more than when I'm asked/told to wear (or do) certain things because he's got a fetish for them ... I've got to want to wear/do them off my own bat!

 3 members like this comment.

Conradd - 24 Dec, 2022 - 09:47AM

My last and only affair occasionally modelled for a high class Parisian hosiery company but hated wearing it or any lingerie, for her it had to be panties and at push, heels / wedges in bed.

On first finding this out I was taken aback and disappointed but soon came round to it.

 1 member likes this comment.

Beckysharp - 24 Dec, 2022 - 09:24AM

@DG you sound like a very stylish lady! I love wearing stuff that looks and feels good (for me). And adore vintage 😍

When it’s a fetish for the guy though, it all becomes so off putting

 4 members like this comment.

Marlen - 24 Dec, 2022 - 09:07AM

@Dotty Green, lovely to hear....

Visually, six straps is probably optimal, imo. 8 or more, (you can get 14 strap versions) is weird and detracts from the visual effect. The shape of the welt, taut, under suspension on 4 or 6 strap belts is delightful.....
A good fitting belt should be comfortable too....its more than boudoir attire.

I've yet to see a leg of any shape that doesn't look fab in stockings.....

If you like hold ups...have you tried ballerina style stockings...beautiful detailing and colours...I would say where to find, but I'm sure you know

 2 members like this comment.

Dotty Green - 24 Dec, 2022 - 08:48AM

On the lingerie subject… I adore nice underwear (I’m never without a matching set…

When meeting I like hold ups or I’m ok with stockings and suspenders… I have some beautiful sets.

One IE I had loved the old fashioned look - 6 or 8 straps with fully fashioned seemed stockings- not something I had my self he bought them … and they look and feel great.

I definitely like basques and corsets. Also if you go to what I call an underwear specialist- it will last and look good.

I should point out though, wear what you want and for you. For example if my ie bought me something that looked ridiculous I’m not going to wear it!

 2 members like this comment.

Marlen - 24 Dec, 2022 - 01:52AM

@Beckysharp...Noted. Not all ladies do.

Gentlemen are always happy to assist ladies.

Beckysharp - 23 Dec, 2022 - 08:14AM


I think it’s safe to assume that we all know the lingerie options available. And even where to buy them!

Although thanks for sharing that commando is no underwear 😉

 3 members like this comment.

Marlen - 23 Dec, 2022 - 12:18AM

So for guys, you've got options of commando, jock straps, slips, y-fronts, boxers....that is a fraction of the choices available for ladies. Mind you, most guys, don't worry about VPL, so don't need the same choices that ladies do?

Marlen - 23 Dec, 2022 - 12:10AM

@Beckysharp..commando is no underwear...
Suspenders are not necessarilly frilly! I'm talking quality, Aubade, La Perla, etc. Not sex shop rubbish. You have basques, bustiers, waspies, as well as bras and knicker combinations...ranging from minimalist to full on frilly stuff...take your pick. My partners have appreciated that beautiful ladies deserve beautiful wrappers...you all do. However, they aren't a pre-requisite for fun.

TheBoredHousewife - 22 Dec, 2022 - 08:42PM

I spend a large part of my time thinking about lingerie too (what to wear tomorrow?!?!). Synthetic looking frilly stuff is not a good look imo. Sometimes when dumbing down, even a really nicely patterned tshirt bra and matching knickers is better than slapper frills.

I like belts, zips and well fitted boxers. Muscle memory will lead me to do the rest. Is my beautiful man reading this? 🙊😂😂😂

 1 member likes this comment.

Dotty Green - 22 Dec, 2022 - 07:46PM

Today my guy had a suit on .. never seen him in one looked great I was casual in leather trousers and shirt (normally in in a dress or skirt) … Both still look great but nice to see another side.

I adore nice lingerie… I spend a lot of time deciding what to wear …

 1 member likes this comment.

1569513 - 22 Dec, 2022 - 07:43PM

Marlen -

Armani boxer trunks are 🔥🔥🔥

Paula99 - 22 Dec, 2022 - 07:05PM


A woman after my own heart…that cheap frilly stuff gives me a rash and looks dreadful x

I much prefer a guy in zipped jeans with a nice pair of tight shorts just peeking …my mind does the rest 😜

 1 member likes this comment.

Beckysharp - 22 Dec, 2022 - 06:51PM


For me there is nothing sexier than a guy (I’m about to sleep with) wearing button fly jeans and no boxers. Yum 😋 I very much doubt that gets all womens pulses racing though!

I will dress up for a guy if I’m reeeeally into him. Otherwise I keep it simple, sexy and stylish 😇 I really don’t like the overly sexy frilly stuff.

 1 member likes this comment.

Marlen - 22 Dec, 2022 - 06:28PM

We should all be careful with mental health issues and 'care' for our partners, but not to any self detriment. Fragile personalities can be a warning sign. When I was dating, in my 20s, I ended a relationship that wasn't working and she attempted suicide. Luckily, she was found in time, but trust me, you do not want to go there. I wasn't the villan of the piece either. That experience taught me a lot.

Marlen - 22 Dec, 2022 - 06:20PM

TBH...i'm not insisting women should wear stockings and suspenders...each to their own.
I've been lucky enough to have had partners that never wore, but subsequently did and enjoyed it. It's a case of live and let live imo.
On the male underwear front there isn't the choices as for ladies?....I' been asked to wear skinny jeans and obliged, but never asked to wear a particular style of underwear....if you know the type that sets female pulses racing..let us guys know!

Handyman42 - 22 Dec, 2022 - 04:48PM


Paula99 - 22 Dec, 2022 - 03:02PM

My my… how things have changed ?

NPD was basically described as Narcissistic
MPD is now called Dissociative Personality Disorder..

Ironically aren’t we all a little on the spectrum?

 1 member likes this comment.

1568156 - 22 Dec, 2022 - 12:59PM


Narcissistic personality disorder.

TheBoredHousewife - 22 Dec, 2022 - 08:34AM

Marlen - 21 Dec, 2022 - 08:51PM

FluffyC is a fashionista who I’m sure, like many other women on IE, knows a thing or two about pretty lingerie and looking good for herself and her man 😊

Male undergarments…..what is in fashion these days, I wonder, that will make the female heart go boom? 🤔🤔

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1533992 - 22 Dec, 2022 - 12:25AM


Give us a clue?

1568156 - 21 Dec, 2022 - 10:30PM

LB 03.26 pm

Definitely not NPD here, in fact totally opposite with low self esteem.

Paula99 - 21 Dec, 2022 - 09:58PM


Lingerie is nice yes … but stockings as sussies.🙄

 3 members like this comment.

Marlen - 21 Dec, 2022 - 08:51PM

Fluffy C and other ladies...
As a fan of ladies who wear pretty lingerie, don't diss stockings and suspenders....if you've found them uncomfortable, etc. It could be a fit issue.
I happen to view stockings and suspenders on a lady as pillars of fun supporting the crowning glory. They look fabulous on ladies of all ages..
Sorry, digressing from the topic...

Les Bean - 21 Dec, 2022 - 03:26PM

Warwicks Reality.... horribly familiar. I inadvertently hooked into a rather unpleasant & undiagnosed NPD sufferer. The kids recognised the true nature of the problem before me. The dilemma about when and if to jump remains.

1568156 - 21 Dec, 2022 - 01:48PM

A partner with mental health issues, not enough to be classed as seriously ill but enough for that partner to suffer regular migraines, depression and to go missing. Said partner also suffers with anxiety and self awareness problems, and so we have stayed together to provide stability for our teenagers. But under the circumstances the marriage and sex life is desert like in conditions (no rain for almost 6 years). This is why I am here.

 2 members like this comment.

TheBoredHousewife - 21 Dec, 2022 - 01:34PM

Saraband / FluffyC / DottyG

So many reasons to be here. Some are truly heartwrenching. I thought long and hard before I embarked on this journey. But it was either lose my sanity or escape into a bubble once in a while with someone who understood. I haven’t regretted a single second.

I can’t be asked with cumbersome lingerie either. There is far sexier stuff out there

Dotty Green - 21 Dec, 2022 - 08:14AM

FluffyClouds - 20 Dec, 2022 - 07:51PM

Awww lovely respond Fluffy

Saraband yes sometimes we all need a break from real life … I feel very selfish at times … but I know I’d go nuts if I didn’t have my secret escape …..

FluffyClouds - 20 Dec, 2022 - 07:51PM

Saraband -

You're not on your own with your reason for being on here, the reasons are often varied and in some cases quite emotionally sad.

saraband - 20 Dec, 2022 - 05:39PM

Reading these posts I’m wondering if I’m alone being here because my wife is unwell and I’ve recognised that I need a break. I know this is darkening the generally flirtatious tone here but surely a bit of real life has to creep in every now and then?

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FluffyClouds - 20 Dec, 2022 - 02:41PM


I agree with you on dressing up. Whilst I like nice lingerie, I'm not into the garters and suspenders, I think they look dated. But it seems men mention them a lot and when they mention them, expect you to wear them. I won't dress how a man wants me to dress, I'll dress how I want to dress, what I feel good and sexy in.

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Marlen - 20 Dec, 2022 - 02:21PM

I must be dumb, but I would have thought the answers are obvious. From my perspective, seeking that which is missing few relationships are perfect. It's like don't throw the baby out with the bath water. You don't want to ruin something that is good, just because something is lacking. If you ignore the religious aspects, associated with cheating, if you make sure the OH doesn't get hurt, then be honest in what you seek. We're all different, but the same. The biggest clue is in the sites title.......I didn't join to chat!

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1483842 - 19 Dec, 2022 - 11:14PM

I was single when I joined IE 17 years ago. I didn't want the complications or entanglements, I still don't now. My reasons are the same. It's emotionally too risky to use a single person for sex....easy tigers....that is what we are doing no matter how you dress it up...or, for whatever void we are filling. Mutual using, acceptable using.
This is the safest way to protect my husband.

TheBoredHousewife - 17 Dec, 2022 - 06:25PM

Paula99 - 17 Dec, 2022 - 05:23PM

One bored pussy…..…I mean, kitten 🙊😉😆

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Paula99 - 17 Dec, 2022 - 05:23PM


I love your kitten picture… so cute

TheBoredHousewife - 17 Dec, 2022 - 04:58PM

wijjika1 - 17 Dec, 2022 - 01:10AM

All that you desire needs to develop organically, over a period of time. And of course it can and does happen - I think most, if not all of those who have replied you, have had the experience. For the woman to want to dress up for you, all I can say is, don’t demand it, just let her surprise you as the relationship matures. But she needs to feel you are worth dressing up for and joining in your kinks too 😉

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Conradd - 17 Dec, 2022 - 04:58PM

I wish we were all at a party tonight

 2 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 17 Dec, 2022 - 04:41PM



Hedone - 17 Dec, 2022 - 04:33PM

Oh spoilsport P99
A bit of hair pulling and bum slapping, I’m game if you are 😁

Paula99 - 17 Dec, 2022 - 03:49PM

I don’t mind having hands up in my hair ..makes me shiver nicely … but I ain’t having my hair pulled 😖

 3 members like this comment.

Hedone - 17 Dec, 2022 - 03:33PM

Anyone else feeling like a gooseberry 🤔😏

 1 member likes this comment.

Beckysharp - 17 Dec, 2022 - 03:29PM

Weird fact. I actually loooove having my hair brushed. Makes me tingle

Definitely not looking to be locked in any cupboards though lol. And I’m (hopefully) off the market even if I was!

 1 member likes this comment.

Conradd - 17 Dec, 2022 - 03:04PM


Yea if I’m in cherrishing mode your punishment would consist of 10 minutes of my brushing your girly hair instead of 15

Take that!

Paula99 - 17 Dec, 2022 - 02:56PM

Conradd …

We all know you’re a bit of a softy really 💋.. even with your kinks 😂

 2 members like this comment.

Conradd - 17 Dec, 2022 - 02:41PM


Thats a very rude comment, if you were my daughter you’d be locked in your bedroom while I decided on punishment 😂😂

Beckysharp - 17 Dec, 2022 - 02:29PM

a profoundly enmeshed and shared natural journey.

@Conradd you sound live you’ve been on the mulled wine 😂

(Teasing I know what you mean, kind of)

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Conradd - 17 Dec, 2022 - 01:52PM


I agree, no spark, no nothing, just barren mechanical sex.

I wouldn’t look for a woman to fulfil my sexual order, I’d want it to be a profoundly enmeshed and shared natural journey.

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Hedone - 17 Dec, 2022 - 01:42PM


Oh how you made me laugh.

Seriously, do you know what website you’re on? How do you expect to do all those things when you’re married, surely you need some discretion here and there.
Don’t tell me you’re an affair virgin? If you are, then this rests my case about virgins!

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Paula99 - 17 Dec, 2022 - 01:35PM


It will be extremely difficult to find a married/partnership relationship with the let’s say list of arrangements that you want to achieve ..you can ask most women on here but they will all tell you what you want is nigh on impossible…. You would be better off looking for someone who is single/separated and also you are looking for a niche area aka the kinks and the dressing up ….you need to take a look at your wife and then you will understand why most attached women haven’t got the time or the bandwidth to exercise your requirements ..

You are on the wrong website!!😕

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Beckysharp - 17 Dec, 2022 - 12:05PM

Also depending on what your kink is, the sexual chemistry has to be pretty electric often for a woman to want to ‘fulfil’ that for you

 2 members like this comment.

Beckysharp - 17 Dec, 2022 - 11:58AM


Without wanting to sound unkind, I think you’ve alienated your target market with your post/what you’re looking for!!

I think in general most women are looking for a spark. A lot of men are too, but i do think some men are similar to you- they want a stable discreet friend with benefits and prioritise stability over spark. They just don’t admit it 😉

Women can get casual sex with no spark incredibly easily. To be looking for an affair it means we want ALL the sparks and flutters too.

Obviously I may be completely wrong and I do hope you find what you’re looking for 😊

 3 members like this comment.

Conradd - 17 Dec, 2022 - 11:05AM


Yea I love woman who wants to dress-up and look good, quite a few women don’t want that in my experience but it really can add to the theatre. Having said this, it dorshave to mean stockings and sussies of course.

I have a Daddy / Daughter kink which isn’t top of the pops when it comes to womens preferences 😂😂😂

My inner Monster is boiling with erotic juices, ‘normal’ sex n fantasy lacks taboo n danger

PS this doesn’t mean I am attracted to little gals n the real world

 2 members like this comment.

wijjika1 - 17 Dec, 2022 - 01:10AM

I tend to avoid anyone who uses the word spark in their profile. I just absolutely guarantee if you are looking for spark I won’t be what you want 🤣👍

My life is fairly stable, I’ve got things in order, am reliable and in a good spot in life. Hoping for someone similar

What I’m looking for is someone to go on dates with, go for dinner, theatre, cinema, bowling, horse riding whatever we are Both into - more like a friend I can sleep with and get to know or trust

honesty, stability, and perhaps one woman to romance! Not looking to mess up my own setup or anyone elses

Also any lady who enjoys dressing up is ticking huge boxes for me! I am definitely a legs not boobs guy - have some unfulfilled kinks and wants in my life too which I cannot get fulfilled at home - someone willing to fill them in quite literally willing to fly to the moon for! X

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Where'smySpark - 16 Dec, 2022 - 11:57PM

My IE profile name probably explains why I am here. I felt like the fire in my relationship had gone out. It wasn't through lack of trying but it reached a stage where I needed to find that spark again. The added secrecy of the whole thing adds a thrill and excitement which a monotonous relationship cannot bring.

Lisa17 - 16 Dec, 2022 - 05:56PM

Boredom with the partner

newtothis2023 - 16 Dec, 2022 - 12:10PM

my reason for joining is i missed being touched and having a laugh

Hedone - 15 Dec, 2022 - 07:40PM


ERM, you’re doing just that! 🤡😁

 2 members like this comment.

1530515 - 15 Dec, 2022 - 07:39PM

Haha no worries; she shared her opinion and I respect that.. I wasn’t specifically talking about this forum tho.
Anyway have fun guys

Paula99 - 15 Dec, 2022 - 07:29PM

Passion and Excitement…

You asked for that one 🙄

 2 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 15 Dec, 2022 - 07:14PM

P&E - 07:01PM

I don't see any "single/separated/divorced" people judging anyone here ... in fact *you* have just judged them!!! 🙄

You yourself say "everyone has their own reasons" so practice what you preach sweetie! 🤷🏻‍♀️

 3 members like this comment.

1530515 - 15 Dec, 2022 - 07:01PM

The name of the website is illicit encounters
That’s why we are here, because we are one of them.
It’s a married-dating website.. if you have high moral grounds, you shouldn’t be here anyway.

Single/separated/divorced people are judging us being in a website where we think we will find out other illicit half and giving us ideas such like be loyal, fix your marriage etc IMO you shouldn’t be here anyway, you should jjoin tinder..

Everyone has their own reasons.. maybe stuck in a marriage where he /she can’t find any exit and he/she wants to feel alive, wanted again. Maybe he/she likes forbidden love.. whatever the reason is ; no one has any right to judge others from their high towers..

 6 members like this comment.

Smartypants65 - 15 Dec, 2022 - 06:09PM

I’d like it all. That buzz of a first or second date and the thrill of the secrecy without losing the commitment or security of the marriage. I don’t think any one person can complete me and as long as both parties know exactly what they are getting into and respect the rules, it’s just making the most of life.

kinkychap - 15 Dec, 2022 - 05:41PM


Something new, exciting, illicit, sexy, secret.

It all comes back to dopamine.

 1 member likes this comment.

Gazza44 - 15 Dec, 2022 - 05:08PM

To find someone to have fun with

sx200t - 15 Dec, 2022 - 03:25PM

To find a companion to have a steamy extra marital affair with, without any complications and taking care of each others desires, needs etc. Like most my marriage has lost its intimacy, plenty of love available. Seeking one lady that is on the same level as me. Thats why I joined.

 1 member likes this comment.

leggysheila - 15 Dec, 2022 - 01:52PM

Just have some fun no real reason to form a relationship XXX

BraGirl - 15 Dec, 2022 - 08:25AM

I joined to find a compatible lover. It is as simple as that.
Like having a plate of food at any eatery i.e broccoli or roasted potatoes, the preparation, presentation/over look etc matter both ways...

1533992 - 14 Dec, 2022 - 10:52PM

Im with Groucho Marx......I'd never consider joining a club that would have me as a member......

Rufus black balled

Hornyguy88 - 14 Dec, 2022 - 10:38PM

I’m just looking for some excitement. Nothing serious just really good fun xx

Conradd - 14 Dec, 2022 - 05:48PM

Sharp Becky

Yes it is a little bit of a red flag if a female profile describes herself as invisible and abandoned sexually by her husband/ partner.

On the other hand I suspect quite a proportion of us on here dismiss a prospect who in real life if we met at say a party, we would hit it off with and feel internally charged by.
When you’re surrounded by electronic cakes you think you want a digital kebab

 2 members like this comment.

gezzer07 - 14 Dec, 2022 - 04:56PM

My honest reason for joining IE was to find some one in the same situation who was looking for similar ,Theproblem i find is that the people interested live at the other end of the country.

 1 member likes this comment.

Beckysharp - 14 Dec, 2022 - 08:52AM


I find what a guy says about his sex life on his profile very revealing

A lot start with the fact they are in a sexless marriage. I personally find this off putting (probably unfairly) as it gives impression they are not good lovers. And are just looking for any willing woman…

The men who have good sex lives… ime are either after a LOT of variety or have a kink they want fulfilled

The best profiles are the ones who say they are looking for excitement etc. but then I’m very judgy 😂

 2 members like this comment.

WhipperBoy - 13 Dec, 2022 - 11:41PM

To rediscover a life with some passion and excitement and to find something real. Many of the amazing women on here are very open about what they’re looking for, so much more engaging than so called dating sites,where everyone seems to have the same profile.. Escaping a marriage isn’t a reason in itself, but it can help you decide your life is for you too.

Conradd - 13 Dec, 2022 - 06:45PM

I wouldn’t stay in a marriage I found boring especially now kids are adults

Fix your marriage guys, both get very fit, have date nights etc.

I did sleep around in my 20’s and personally found that fairly dull

Without an intimate connection its just robotic sex for me

I seek something additional not a surrogate. If your wife doesn’t want to tear your clothes off, will another woman want to?

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1569924 - 13 Dec, 2022 - 06:17PM

For friendship and intimacy that is missing

1480089 - 13 Dec, 2022 - 05:43PM

To feel alive again life’s far too short to be honest for me I just want the passion and excitement meeting someone and having the time of our lives together until next time and then next time…. Not met anyone as yet but really looking forward to meeting someone who I can connect with and meet and have some amazing time with each other! Shineon21

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Paula99 - 13 Dec, 2022 - 05:23PM

It never ceases to amaze me why guys seem to have no affection/intimacy at home … Instead of trying to discover what is going on in their marriage .. they use the bordem excuse ..do they not think we have career and we have spent time bringing up their children.. keeping the home.. while they spend long hours at work….obviously we never get tired and we can ‘turn it on’ whenever they want..

Spanish lover…yes I am on the other side of what you describe and getting frustrated and bored dosent cut it with me.. 😕

 3 members like this comment.

1382700 - 13 Dec, 2022 - 05:09PM

I joined because I thought it was a dating site

1562002 - 13 Dec, 2022 - 03:14PM

I am bored and frustrated at home, not just the seldom low-quality sex, but the affection, the good company, the laughs... I sometimes spend long hours at work just to find a reason not to be at home.

 2 members like this comment.

Jax101 - 13 Dec, 2022 - 02:35PM

I'm searching for more in my life & have realised I can not find it in my marriage anymore. It turned out my marriage was one of convenience & nothing to do with love. Took me a while to realise I was just a pawn in a bigger game & struggling to know what to I do next.

One thing I do know, is I need that feeling of spark back in my life.

 1 member likes this comment.

Localgent - 13 Dec, 2022 - 02:15PM

Why did I join? Well there I was trying to order 12 bottles of red from majestic and my finger slipped! A few times.

 2 members like this comment.

Peter0211 - 13 Dec, 2022 - 01:03PM

Most definitely for an extra marital affair. Whilst it wouldn’t be my first, it would be my first for a long time. And I miss the joy and excitement it brings,

1566133 - 13 Dec, 2022 - 12:07PM

Escapism..simply escape from the every day pressures of the world we live in and the headaches from the relationship I’m currently in and can’t walk away due to kids.
Intimacy is important across all levels and not just sex

The midlands is where I live if someone can help fill this void

 3 members like this comment.

redbottle - 13 Dec, 2022 - 11:35AM

I joined after reading article in a news paper. Wanted to see what was going on here.

Marcellus1974 - 13 Dec, 2022 - 09:16AM

Have a reasonable home life but lacking the intimacy and freshness of a new relationship after being in a long term marriage. My wife does suffer health wise but she is becoming old before her time & I still feel as if I have much living still to do! I’ve only had two serious/sexual relationships in my whole life & I’m now 48 !! I didn’t sleep around in my 20’s & feel as if I want to experience different things now. Sorry if this sounds selfish & shallow but I’m not getting any & want some!!!

 1 member likes this comment.

TheBoredHousewife - 10 Dec, 2022 - 06:31AM

Nelson826 - 09 Dec, 2022 - 09:15PM

Interacting with people on the Flirt Forum is free, and it’s a nice way to get a feel of things before you decide what you want to do.

 1 member likes this comment.

wirewolf - 09 Dec, 2022 - 10:16PM

Lonely and not out of the game feel like I have so much to offer

 2 members like this comment.

Dotty Green - 09 Dec, 2022 - 09:25PM

Nelson826 - 09 Dec, 2022 - 09:15PM

By committing do you mean paying ? If you want to take the chance and be able to message and converse with others then you’ll need to be a member.

Is is always successful… not always but you’ll never know unless you take the chance

 1 member likes this comment.

Nelson826 - 09 Dec, 2022 - 09:15PM

I'm in 2 minds whether to fully commit to this site, been on normal dating sites with no luck other than bots or keyboard warriors after money for this and that. I want to be able to have fun while i still can and not live to regret not doing it

 2 members like this comment.

Soulman68 - 22 Nov, 2022 - 03:44PM

Boredom, frustration, higher sex drive than partner, desire for that excitement again. Fresh conversation. First meet, first kiss, first time making love with someone finding out their likes/needs. Finding out what you may or may not be missing.

 5 members like this comment.

aka_Pete - 17 Nov, 2022 - 01:42PM

What I'm really missing at home is the touch, the buildup, the giving pleasure (which I love to do). Want to get some mutual excitement back in my life, especially as I've just moved half way across the country.

 3 members like this comment.

1558991 - 15 Nov, 2022 - 10:32PM

Female point view on why I'm here long time married hubby not interested s*x here find excitement fun excitement back into my life one amazing guy

 1 member likes this comment.

1553309 - 15 Nov, 2022 - 10:08PM

I crave the buzz. It’s the thrill of the chase rather than the capture that I enjoy. I’m looking for someone with whom I can experience the joys of a new relationship without the baggage of looking for a life partner.

I just wanna have some fun before we all die in a stupid nuclear war or climate apocalypse.

 3 members like this comment.

niallwal - 15 Nov, 2022 - 09:18PM

Different libido levels and frustrations about unwillingness of partner to push the boundaries a bit...also awareness of time passing and the wanting to feel the thrill again before it's too late.

 1 member likes this comment.

1562676 - 11 Nov, 2022 - 05:10AM

I joined yesterday and been single now for 3 years. Have been on normal dating sites and failed miserably! So being single, you miss out on being with someone to experience the passion, the sex, the excitement. So I’m here to find that and if it develops into something more, then great.
I have been married previously and also used this site, so I’m aware of the advantages!

freshair200 - 08 Nov, 2022 - 11:14PM

Living with my long term partner, she needs to be in a relationship but there's little in it for me, especially sexually, but it would hurt far too many people in both families for us to split so here I am, looking for some contact and excitement outside our relationship.

1562162 - 08 Nov, 2022 - 08:50PM

Completely platonic relationship with husband but I have so many desires and feelings!

1559035 - 08 Nov, 2022 - 08:32PM

I joined last year in search of an emotional affair. I ended up having a 6+ month emotional/physical affair and ending my marriage!

1562190 - 08 Nov, 2022 - 07:27PM

Absolutely no intimacy at home. Totally frustrated

 1 member likes this comment.

1562002 - 08 Nov, 2022 - 11:16AM

Hi there,

I joined this morning. I have a very high libido and my wife a extremely low one. We are happy together, but I am very frustrated with having next to no action.

1560139 - 08 Nov, 2022 - 08:51AM

Have an okay marriage with no passion for over a decade, we’ve become friends more than anything else. Had an affair at work initiated by a wonderful woman stuck in a bad marriage. It brought out feelings that I thought were gone forever…. I don’t want to rip apart my wife and kids home life by leaving at an important time in their lives but would love to experience the desires and feelings that only a sensual connection can bring

 2 members like this comment.

1561790 - 07 Nov, 2022 - 11:00AM

I've been happily married for 16 years. I/we are looking to spice things up a bit. I've only ever been with one woman and we feel I could try something new.

 1 member likes this comment.

1560677 - 04 Nov, 2022 - 04:37PM

In a relationship where there’s no longer the intimacy and, as a very sexual person, that’s something I crave. I want those butterflies, that tingle and to feel the electricity when I touch woman I’m with - to be able to let go and lose any inhibitions and just give in ti pure, unadulterated passion

Buttyblls74 - 04 Nov, 2022 - 12:55PM

To find and enjoy same as me married and wanting more

Ssrah 2.1 - 02 Nov, 2022 - 10:32PM

I joined because I wanted to meet men with a view to having sex with them if we were compatible.

Jason3374 - 02 Nov, 2022 - 02:47PM

It’s got to be sex ?
You would pick a forever Partener on here unless you expected them to cheat on you!

1552177 - 31 Oct, 2022 - 10:34PM

Divorced 3 years. Blew up a dead marriage on this site… realised life has so much more to offer.

After a 2 year relationship that failed despite strong attraction and a great sex life, I can’t see me settling down again anytime soon. Single men my age have not provided a very good experience. Married men however are so much more respectful, thoughtful, sexy and glad to have some uncomplicated sex on offer. Not had a bad experience here yet.

 5 members like this comment.

Tonyb1975 - 31 Oct, 2022 - 05:43PM

I'm divorced nearly 3 years now. I'm not looking for a relationship (but wouldn't rule it out) but would like female company. Not just a friend with benefits but someone to take out occasionally. I'm not asking for a lot but it's very difficult to find

 1 member likes this comment.

Bobb20 - 30 Oct, 2022 - 09:42PM

TBH and RS

Well it would be if you were right, but you are both wrong!

So long.

TheBoredHousewife - 30 Oct, 2022 - 03:18PM


Bloody brilliant! 😂😂😂

Red Succubus - 30 Oct, 2022 - 08:51AM

Of course Bobb
Look forward to chatting to you next week!

Bobb20 - 29 Oct, 2022 - 08:19PM

RS and BeckySharp

😆 very funny :-)

I leave tomorrow. I was just giving a few days notice so you could all chip in with a parting gift!

I may be back next year, we’ll see. All of the current members of IE who are looking, may be hooked up by then, and there will be a whole a new group of people to charm (or to annoy)

So make the most of me for today and tomorrow, for I will only be a shell (profile) of myself after that!

Wishing you the best


 2 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 29 Oct, 2022 - 06:36PM


You might find that statement isn’t exactly true..plus your single and you might discover the clingy one could be you .😔

 2 members like this comment.

1558627 - 29 Oct, 2022 - 05:03PM

I'm single and I want married man because he will have no right whatsoever to be clingy and overpowering

1559753 - 29 Oct, 2022 - 02:26PM

Realised my relationship is doing me and her more harm than good. I am not being myself and this is the issue.

I want a woman who is fun and I want a woman who doesn't want a serious guy but just wants fun.

 1 member likes this comment.

Beckysharp - 29 Oct, 2022 - 01:55PM

Welcome back Bobb20!

 1 member likes this comment.

Red Succubus - 29 Oct, 2022 - 12:38PM

Blimey that was a quick sabbatical. Didn’t we have a leaving party for you the other day? 🤪

 1 member likes this comment.

Bobb20 - 28 Oct, 2022 - 12:42PM


Cheekier irl or on here.

My comments were referring to profiles of people that have such a high opinion of themselves, as to put others off (hence me keeping the barge pole handy).

Comparable example irl. I was out with some friends and had this conversation with a woman:
Her ‘ I could have any man I wanted’
Me ‘No you couldn’t’
Her ‘Why do you say that’
Me ‘You couldn’t have me, I don’t like you’

Now she was okay looking etc but defo not a person you would stop still in the street to look at. Just had a highly inflated ego which is very unflattering (her comments were not a chat up line btw, she was being serious)

 6 members like this comment.

mipaulac - 27 Oct, 2022 - 10:07PM

the old face to face methods still work but most peoples social circles get narrower with age and partners etc
Maybe you should try to be bold and cheekier and hey ho like the bus that never arrives when you want it .......three turn up at once :-)

Bobb20 - 27 Oct, 2022 - 08:56PM


Thank you. Take care of your good self :-)

 1 member likes this comment.

TheBoredHousewife - 27 Oct, 2022 - 08:14PM

Adieu to you. It has been a pleasure having you on the forum 😊

 2 members like this comment.

1558487 - 27 Oct, 2022 - 06:29PM

Joined for an illicit encounter other wise it'd be tinder or whatever else is available to download.

Guess we don't want to disrupt the home life/routine balance but have an extreme carnal desire to satisfy which is now non-existent or has fizzled over the years due to children commitments etc

 2 members like this comment.

1546412 - 27 Oct, 2022 - 03:33PM

I’d be very surprised if the most popular answer to this isn’t “unsatisfactory/nonexistent sex life within my own relationship”, or variations on that theme.

Paula99 - 27 Oct, 2022 - 03:09PM

Good luck
Bobb20 😁😁😁😽

 1 member likes this comment.

Eliza Boo - 27 Oct, 2022 - 02:34PM

Bobb20 😘😘 see you on the other side lovely!

 2 members like this comment.

Bobb20 - 27 Oct, 2022 - 02:26PM

The BoredHousewife


Conradd. Just as I have moved one way towards centre and you have moved from the other towards centre, we could be on the same page……but, my time is up (at month end), and I am leaving IE….so over to you to entertain.

To all IE members, it has been a pleasure the last few months, take care all, and if you are still looking for your ideal IE partner, I hope you enjoy your journey and destination, when you get there ;-)

I may be back ….we shall see (a summer beach meet still appeals to me).

Bye all.

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Dotty Green - 27 Oct, 2022 - 08:20AM

It’s nice to know some of you at least read profiles …..

People moan about not get responses (and in the past I’ve always tried to make an effort and reply sorry ..but no thanks and wish them well …. ) but I’ve got on my profile I’m not looking … still get messages - I have set up auto response but that only works when you’re Emerald and I’m not on everyday so lose Emerald status.

So now … if you say you’ve read my profile but still decide to message me.. it’s ignored.

Think I’ve realised I’ve got far to much on my plate to be making small talk with strangers that will never lead to anything - I enjoy dipping in and out of the forum and that my choice as to why I still have my profile

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Paula99 - 27 Oct, 2022 - 05:16AM

Gotta agree with Conradd. 😁

Paula99 - 27 Oct, 2022 - 05:13AM


Being bored bored bored isn’t the basis for having an affair. It shows a lack of understanding to which you are embarking. If you intend to go down the ‘hook up’ route then you need to ask yourself if this is really what you want to do. We all have different reasons for being here but doing this because you are ‘bored’ doesn’t really cut it.

The word was banned in my home when my children were around 12 so what does that tell you ?😊😊😊

 2 members like this comment.

TheBoredHousewife - 26 Oct, 2022 - 10:57PM


Careful you might become best buds 😉

I agree with Conradd too on this one, and I’m female!

 1 member likes this comment.

Bobb20 - 26 Oct, 2022 - 08:52PM


I think I must be ill. I’m sitting here agreeing with you!


 3 members like this comment.

Easyas123456 - 26 Oct, 2022 - 08:51PM

Why not, just up for some fun, no strings or pressure. Life has enough of that b.s

Conradd - 26 Oct, 2022 - 08:24PM

Maurice, it’s commonplace to read female profiles stating they are already overwhelmed with messages and can’t reply to many. On Twitter many females warn ‘I do not reply to DMs / no DMs please / men stop clogging my in box’.

I see plenty terse highly demanding rude profiles which imply such women have such a level of interest as to render them alluring despite such cold and plain nasty demanding personas. Shudder

It amuses me as in the rw there’s no way many decent attractive men would be around long for such people, life is way too short to endure conceited arrogance

Red Succubus - 26 Oct, 2022 - 07:20PM

I’m sorry, I am always vary of someone who says they’re bored! Are you just looking for someone to keep you entertained and relieve the boredom? I’d like to think my affair would form a better basis than that

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Luscious Lu - 26 Oct, 2022 - 06:56PM

I am bored, bored, bored. Need exciting sexual encounters with someone who needs the same as me. NSA, Discretion and attention inbetween meets. Other sites tended to get the online brigade with no intention of meeting. As this says it on the tin- Encounters- hoping the online only guys are far fewer...I will find out🤞

 2 members like this comment.

Sunder - 26 Oct, 2022 - 06:25PM

I'm here to make new friends who are lonely and can meet up. I love meeting new people and want to listen what a girl wants !!

1554941 - 26 Oct, 2022 - 06:22PM

I'm here to ideally meet a lady occasionally and enjoy good company without complications. I am certainly not here to be lead on by a load of text messages and no chance of any meeting! There is nothing more disappointing in life than being lead on ... to false promises.

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1553827 - 26 Oct, 2022 - 06:06PM

I look through profiles and lots are looking for the same as me i-e friendship company sex meets as and when but very few replies and none come to anything so why are we on here?

Bobb20 - 26 Oct, 2022 - 03:50PM

Just goes to show we all want very different things!!

The posts today are far from what I seek!

 2 members like this comment.

Red Succubus - 26 Oct, 2022 - 03:27PM

Each to their own princess 👍

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Countess J - 26 Oct, 2022 - 03:21PM

Red Succubus

I was sharing my own personal observation with regards to hygiene in married men. And yes you are correct ones status should not dictate whether one chooses to brush his teeth or clean his fingernails prior to showing up for a date but unfortunately it is indeed the case more oftentimes than I care to remember. This is precisely why I prefer and seek the company of naturally submissive men. Their goal in life is and will always be my happiness. Whatever Goddess wants...Goddess gets. My profile is very specific and I truly expect those who cannot live up to my standards will refrain from contacting me. It's quite simple. I don't pretend nor will I make concessions. I'm sure you understand more than anyone that when a Gemini makes up her mind there's no turning back! Ciao Bella.

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Red Succubus - 26 Oct, 2022 - 02:03PM

Countess J
Is that because most married men are under the thumb at home so like to continue it on in the bedroom?

No offence but most of the married men you’ve met are spotlessly clean? Surely men should be that regardless of whether they are married or not. I have come across some cleaner than others but I wouldn’t compartmentalise them.

I didn’t note the Gemini connection, we are certainly are a don’t mess me with me sign, however females can’t contact females in here.

Countess J - 26 Oct, 2022 - 01:57PM

Red Succubus

Like yourself my bullshit radar is primed and ready at all times. I was drawn to this site because of the positive experience my mate from university garnered after joining six years ago. Although it's submissive men I enjoy dating I do find those that are married tend to be more cultured, educated and for the most part they seem to take their submission quite seriously. Additionally most of the married men I've met are spot on in the hygiene department. Not sure why the concept of impeccable hygiene is such a difficult concept to grasp. Should you like to discuss further please do get in touch. I love chatting with a fellow Gemini!

 2 members like this comment.

Red Succubus - 26 Oct, 2022 - 01:32PM


Once one of you becomes separated or divorced the dynamics change….in my experience get out quick before you get dumped, because it will happen, why would a single who has just recently divorced want to meet a married man? Answers on a postcard please,,. If it was me I would be playing the field and not wanting to settle until I had a good amount of time playing the field, when that time comes it’s not going to be with a married man.

Red Succubus - 26 Oct, 2022 - 01:30PM

Countess J
I’ll send along the subs that have contacted me as you’re more up their street.
Just out of curiosity, why IE? Surely you’re better suited to sites more geared towards that some of thing…a few pop into my head

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steelbrace - 26 Oct, 2022 - 01:06PM

Joined years back for the same reason as most people ... needed an injection of fun,passion,excitement, mutual sexual satisfaction, a spark to a stale existence. The one slightly down side to connections made on IE is that inevitably come to an end sooner or later. In my experience this has been down to my IE deciding to go for something more solid/permanent than an IE relationship. One was a divorced Lady who after 2 years of getting 'the dirty water of her chest' wanted to settle down. That didn't include me because I had/have no intention of changing my status quo. The other was an IE that lasted over 10 years and has only recently ceased. Started out as both married, she then got divorced 9 years ago. Our IE suited us both we were truly compatible inside and outside of the bedroom. However she decided that after 10 years she needed a 'real relationship' going forward. Again it couldn't be with me for the reasons previously stated. Did it Hurt? Yes it really stung but although it was a longtime coming it.

Countess J - 26 Oct, 2022 - 01:02PM

A lot of these comments reference wives who've "gone off sex". Mind blowing amazing toe curling sex is difficult to give up or refuse. Just saying....

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53789 - 26 Oct, 2022 - 12:46PM

Plain and simple,since retiring my partner has decided she'd rather sit at home discussing politics and strictly come dancing.Me,I've climbed Snowden,danced in Ibiza,done road trips and generally loving life,am I bad person for wanting to do this with another woman???

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RosePetal0007 - 26 Oct, 2022 - 12:11PM

Needed a champion with out anything strings attached & no judgement, thrown out…

Countess J - 26 Oct, 2022 - 11:34AM

I joined IE at the insistence of a dear mate from university. Six years ago she met and is still with the most amazing man. One day we were discussing his painful decision to leave his wife and his passion for being in the company of beautiful naturally Dominant Women. I admit, I was terribly intrigued so I agreed to meet them both for dinner. The genuine chemistry I witnessed was all the encouragement I needed. Being a Female Dominant I find it a truly difficult task meeting men who crave what I offer. Having an open forum such as IE has given me hope. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking to change anyone's current situation. Meeting a man who is comfortable in his submission and who actually took the time to read My profile are more than enough reasons to pursue this adventure IE has afforded me.

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1536788 - 26 Oct, 2022 - 11:04AM

I ask myself this question pretty much every day.

I think it’s become like playing the lottery. My head tells me that I will never win but there’s always that voice at the back of my mind saying ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’.

IE is basically like that for me 😂

citygent68 - 26 Oct, 2022 - 10:54AM

Like many others I suppose. Relationship which is good in almost every other way has morphed sexually into one where passion has gone and sex when it occasionally happens is perfunctory and feels more like something my wife sees as a duty in order to keep me happy. And when I say sex, think intercourse with minimal foreplay. I just want to feel sexually desired again (now I do not) and experience that mutual pleasure of pleasing a lover and being pleased...

 1 member likes this comment.

Qpp755 - 26 Oct, 2022 - 10:53AM

Oh, simply because my wife has gone off sex and has no interest…..I’ve always been more highly sexed than her. She knows I’ll play, out of sight, out of mind. And I live the thrill of the chase

Pretty common story I guess!

Vinesy - 26 Oct, 2022 - 10:32AM

I'm currently single but have had an affair with a married lady before and loved it. It sexy exciting and thrilling. I would love to feel that again.

onlyone1480 - 26 Oct, 2022 - 10:32AM

I miss the spark and butterflies from a sexy, electrified relationship. So many are quick to criticise married men and women who seek fun elsewhere but I do believe it helps when everything else int he marriage is good.

NikOLo - 08 Oct, 2022 - 01:49PM

To have fewer regrets when I am too old to do much about them…

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Malestudentnurse - 06 Sep, 2022 - 03:52PM

Would like to feel that someone is interested in me.

Chadrian - 03 Sep, 2022 - 12:59PM

I joined primarily for sex and intimacy that was lacking in my life and yes I may be disabled but that does NOT preclude me from wanting a good sex life.
Having said all that, I'm not after ons's, more a long-term friend with benefits.

1543178 - 02 Sep, 2022 - 11:52AM

20+’year marriage that has been purely platonic for the last while. It’s like living with a relative rather than a lover

I miss flirting and the intimacy that comes with a sexual relationship, as well as sex that you are thinking about the following day 😉

 6 members like this comment.

ThickusDickus - 31 Aug, 2022 - 10:35PM

I want to be desired again

 1 member likes this comment.

Paula99 - 30 Aug, 2022 - 07:06PM


Perhaps you need to see a doctor....ohh hell you are one..😉

 2 members like this comment.

Jryan180389 - 30 Aug, 2022 - 04:14PM

I think I’m a sex addict. Constantly looking for sex with a different attractive person

 2 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 30 Aug, 2022 - 03:13PM

Is an affair the logical option?

Its not a solution!

🤔....not easy to live a double life..

 2 members like this comment.

1543178 - 30 Aug, 2022 - 10:25AM

20+ year marriage that is now purely platonic. It’s like living with a friend, where you live together but there are no sparks or intimacy. One of the things I miss, so an affair is the logical option to get it

Rambo22 - 26 Aug, 2022 - 10:47PM

I’m new here, still confused. Want to see if I can get any excitement to my sexless marriage. Life is too short, but I feel a bit naive, as I never had any affair, Any advise?!

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1272856 - 25 Aug, 2022 - 12:51PM

I come here when I find life has got dull, sexless and I want to add some excitement. I find if I can find the right person it’s mutually enriching and while I have my guilt feelings it does wonders for me and my partner to have a secret friendship that includes some delicious sex. It’s around three years since the last time I was here so I hope someone finds me interesting despite my ever advancing age!

 3 members like this comment.

thermoschilling69 - 21 Aug, 2022 - 09:00PM

I want excitement and feel something real with someone

EmnEm123 - 21 Aug, 2022 - 08:24PM


I didn't pick up on that phrase!😂

1540704 - 21 Aug, 2022 - 10:57AM


"do her in her own bed": you old romantic you; no wonder she wanted you to stay the night

EmnEm123 - 19 Aug, 2022 - 10:18PM


People are here for all sorts of reasons, stale long term relationships, widowed, separated/divorced/single, not looking to get into a serious relationship.

The woman you mention just sounds like she was trying to get one over on her husband.

That's like women on here entertaining the my wife is an absolute bitch brigade, no!

I understand a lot of reasons for being here but I would never go to a man's house/another woman's house.

Just because you're invited to do something doesn't mean you should.

This is a cheat site but a little common decency still applies.

 6 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 19 Aug, 2022 - 08:55PM


I has a similar thing with a guy ...his wife was in Poland with his children...he asked me to come over not the first time..but I declined ...🙂

 3 members like this comment.

Abid296 - 19 Aug, 2022 - 08:31PM

Regarding going into a woman's home. I don't see the big deal if the woman herself has invited me to do her in her own bed - which happened to me a few years back. My married lady, whose husband was somewhere in china at the time, was adamant about doing the deed in her conjugal bed. She had her reasons which I did not question. She even wanted me to spend the night but I chose not to. It goes without saying that she could trust me and I felt honoured to get that far with her.
So, don't rush into conclusions till it happens to you. It takes all sorts of people and all sorts of situations to make a world.

 3 members like this comment.

1541574 - 19 Aug, 2022 - 08:05PM

To feel truly alive again and just from comments and messages I already feel alive.. Its incredibly exciting and if nothing works out then I know that I have already had a lovely time chatting with people.

 3 members like this comment.

Dotty Green - 19 Aug, 2022 - 07:10PM

Ben4444 - 19 Aug, 2022 - 06:11PM

Good luck 😉

I know a couple of the ladies here are happily single so it can work well.

For me I much prefer seeing someone in the same position as me. My original IE was married - became single (nothing to do with me) I felt our relationship changed - we ended - took up again when he was totally single and divorced … and for me just not the same …

Ben4444 - 19 Aug, 2022 - 06:11PM

I just joined because I’m now a single male and not ready yet for all the games and agendas when using conventional sites so thought on a site like this I may find more interesting and less predictable encounters… hope makes sense ?

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1541445 - 18 Aug, 2022 - 11:04PM

I know what you mean Alfie. I'm treated with such contempt sometimes. I'm fed up of emotional starvation and don't see the point anymore with all the crap. Life is short. Just a sad Vixen again as usual. Don't mean to be though.

 3 members like this comment.

Alfie_New_Here - 18 Aug, 2022 - 10:06AM

I joined to find someone who would accept the affection I want to shower on them and who will actually be intimate with me. Someone who doesn’t act like my mere presence is an irritation. Ha!

 1 member likes this comment.

1541445 - 17 Aug, 2022 - 10:37PM

I guess I joined for some emotional kindness and to feel like I matter. Even kindness from strangers is better than no kindness after wasting nearly two decades on someone who shows me no emotional warmth. I will shut up now before I depress everyone and you all leave the chat room. Ignore me, just having a bad day.

 2 members like this comment.

1541445 - 17 Aug, 2022 - 10:04PM

I know exactly what you mean Bobb20. My partner hasn't shown any interest in me in that way for 18 years!!! In fact most of the time I feel like I'm living with a flat mate. The only things we do together are go food shopping and to health appointments together. We have had separate bedrooms for about 6 years now and I don't see a way back and not sure I even want it. Still it breaks my heart and I have no idea what went wrong and when or why. Why can't people who supposedly love each other be honest if they see things going horribly wrong rather than punishing their partner by emotional coldness? Surely all most people want is to love and be loved. Even breaking up would be kinder in the long run instead of starving someone of emotional kindness.

 2 members like this comment.

Bobb20 - 17 Aug, 2022 - 03:13PM

I’m sure I posted a comment on here the other day, but seems to have not made it into the thread, so will try again.
I’m new to this site in the last few weeks, and indeed to any site like this, so a totally new experience for me.
Back reading through postings, I now realise I am not the only one, I am not unique in my situation and feelings!
I was/am indeed still am, to a degree, torn. Can a home relationship be maintained without intimacy? It is sad :( To feel awkward brushing past your partner, as you would a stranger, rather than to tender touch; gently on the shoulders or waist for example. It feels lonely to miss out on those, as well as the obvious.
Weeks, turn into months and in many respects you want many things to stay the same, but a massive jigsaw piece is missing, and however much you try to ignore it or cover it up, it remains. Some jigsaw pieces are more important than others, and intimacy does not necessarily break the jigsaw, but it feels sad not to have that piece.

 2 members like this comment.

1541445 - 17 Aug, 2022 - 02:03PM

To feel alive after 18 years of neglect by my partner. Even kind words make me happy as not used to affection. I sound like a sad case but I'm not really.

 3 members like this comment.

Wargrave - 16 Aug, 2022 - 12:23PM

To get and give all the things lacking in everyday life - excitement, danger, being alive and having a fire. And a secret. Sometimes, secrecy brings a whole new level to being alive

Solo266 - 16 Aug, 2022 - 11:47AM


I'm the same. I need a bit of excitement and to feel desired.

Would love to chat sometime x
Look me up

angel_1982 - 15 Aug, 2022 - 11:14PM

Honestly? I just want some attention and to feel attractive and wanted

 4 members like this comment.

EmnEm123 - 15 Aug, 2022 - 08:17PM


That's absolutely fair enough.

Hope you find what you want!

Marty5555 - 14 Aug, 2022 - 12:02PM

I am brand new ....my reason is simple my other half is disinterested in physicality.

I am looking for pleasure.

Dotty Green - 12 Aug, 2022 - 09:16PM

EE - P99 … not in a million years would I go to another woman’s house … how could you relax … Your home is your own world - yes I know it sounds o so moral - but hey I have some ..

As I said below … it the fun and decadence of a hotel room … an escape - a private secret escape

 3 members like this comment.

EmnEm123 - 12 Aug, 2022 - 04:23PM


Absolutely, I know being on here isn't exactly ideal but a woman's house, bed?

That's beyond the pale.

Same can be said for men.

 3 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 12 Aug, 2022 - 03:16PM

You never go into another woman's house..even if she isn't there....


 4 members like this comment.

Dotty Green - 12 Aug, 2022 - 09:00AM

EE and EO - Obv my own home is not an option - but I totally agree - the whole idea of this is an escape...... A decadent afternoon or evening in a hotel room, freshly made bed, fluffy robes, great sex, chatting, eating and drinking - then close the door and get back to real life.

I def agree with EO about neutral and safe ground for both too in a hotel.

 4 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 11 Aug, 2022 - 06:10PM

EE123 - 04:16PM

Plus a hotel is also neutral ground and safe for both parties.

 4 members like this comment.

EmnEm123 - 11 Aug, 2022 - 04:16PM


I've had that before myself, the 'can you host'? 🤮 What a horrible phrase.

No, if I wanted that I'd get a boyfriend.

That's not the point of this site, where is the escapism when you're stuck in your own home?

 1 member likes this comment.

Soldier290 - 10 Aug, 2022 - 11:45PM

Due to a loss of libido and the inability to even try to regain it my wife suggeted I look elsewhere as long as I was discrete

 3 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 10 Aug, 2022 - 11:24PM

EE123 - 09:36PM

Told him what an insulting comment that was and ended the exchange.

Oh yes ... tight wads ... thinks they can save money by not paying for a hotel room because I'm single so my home will be available! 🙄

 6 members like this comment.

EmnEm123 - 10 Aug, 2022 - 09:36PM


A freeloader/gold digger for suggesting a drink or a meal?

FFS right enough.

I hope you were direct enough to call him a tight wad?

You'd be a really bad gold digger if that's all you were going for.

ExoticOrchid - 10 Aug, 2022 - 08:58PM

DG - 08:38PM

Exactly ... I'm the same and thankfully, those who know me are very aware who/what I really am ... 😇

 1 member likes this comment.

Dotty Green - 10 Aug, 2022 - 08:38PM

EO - that’s ridiculous!

I work hard and can buy my own and dinner and drinks … I have found on most dates the guy is happy to pay I’ll always offer …

I have also found most of the guys I have met earn more than me and in my experience they have been happy to treat - I never expect and I’ll offer - and make up go it in other ways - it’s always a two way street

 3 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 10 Aug, 2022 - 08:03PM

There is Direct and there is downright obnoxious...😖

 2 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 10 Aug, 2022 - 07:51PM

P99 - 07:40PM

He said he likes to be "direct" and that he's a "plain speaker" ... good excuse for being rude and insulting!

 2 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 10 Aug, 2022 - 07:40PM

EO....you're far from that...😊

He might have a fetish about those kinds of women...like the ones that wear nappies and get breastfed....😵‍💫

 1 member likes this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 10 Aug, 2022 - 07:32PM

Ladies ... agree about the social aspect with an IE ... having a drink, a meal, chatting ... someone asked me if I'm a freeloader/gold digger ... FFS!!!

 2 members like this comment.

Dotty Green - 10 Aug, 2022 - 07:03PM

BH well said !! Exactly that

 1 member likes this comment.

TheBoredHousewife - 10 Aug, 2022 - 05:03PM

Well I don’t know. As superhuman as I am, maxing out the Dayuse is hungry business. Gotta fuel up somewhere! And it’s nice to bond and talk about stuff other than sex too don’t you think? How else can an IE partnership go the distance? IE for me has its primary purpose, but I also greatly value friendship, and will count a couple of guys whom I’ve never met but get along well with as chatbuddies, which is really lovely as well.

 6 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 10 Aug, 2022 - 04:26PM

I think we frightened off...johnsmithson...😉

 2 members like this comment.

Dotty Green - 10 Aug, 2022 - 03:58PM

Wow 3rdAge - I am not sure what to say, seems if you are that unhappy was it really worth it staying for the children .........

Anyway onwards and upwards and I hope you get some of the happiness you desire

3rdAge - 10 Aug, 2022 - 02:55PM

In my case - complete detachment from my very long standing partner! Spent many years and I’m sure she has of unhappiness and feeling trapped but never really wanted divorce simply for the children - never wanted another man being referred to as dad or anything near it - well youngest is in her 50’s now and feel it’s time for some me time with no regrets!!

 2 members like this comment.

Dotty Green - 10 Aug, 2022 - 10:16AM

Sorry I missed the R off my LoveR (Not my love!!!! ) in my earlier comment (please don't read that I call my IE my Love .......

 1 member likes this comment.

Dotty Green - 10 Aug, 2022 - 09:48AM


Yes I think you are correct.

For me if I just want a bunk up NSA sex - I can get that - what I want is just this little escape, a decadent afternoon, nice hotel, great company along with great sex - just some secret me time, for me to forget what is going on out in the real world - yeah it is prob really selfish but I just want my love and I to enjoy this time and then once it is over look forward to the next time. I don't expect daily messages or updates from my lover, I don't need him to fall in love with me or me with him, I don't want to run away into the sunset with him and I know it will be over - I do not want another marriage or home life - I just want some FUN and friendship for however long it will last ......... and yes women do actually LOVE and WANT and ENJOY sex! (o and note SECRET it is just between you and your IE)

 5 members like this comment.

FluffyClouds - 10 Aug, 2022 - 09:39AM

BH, DG, EE -

I think Johnsmithson can't understand why women might want something extra to sex, such as meals, drinks, nice surroundings and conversation. He's misinterpreting the reasons women want these aspects to an affair and seems to believe this correlates to also being indiscreet and wanting some kind of pseudo second marriage.

 3 members like this comment.

TheBoredHousewife - 10 Aug, 2022 - 02:13AM


I certainly do not want another man to cook and clean for!
I’m here for a bit of R&R me time, well away from home life, thank you very much!

 3 members like this comment.

Dotty Green - 09 Aug, 2022 - 09:21PM

Johnsmithson - 09 Aug, 2022 - 03:32PM

Erm who says that women are here to build another home life !! I’m certainly not - not sure where you get that idea from

EmnEm123 - 09 Aug, 2022 - 08:22PM


I fear you are missing the point of I.E.

The women are also requiring discretion, they also have home lives to consider.

I have never heard a woman saying on here that she wants to build a home life on top of the first.

No-one is looking to cook you dinner, wash your smalls or iron your shirts. Where are you getting that idea from?

It's not all about the men/you!

 3 members like this comment.

1539472 - 09 Aug, 2022 - 07:22PM

Just joined IE. My rationale is that my wife's illness killed off her desire for physical intimacy many years ago. I think I cannot be the only one in this position so hope I can find someone to brighten up my everyday life.

1539895 - 09 Aug, 2022 - 03:32PM

Hi I'm John, seeking women to take away the itch.
Curious to know why women want to start a relationship when the men want discretion. Isn't an affair meant to keep home life and sex life seperate, rather than build another home life on top of the first?

 1 member likes this comment.

Paula99 - 09 Aug, 2022 - 02:24PM

I think some guys are so wrapped up in their minds they forget that their wives have imagination too...


I wonder if your Mrs isn't thinking of someone else when she looks at you..maybe she likes variety too.....🤔

Secret Dom - 09 Aug, 2022 - 10:34AM

Escapism from everyday life.

Happyapillmore - 08 Aug, 2022 - 11:42PM

Adventure and the thrill of the chase

EmnEm123 - 07 Aug, 2022 - 03:50PM


Perhaps she feels the same about you, I hope so!

 3 members like this comment.

1539422 - 07 Aug, 2022 - 02:54PM

I love my wife and we have great sex. One thing she can’t be is someone else. I just love variety.

HotDad - 06 Aug, 2022 - 04:13PM

I have a very high sex drive which my partner can't satisfy. I also have several fantasies which I would like to play out.

 3 members like this comment.

spiralangel - 05 Aug, 2022 - 09:03PM

My profile says why.....I prefer relationships with men that are attached because I don't want the day to day hassles of life

 2 members like this comment.

Old Sapper - 05 Aug, 2022 - 07:25PM

Quite simply, sex. Like Browneyesblue, I've a wife who is totally unresponsive and disinterested in the physical side of our marriage.

Having said that, I've no problem with meeting someone to share a pot of tea and a sticky bun.

Vivienne 1972 - 05 Aug, 2022 - 04:38PM

I'm actually single but want some fun and feel like I can let out my sexual alter ego on here and find married men exciting. I also feel that I can not feel too self conscious about my body with people on here as opposed to a singles dating site. I obvs here for the sexual element and fun

Purple dreamer - 05 Aug, 2022 - 11:30AM

To find that missing something

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browneyesblu - 04 Aug, 2022 - 04:42PM

Fed up with touching and trying to be touched by my unresponsive wife .. not a new thing have tried everything suggested by experts but nothing changes. We all have something that is missing

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Tom_Traubert - 04 Aug, 2022 - 02:58PM

Well it's pretty basic sexual desire for me!! NGL
My partner and I just 'don't' anymore. She likes the herb garden, cold water swimming and paddle boarding. The lingerie and spikey heels have been retired.......

Tom x

EmnEm123 - 03 Aug, 2022 - 05:06PM


What you have described isn't a gold digger, it's a con artist, bit of a difference!

 4 members like this comment.

Maybelater - 02 Aug, 2022 - 11:15PM

Well........several spring to mind ......how about the "lady" and I use the term sparingly as they could have been anyone whom refused to meet in a bar for a drink as that gave all the wrong signals....but preferred that we met for a first date in a 5* hotel? The clincher being that for her own safety she wanted me to transfer the money to her so she could make the booking....

NB I would never arrange a first date in a hotel as that gives off all the wrong signals!!!

 3 members like this comment.

Mad World - 02 Aug, 2022 - 06:52PM


Go for it, I’ve come across a few already today, even Stevie Wonder in fairness can tell them a mile off.
It will raise a smile nonetheless I’m sure ..😂🕺

 2 members like this comment.

Maybelater - 02 Aug, 2022 - 06:49PM

Are we allowed to share our best (or worst depending on your view point) gold digger stories obviously without revealing names or other details.....

 3 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 02 Aug, 2022 - 05:14PM

Le grand fromage...

Not going to attempt a reply for that!!!

Bloody ludicrous....

ExoticOrchid - 02 Aug, 2022 - 05:04PM

LGF - 02:51PM

What a clever way to flush out the gold diggers! 👏

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Timtam - 02 Aug, 2022 - 03:53PM

Just felt the need to share my amazing personality with someone new,
another/different passionate sex life
different conversations friend

and mainly to have the excitement of reliable cheating.

Mad World - 02 Aug, 2022 - 02:51PM

I recently won the lottery & was looking to spread the winnings around.
After giving millions to charity and some put aside for a rainy day, this seemed the logical next step.
Every penny well spent so far

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Obeysaraah208 - 02 Aug, 2022 - 02:11PM

I joined because I am a single mistress, enjoy this life style and I practice what I preach everyday. I got into this dominant lifestyle in my college year when I started bulling boys back then, don't get scared, OK. I am self employed. I require a sissy slut for total commitment. A slave that would be my personal property and would only serve and obey my every command and his humiliation will be for my own pleasure.

Sassykay571 - 01 Aug, 2022 - 10:18PM

I joined as I like affairs and very much enjoyed being the other woman in a previous affair and looking for that again. Obviously it's a very taboo like to have so felt there would be no judgement here xx

 2 members like this comment.

Countess J - 01 Aug, 2022 - 04:48PM

Short of walking the streets with a placard that reads "Ebony Goddess seeks a submissive married or single male to worship her 6" stiletto boots", I'm not so sure how I would connect with men who share my proclivities and love for role play. Joining this site has afforded me the opportunity to meet some amazing gentlemen.

 3 members like this comment.

nortyUK1968 - 01 Aug, 2022 - 11:59AM

The sex spark has gone from my marriage and hence why here. Had an affair with a married women who met through work and want to re-experience.the feelings that gave

 1 member likes this comment.

Carl 47 - 01 Aug, 2022 - 10:48AM

I'm new to this and just wondering if its worth the money they are asking. Has anyone had any success on here before?

1538135 - 01 Aug, 2022 - 10:26AM

Some exciting and fun times with great sex,

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1533061 - 31 Jul, 2022 - 10:42PM

I am lonely. Not hard, really. Have friends, have a long and outwardly successful marriage, have an interesting job which I am good at and which is well rewarded, but am lonely. Raising the issue at home leads to no progress. I love sex and intimacy and miss it terribly.

1535082 - 31 Jul, 2022 - 09:56PM

I would never ever have done this before but I had an affair and it was amazing. I think I’m looking for something approaching that. Maybe unrealistic I know but that’s why I joined

 2 members like this comment.

RampantScotsman - 31 Jul, 2022 - 07:39PM

I miss the spark and excitement of flirtation and finding that chemistry of passionate attraction.

Easytiger68 - 31 Jul, 2022 - 07:21PM

Married and not looking to change status, but looking for the buzz of chatting to a like minded person for some discrete fun. Someone not ready to take the giant step of a full blown affair, for now at least. So many fantasies unfulfilled at the moment, so would love to find someone who feels the same

ElmerFudd - 31 Jul, 2022 - 05:55PM

While I love the woman I am with there is many things I miss doing in bed, that she is just not into. While I have tried to discuss things and make it better it is obvious things are not going to change.

I just want to meet someone who I can feel comfortable with so I can give her loads of pleasure in bed in some secret meetings. If you want oral, soft bondage and some gentle intimacy I am here. X

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Foryourpleasure - 31 Jul, 2022 - 02:44PM

I have been separated for 2 years, I cannot commit to a usual courtship at present. But I do miss the company and the feel of a woman. Am I wrong in doing this? I am just looking to fill a gap in someone's life and mine.

 2 members like this comment.

1537982 - 31 Jul, 2022 - 12:46PM

Married and comfortable but requiring the buzz of a chase and sexual chemistry from another like minded woman.

 1 member likes this comment.

Paula99 - 31 Jul, 2022 - 12:27PM


Your saying the same women are here...?...but you have been here before so we could say the same thing?

 2 members like this comment.

1536536 - 31 Jul, 2022 - 11:33AM

Hi.. Just like to ask does anybody meet up on here as I've been on here before and the same women are still on ?

Paula99 - 31 Jul, 2022 - 09:18AM


Domestic life isn't quite drudgery in some ways...it does have its good parts...my lifestyle has brought some happy family times and fantastic memories..my husband and I have lived separate lives for the most part because we had 2 kids and they came first ..we both worked and so our intimate life was put on the back burner...
We are great friends and we have come through tough battles but we have always pulled together....family life takes a toll on your marriage but it does make you stronger...
The intimate part unfortunately hasn't made the repair shop but we do what we have to do..😊

 5 members like this comment.

1535133 - 31 Jul, 2022 - 08:01AM

My hubby is never around

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1490598 - 31 Jul, 2022 - 07:47AM

Like a few others here I'm single but enjoy sex and company of women but have little patience with regular dating sites. This seems next best option. All the good bits non of the drudgery of domestic life.

PhatChloe - 31 Jul, 2022 - 12:24AM

I really miss being desired sexually

 2 members like this comment.

Black Star - 30 Jul, 2022 - 11:00PM

I am here to be naughty, I missed those days,…

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MatureWorcsBBW - 30 Jul, 2022 - 04:50PM

Ideally, someone I can meet regularly.

I'd prefer at his place but that would happen only if he's single, OR has access to a holiday home near to me.

I've got 6 grandchildren who live within walking distance so I'd love a nearby romantic bolthole.

This granny doesn't want any awkward questions from the family.

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Somniata - 30 Jul, 2022 - 12:47AM

Curiosity initially . The thrill of getting to 'date' again with someone who understands the score :)

 2 members like this comment.

1434493 - 29 Jul, 2022 - 04:17PM

I'm comfortably single, not looking for a relationship, but unwilling to remain celibate. Joining this site seemed more honest than other conventional dating sites.

 4 members like this comment.

1167895 - 29 Jul, 2022 - 04:05PM

I was divorced a year and wanted to meet someone that for nsa affair as commitment was an issue at the time! Sort of worked but moved on , get back on now and again even though I have someone now . It’s a thrill I suppose

2binxtc - 29 Jul, 2022 - 03:38PM

For the same reason you did Ann...

I had a quick gander at your profile, and you've specified that you're ideally looking for someone who has real skills going down on you - that's entirely fair enough! I'd throw my hat in the ring for that one... ;-)

It's tricky to find a guy that genuinely has the staying power to fuck for hours, and the patience and willingness to satisfy you orally (remembering that that is a two way street!), but they're out there.

I'm looking for someone that can satisfy me mentally, and sexually. Like you, I'm not finding it at home, and I crave it desperately....

 3 members like this comment.

FluffyClouds - 29 Jul, 2022 - 02:23PM

Mipaulac -

You surely jest?

'The vast majority of people specify a tighter older and younger age band or virtually none at all.'

Most of the men I see on here whatever their age have age brackets of 21- ***. Yes, most men put from age 21! 😂

You have to laugh at their optimism.

 4 members like this comment.

Awordsmith - 29 Jul, 2022 - 11:50AM

Because life is too short. I don’t want to live a little; I want to live a LOT! (And to feel that thrill again!)

 1 member likes this comment.

Londonladtw - 29 Jul, 2022 - 11:29AM

Hi All and Happy Friday,

Came here to look for something private and discreet on this site. There is no love and action since a while and here to see what this web has to offer. Just looking at the moment as not paid for premium yet.

Hoping to meet someone to spoil x

Ossian52 - 29 Jul, 2022 - 11:25AM

You only have one life, and when you get married, it doesn't stop you desiring other people. And, honestly, why should it? I am not interested in being a "bedroom athlete". I am interested in making connections: mental, emotional, physical and sexual.

 2 members like this comment.

Jcs150 - 29 Jul, 2022 - 11:04AM

I have joined IE because I wanted more out of life really, somebody different and new to talk to and have some lovely fun times together

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Peter0211 - 29 Jul, 2022 - 10:01AM


Peter0211 - 29 Jul, 2022 - 10:00AM

Being totally honest, to find a long term fried, lover and mistress,

EmnEm123 - 28 Jul, 2022 - 09:58PM

Ann Coats

Whatever age parameters you set is entirely your choice, if people choose to ignore that and get no reply that's their problem.

Of course you will be made out to be the one in the wrong, you will learn to laugh at that!

 1 member likes this comment.

1382700 - 28 Jul, 2022 - 09:50PM


Thank you

mipaulac - 28 Jul, 2022 - 09:06PM

Ann Coats
I've just looked at your profile your looking for men 5 to 25 years younger than you !!!! The vast majority of people specify a tighter older and younger age band or virtually none at all. There is also a tendency for people to knock off a few years so can easily get away with it some not.

Ann Coats - 28 Jul, 2022 - 08:25PM

Thank you ladies. I was beginning to think I was being a bit of a bitch.
I am assuming you all get messages as well from men who are miles away

Paula99 - 28 Jul, 2022 - 05:45PM

100.s of men....

Where ..lol

 2 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 28 Jul, 2022 - 05:43PM

FC - 05:27PM

Me too! 🤣

 1 member likes this comment.

FluffyClouds - 28 Jul, 2022 - 05:27PM

Ann Coats -

I see you've already included in your profile about not responding. Just stick to it. Did have a laugh about responding to messages from all the 'gorgeous' men. I needed a laugh today.

 2 members like this comment.

FluffyClouds - 28 Jul, 2022 - 05:19PM

Ann Coats -

You get a lot messaging at first when you're new, but it tails off to a manageable amount. There aren't hundreds of men on here, there might be 500, and that's for the whole UK. As for men out of your age parameters? I don't respond to them. If they ignore my age choices, I ignore them. Plus, I have mentioned in my profile that I won't respond if they don't respect my age parameters, right at the bottom.

 1 member likes this comment.

Ann Coats - 28 Jul, 2022 - 01:48PM

Help. I joined for some fun with men of a specific age (range) but keep getting older men messaging. I’m new and trying to be polite but it’s a bore. I read that some girls get 100s of messages. How do you cope if they all come from older men.

 1 member likes this comment.

Fleur7791 - 28 Jul, 2022 - 01:39PM

I’m always surprised by how lonely, you can feel, even though you are married. My husband doesn’t want to spend time with me, or touch me, maybe he is having an affair? But when asked if he wants to stay with me, says yes. I feel guilty about, being here, but I’m unhappy, and just want to feel wanted and desired.

 4 members like this comment.

1536947 - 28 Jul, 2022 - 07:51AM

Just trying to maximise life to be honest. Not looking to change home life just feel that there is something missing. Not here to whinge and complain about past decisions - just want to meet people who are positive and living their best life within their own set of circumstances.

Wantwetwill - 27 Jul, 2022 - 11:13PM

Partner on here already. F, so she scored quickly. Have had some chats, but many are clearly not real. Ho hum.

Alice39 - 27 Jul, 2022 - 10:21PM

We separated due to extended family interference but still have to live together for some important reasons. It is like you aren't here or there, stuck somewhere in between

1501506 - 26 Jul, 2022 - 09:55PM

My husband wasn’t into sex and failed to share that before I Do.

 1 member likes this comment.

haresh - 26 Jul, 2022 - 09:50PM

The reason I joined is my wife is just not interested anymore.
At 57 I am probably fitter than most 20 yr olds. If you keep fit then your body will keep producing high levels of testosterone and that's what regulates your sex drive.

I am just not ready to grow old. People give up on life, they put on weight and just drown in fat.
Drink to much, eat to much.
So many people are unhappy, they are just not fulfilled.
And like sheep they go to their graves

 4 members like this comment.

irishblueyes - 26 Jul, 2022 - 06:55PM

to meet someone who is sexually like minded.

 2 members like this comment.

1536947 - 26 Jul, 2022 - 02:12PM

Life is short and we only get one go at it.
I’m not here to whinge, judge or counsel - I’m here to meet exciting people who want to make the most of their lives by living outside of the conventional rules.

Come and say hi if you feel the same.

 2 members like this comment.

1536981 - 26 Jul, 2022 - 02:05PM

My wife has gotten to the point where she will do the absolute minimum of intimacy and love that she needs to do. She seems to hate the idea of me being closer to her. I haven't given her oral sex for years and that used to be my biggest turn on!

If I found someone who just wanted oral sex on here I'd be happy haha.

 2 members like this comment.

1536995 - 26 Jul, 2022 - 12:36PM

There is a theory that we aren't suppose to spend our lives with one individual, you know, the animal kingdom and all that, our function is to procreate, we are the same species and naturally attracted to our kind. I'm not sure I want the world to subscribe to this theory, but what do you think, do you agree ? I think that opposites do attract, the world is full of energy and we can't fight it, I can't help what I like and want to meet like minded individuals with a brave outlook on life and something to say for themselves.

 1 member likes this comment.

1532697 - 26 Jul, 2022 - 10:23AM

I guess from my point of view my mundane marriage is ok it’s neither horrendous or amazing. My wife and I get on ok no real huge arguments but it’s just like a brother sister relationship without the passion excitement and intimacy that we had 20 odd years ago.

I don’t want to leave it’s comfortable it’s safe it’s well ordinary, I don’t just want ordinary or mundane. I want passion and desire I want to be snogged like it’s really meant!! I want that physical connection and emotional connection I felt 20 years ago.

 6 members like this comment.

Fidges1 - 26 Jul, 2022 - 09:55AM

Feel like a spare part something missing been together for eVer and just want fun and eXcitment back not into ons lucking for a grear frIend in a similar

1536707 - 26 Jul, 2022 - 09:49AM

I’ve joined because between home life and work i feel like i’m slowly putting myself into a dull routine and i want some excitement and naughtiness in my life

1432599 - 26 Jul, 2022 - 06:49AM

I've had affairs before and, rightly or wrongly, in doing so my life got better and so did my relationships with everyone around me - so here I go again ....

Even just being on this site and knowing it is at least possible that I'll meet the right one for me has given me a boost.

 3 members like this comment.

Ski1066 - 25 Jul, 2022 - 07:48PM

I've joined because I've been on my own for too long through choice as a Single dad giving my time to my daughter. Now she is older I have the spare time to use for my own pleasure, I enjoy being on my own and so would find it very difficult to have a "normal relationship".
So I came here with the idea that I can meet someone, we enjoy each others company and we form a real connection and we both understand and accept the situation as it stands.

 1 member likes this comment.

Dotty Green - 25 Jul, 2022 - 09:34AM

EE and P99 - def agree with both of you. I do also feel he wants his relationship to work with his wife and as some of us know when you step down this path things change.

I have been with partner for a number of years the sex stopped and there is only so much you can do to reignite it before you think... why am I bothering. I enjoy sex, I am not looking to fall in love or find a new husband, I just want a few secret decedent hours with someone I like who turns me to have fun with, then get back to life. I must say it always puts me in a great mood so it is a win win for all around me ;) Affairs are not for everyone and some cannot cope with the guilt....

 2 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 25 Jul, 2022 - 07:47AM

Continued....pressed the wrong button lol.

This is the reason that the sex has haulted...he says he goes to the gym 6/7 days a week to keep himself looking good (for her)...
I don't think that is the answer ..there is more to this than meets the eye....
We all have our reasons for coming here but I can't work out why they are not pulling together in a young relationship....there must be a reason for the ceasing of the sexual part...???
I admire him for hanging in there and trying to repair his marriage....I think he needs marriage guidance and not the affair highway..

 3 members like this comment.

Paula99 - 25 Jul, 2022 - 07:38AM


I agree with what you say..😊

Hes in an eleven year relationship....he got married 1 year ago...but the sex stopped 5 years before that.....why did they get married?
I presume they have a child i could be wrong and that is the reason behind the

Youroldguy - 25 Jul, 2022 - 12:58AM

Married over 30 years, not a fully rewarding sex life. Last 7 years no physical connection, plenty of dramas though. I'm looking for a personalty match as well as a physical match. It's true to say that the mind is centre of all pleasure. It's where the endorphins get released. Never leave her wanting, make sure she is completely satisfied.

 2 members like this comment.

EmnEm123 - 24 Jul, 2022 - 10:06PM


Re Leeds2022

I see what you're saying but really what is the difference, yes he's in a short marriage but a long term relationship.

Should he plough on for the next twenty years before it being acceptable to look elsewhere? His wife obviously isn't interested in sex.

I know on this site it can get a little grubby at times but I'm sure most of us are aware that there is more to sex than the act itself. That includes people whom you're not in love with. You can lose yourself, even just for a little while, feel wanted, kiss the face off of someone!!!

Again there is more to it than just a shag, for most I think. I know that there are men (in the main) who could have a great sex life with their partners but would still be chasing a bit of strange.

Not most though, people are entitled to be happy and of course, we can't fight human nature.

 4 members like this comment.

Iamasmiler - 24 Jul, 2022 - 10:01PM

I joined because of the lack of intimacy. I've been with my partner for 20 plus years she got post natal depression after taking meds etc, her libido never came back or maybe she just fancy me anymore either way the intimacy is gone.

So that's the truth.

I know there are people on this platform who are having sex with their partner and they just want more that just isn't my scenario.

 2 members like this comment.

Andythedon2001 - 24 Jul, 2022 - 09:34PM

Hey all, for me joining to see whats out there - looking for a connection and some fun.

Paula99 - 24 Jul, 2022 - 09:21PM


Your in a young marriage ...I don't think having an affair will solve your marriage problems..it may make you feel good but remember there is no going back...

 1 member likes this comment.

EmnEm123 - 24 Jul, 2022 - 09:00PM

I'm on my own, I joined because I don't want to get into a full on relationship. Being with a married person, you know you're not going to be bombarded with texts/phone calls, where have you been, who with? That suits me.

I genuinely feel sad reading this thread for all the attached people who feel that they are missing out on intimacy and affection.

At least when you're on your own you kind of get used to it and of course there isn't the upset of feeling rejected.

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Leeds2022 - 24 Jul, 2022 - 08:45PM

It’s refreshing to hear everyone else in the same boat. I’m a 31 year old bloke, with my wife 11 years and married for just 1 year. But sex has been almost none existent for 5 years.

I love her and don’t want to hurt her. But I need a physical connection. I exercise 6-7 times a week and do everything I can to be physically attractive but it just doesn’t change.

I can’t bear the thought of a life without the physical connection sex brings.

 5 members like this comment.

1533807 - 24 Jul, 2022 - 07:04PM

Married a long time and life/love has gone stale. Need a romatic connection that may lead somewhere

mipaulac - 24 Jul, 2022 - 06:34PM


luv hearing you enjoyed it and looking for similar experiances xXx

Dotty Green - 24 Jul, 2022 - 06:06PM

No sex at home, won’t address the situation… so I want the escapism, to be made to feel wanted and attractive.

 5 members like this comment.

illicitknight - 24 Jul, 2022 - 03:43PM

Why join?? Because I seek that excitement of a new intimate relationship when you are first exploring each other. To touch and be touched. Exhilarating. Don't you think?

 1 member likes this comment.

voyeurezzi78 - 24 Jul, 2022 - 03:34PM

Was in a 19 year marriage and there is so much more to explore and try than missionary.

1534972 - 24 Jul, 2022 - 02:01PM

After years of trying to make my partner understand that intimacy and sex are as vital to me as oxygen is to breathing, and he not sharing the same sentiment, I decided the toll this took on my mental well-being at 34 years old was not good for me. I am adept in my role as a professional, mum, wife, and friend and I needed this for myself. I originally joined and used IE as a way to see if perhaps the reason my partner is not wasn’t ripping my clothes off every day and turning down my offers for daily sex was truly because I was undesirable by men. I found out, quickly, that wasn’t it.
The feeling of anticipatory excitement, those butterflies, knowing I’m secretly fulfilling my own needs without hurting my home life, feeling desired, desiring someone else, the feeling of wanting to both be devoured and devouring someone else in a very primal manner that’s lustful, sharing orgasms with another person rather than doing it alone with a toy, meeting someone to connect with, sharing, friendship. That’s

 13 members like this comment.

Enigma.. - 24 Jul, 2022 - 11:30AM

I joined on a friend’s recommendation.
My partner has arthritis which, as time goes on, is getting slowly worse. Yes… we still have sex but not as often as we used to.
I’m looking to find someone where there is a meeting of both minds and bodies. I’m not looking to rock anyone’s boat.
I would like to meet with just one gent who’s great fun to be with, can hold a decent conversation and wither it’s a friendship or “sexual relationship” we have a great time together. In the bedroom or not.
Deff not looking for anything casual or a one night stand.
Take care x

 2 members like this comment.

CheekyGuy1962 - 24 Jul, 2022 - 10:27AM

I came out of a relationship a few months ago like being independant but miss having a special lady in my life to enjoy going out flirting and of course sex. I would rather meet someone longer term but NOT looking to change anyone circumstanmces or for a full time partner ...been there got the t-shirt ans scars ;-)

AphaSally - 24 Jul, 2022 - 09:22AM

The million dollar question. Same as why do you want this job?
Best foot forward answer is the advice.🤫

 4 members like this comment.

Amarone - 20 Sep, 2021 - 09:45AM

Lack of intimacy from my wife. She has stopped even trying for it and doesn't give a toss about how I feel. This is despite me telling her how I feel. I am only 38 and no way want to live a life like this.

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1463136 - 10 Sep, 2021 - 08:07PM

For me a lover provides for my needs. I don’t want a full blown relationship. I have no desire to live with anyone, go on holidays etc. I am far too independent. So, a married lover is ideal. No relationship nonsense. Mutually beneficial. Xx

 1 member likes this comment.

Qwerty90123 - 10 Sep, 2021 - 07:24PM

No strings casual

Ctrl-alt-Dae-it - 20 Aug, 2021 - 08:51PM

To feel wanted , to have my needs met sexually as well as explore new things. To feel alive again and get that excitement and butterflies in my stomach when I see someone naked for the first time.

 1 member likes this comment.

1457849 - 20 Aug, 2021 - 05:21PM

To want and be wanted in return

 1 member likes this comment.

R1071979 - 15 Aug, 2021 - 09:17PM

Finding someone to share those intimate secrets about your life nobody else in the world knows about and trusting them implicitly,

786314 - 27 Jul, 2021 - 07:30PM

To be with a man that I do not share responsibilities with such as bills and kids. To be unmasked of my different roles in life. To feel free.

 1 member likes this comment.

cuckoldress - 07 Jul, 2021 - 07:29AM

In the (thus far) forlorn hope of finding a partner in crime who actually gets the 3 way dynamics AND really enjoys his part in delivering them with commitment and gusto. It’s a lot to hope for. But when it works, it really works.

 2 members like this comment.

MatureWorcsBBW - 06 Jul, 2021 - 07:10PM

To save me from a boring man in the bedroom.
He's almost comatose.

I don't mind that as much as he is very dismissive of my sexual needs simply because he has absolutely NONE .

But he is great company and he makes me laugh like nobody else does.

If I could transplant his lower half and swap it with a young and virile, gym fit young man, he'd be perfect.


 4 members like this comment.

Mystero - 05 Jul, 2021 - 01:21PM

To feel a genuine connection with someone both mentally and physically. To desire and to be desired. I don’t ask for much :)

 1 member likes this comment.

jamespdavis - 05 Jul, 2021 - 01:03PM

for me its the loss of that sexual buzz--at home sex is now non existent. I want to feel that passion again

1461741 - 05 Jul, 2021 - 11:32AM

Good question! Me? A combination of the hell of lockdown and a recent illness.
Being "Mr Goody Two Shoes" and Dad Taxi, main , main breadwinner Steady Eddie, supportive husband while wife follows her dreams, feeling trapped, taken for granted,washed up, take your pick. It just feckin' got to me.

 1 member likes this comment.

Iamasmiler - 05 Jul, 2021 - 10:49AM

I think I'm in an implicit business arrangement with my partner where we share a house and share the development of our kids.

I simply miss intimacy, this site gives me the opportunity to meet someone who wants the same as me without destroying the home life

 2 members like this comment.

jj289600 - 05 Jul, 2021 - 10:15AM

With no intimacy or passion at home I was finding my life drifting away from me….. I needed to find that spark… to feel that desire…. To want and be wanted….. and it has really worked……

Eliza Boo - 02 Jul, 2021 - 07:32PM

Julie 21

You and me both! 🤣🤣🤣 couldn't have expressed it better myself! 🤣🤣🤣. Cheers honey and here's to us getting rid of it all over again though!

Radicalfun - 02 Jul, 2021 - 04:44PM

Bored stupid at home and just need some excitement and good old fashioned loving back in my life!

 1 member likes this comment.

Havana570 - 29 Jun, 2021 - 12:13PM

Not getting who I am looking for at home

Sexysilverfox - 27 Jun, 2021 - 12:42AM

So much more to life - got to get out there and enjoy all of it!!

1455650 - 26 Jun, 2021 - 12:29AM

Pretty sure my virginity has grown back, and that's a sad state of affairs 😂😭

 9 members like this comment.

Discreet2meet - 21 Jun, 2021 - 01:08AM

After more than a decade of celibacy and a marriage that had resorted to fistpumps at bedtime something had to give. The overwhelming feeling of loneliness that crept up on me took me by surprise and shook me out of my living rigor mortice.

 2 members like this comment.

SatinAndLace44 - 18 Jun, 2021 - 11:13PM

Sex and playful naughty fun :)

 1 member likes this comment.

1458574 - 18 Jun, 2021 - 09:25PM

For a little fun... But also to have someone to talk to. Getting married at 25 can be lonely and im seen as wrote off already!

EMPS0621 - 18 Jun, 2021 - 02:36AM

Need someone to relight my fire 😀

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Funseekingsean - 18 Jun, 2021 - 01:08AM

Joined to restart the battery, i.e. reignite my spark, the rush of butterflies once again flowing, the thrill of connecting with likeminded adults where, fun, friendship, a friend to chat with whether it goes no further at least to supply each other with genuine support and care can’t be a bad thing

ExoticOrchid - 14 Jun, 2021 - 10:11AM

For the "lady" in question I mean ...

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ExoticOrchid - 14 Jun, 2021 - 10:06AM

April2021 - 09:39AM

I can think of a couple of names who might be suitable ... provided they are able to rise to the occasion ... 🤔

1449716 - 14 Jun, 2021 - 09:39AM

@misspmiss. Group sex really ? , aren’t there better sites than this . Good luck though .

 3 members like this comment.

89979 - 13 Jun, 2021 - 07:55PM

To have a discreet affair as my wife has not been interested in intimacy of any kind for a number of years and i miss it!

 4 members like this comment.

Daremeister - 13 Jun, 2021 - 06:08PM

To find somebody else as interested in cheese as me. Oh yes, and telling fibs in forums.

 3 members like this comment.

1455725 - 13 Jun, 2021 - 04:08PM

Miss good company, have commitments with dependents, might not be the place for a divorced gent but seems more separated and divorced people are choosing this route now

 1 member likes this comment.

1457437 - 13 Jun, 2021 - 12:25PM

Tired of leading a celibate life. I know there must be some ladies out there who are in a similar situation that might want to help each other out on a regular basis...

 2 members like this comment.

truered_ - 13 Jun, 2021 - 09:46AM

I joined specifically to find someone real, genuine that is not necessarily looking to change home life, but to have a little fun, intimacy, passion and find that spark again, just to enjoy it, however that may come.

 1 member likes this comment.

missPmiss - 12 Jun, 2021 - 08:14PM

I had a threesome, loved it. Hoping to find someone here who organises group sex x

 2 members like this comment.

WhereIsTheFun - 12 Jun, 2021 - 02:49PM

I thought it would be a simple and straightforward solution to a problem.... I was so wrong as it's been a complete disaster so far 🤦‍♀️😢

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Geezer83 - 10 Jun, 2021 - 02:24PM

Simples... With this lockdown I have felt like I have been in prison since Mar 2020! Forgotten what it has been like to even have hug/kiss let alone anything more. Hopefully to enjoy the rest of 2021 with a great match for regular meets.

1455445 - 10 Jun, 2021 - 12:49PM

Married men are easier to do this with. Fed up with singletons. I'm separated myself. This fits in with my life better.
P.s if you taken people were that happy you wouldn't be cheating on your spouses. So profiles saying I'm very happy etc you aren't.

 8 members like this comment.

1455914 - 10 Jun, 2021 - 11:43AM

Just looking for an affair with the right lady….

My life is great, but my wife will never be enough for me…

 2 members like this comment.

Ken990 - 10 Jun, 2021 - 11:02AM

This lockdown has changed the IE experience - everybody is so cautious

TabooSexyFun - 09 Jun, 2021 - 11:14AM

Not boredom, certainly. Though I accepted a lack of sex with my husband some time ago.

Seeking genuinely intimate fun that goes beyond the vanilla. Want to re-ignite the kind of lusts that have been hidden for many years.

Very much about a certain kind of friendship. Flirtation, laughs, fun - yes. (Very) secret meetings. But the hard to describe buzz that goes with wanting someone too - and knowing that those wants are to be shared - I'm not completely selfish - and fulfilled.
But at the same time is so much more than just mutually assured disrobing once in a while!

 6 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 06 Jun, 2021 - 06:58PM

V🍆 - 06:51PM

Absolutely not!!! 😲🤞

1449137 - 06 Jun, 2021 - 06:51PM

ExoticOrchid - 06 Jun, 2021 - 06:35PM

Lol as long as life does not imitate art :D

 2 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 06 Jun, 2021 - 06:35PM

V🍆 - 05:34PM

So what film was it ... Fatal Attraction??? 😄

 2 members like this comment.

1449137 - 06 Jun, 2021 - 05:34PM

Ok so maybe it wasn't an accident, but the cinema tickets were real...

I actually came on here to find a woman to make me feel alive and share much romance with... its hard to describe... sex is easy, heck prostitutes are probably cheaper! so a quick fling/shag or one nighter is not why i turned up.

I will probably be searching for a long time lol but i dont mind, quality over quantity. I guess I am an old fashioned romantic...

 5 members like this comment.

1382355 - 06 Jun, 2021 - 05:06PM


1386735 - 06 Jun, 2021 - 01:42PM

That’s the problem, hertsguy36
plenty here think it’s really easy to find that IE,. In reality it is not that easy, most just want to play the game, don’t actually want to meet and just love the online attention. Nature of the beast I suppose.

It does work though, you just need to very tough, thick skinned and resilient, if you are none of those then it will be a struggle

 3 members like this comment.

Hertsguy36 - 06 Jun, 2021 - 01:16PM

To meet a women in a similar situation as mine, to spend some intimate, passionate and mutually rewarding time together, to have a connection on a sexual level but also as a friend and someone to share laughs with. To find someone who I find myself smiling to myself about when I’m not with them, to be desired and desire after.

Form an orderly queue please .... should be simple right, but find I am largely ignored to be honest ...🤷‍♂️X

 2 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 05 Jun, 2021 - 10:37AM

April2021 - 10:19AM

Spot on ... you ain't wrong sista!!! 😁

 2 members like this comment.

1449716 - 05 Jun, 2021 - 10:19AM

Exactly exotic , no one wants to be alone all the time , a single can choose best bits , clean house , sanity , remote controll to themselves 😂. And cherry pick the good bits without the dirty socks ! . God I’m jealous now

 2 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 05 Jun, 2021 - 09:52AM

April2021 - 05 Jun, 2021 - 08:12AM
"not one of them left to be happy by themselves"

That is very true in my case ... however, after a very tough few years [especially emotionally and with no financial security], I am now thankfully very happy by myself ... with the occasional IE thrown in when it suits! ;-)

 2 members like this comment.

1449716 - 05 Jun, 2021 - 08:12AM

Most people are resigned content whatever the right word for it is, to be in a not entirely happy alliance . Every one of my friends who are divorced, are because one of them left for someone else or got caught with someone else , not one of them left to be happy by themselves

 4 members like this comment.

Raisondetre - 04 Jun, 2021 - 07:02PM

The issue is about commitment.
I'm single. Divorced. I have a clear profile. Am open to offers. I think it's sad and a waste of life to be stuck in an unwanted alliance.

Best. Lisa x

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hazle-eyes - 04 Jun, 2021 - 11:01AM

My reasons are in my profile

But I am in a sexless marriage where infancy has completely gone. My wife isn’t interested in sex at all. I find it really difficult on here because I am after one person to have an affair with and to laugh and take me away from the monotony of life. Just to escape for a while. I want to enjoy someone else’s company as well as have great sex. Having been with my wife since I was 15 this is a big change for me. But after years of trying to fix this part of ny relationship I gave up. That’s why I am here to feel alive and wanted again.

 6 members like this comment.

1398719 - 03 Jun, 2021 - 08:15PM

Boredom with home life. To spend time with the kind of men I used to date before marriage.

 6 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 03 Jun, 2021 - 05:09PM

Worldisyours - 03:30PM

Good luck ... for most of the marrieds here, the fact that singles have their own reasons for being here is an anathema to them with no end of sniping from their lofty heights! 🙄

 1 member likes this comment.

Worldisyours - 03 Jun, 2021 - 03:30PM

i am possibly bit unusual with my circumstance , i am divorced , around 5/6 years ago , it was rather unpleasant experience but worse for my four kids so i basically looked after them and didn't really go out at all. I also have two busy companies which takes up a lot of my time.
Therefore a relationship out of the question so i considered IE as an answer...i have not been intimate for quite awhile and miss it hugely, i do have quite a healthy sex drive ! not met anyone on here as yet but i do like the vibe on here ... fingers crossed

 3 members like this comment.

1449238 - 03 Jun, 2021 - 11:57AM

I think for me it seemed like the logical thing to do - who/what I’m looking for is quite specific and discretion is very important to me, so it made sense to join a community of like-minded people who perhaps also agree that one-offs are pretty unfulfilling.

I may be being very naive here though!

 1 member likes this comment.

1386735 - 03 Jun, 2021 - 07:34AM


Love that....but yes sometimes I think it is too much to ask. Hope you get it 😊

1455698 - 02 Jun, 2021 - 08:30PM

My honest reason for joining? I want a damn good kiss from a lady that means something and is passionate- too much to ask for?!?

 4 members like this comment.

1329251 - 02 Jun, 2021 - 07:53PM

Ultimately it's for mutual fun. Obviously there has to be more than that, I mean anyone can be capable of it 😂 but there's that mutual connection that sparks a friendship and good sex xxx

 2 members like this comment.

James-Stevens - 02 Jun, 2021 - 02:50PM

Absolute ditto here!

I just want to get physical and have some passion. Sometimes you just need to FUCK, sweaty and with urgency, not like something flight of the conchords would sing about as you fit it in around chores with little to no effort.

 1 member likes this comment.

1455097 - 02 Jun, 2021 - 11:04AM

For me, it’s a lack of intimacy, spark and combined mental and physical chemistry. I love my wife, but we have no urgency for one another, and my sexual appetite has grown massively over the last few years, and she has demonstrated zero sexual appetite for me. Sad but true

 2 members like this comment.

Teresa di Vicenzo - 02 Jun, 2021 - 10:10AM

xxxDavidxx - 02 Jun, 2021 - 09:16AM

A lady or two

🤣🤣 Can’t fault your optimism

 3 members like this comment.

1386735 - 02 Jun, 2021 - 09:40AM

Blimey mate...good luck with that

1449716 - 02 Jun, 2021 - 09:28AM

Xxxdavidxx. A lady or 2 ?aim for one decent being

xxxDavidxx - 02 Jun, 2021 - 09:16AM

Not getting any fun in bed at home due to my wife's health issues and I really need the mutual fun, closeness and nautiness of a woman. Here's hoping there is a lady or two who needs the same needs.

1454431 - 02 Jun, 2021 - 09:09AM

Lack of intimacy at hone. We are a great team.. but more like brother and sister.

 3 members like this comment.

fitpict - 30 May, 2021 - 06:12PM

She was never very adventurous and certain things, like oral sex, were an anathema to her. When she hit menopause she suddenly announced, that's it I'm not doing this anymore. I still enjoy sex, especially giving oral and just cannot bear the thought of living the rest of my life without it.

steeveegee - 25 May, 2021 - 11:13PM

My marriage just fizzled out. I live away from home. I get on well with the wife, but we're not married in any sense of the word, other than holding a marriage certificate.

Stripes - 25 May, 2021 - 09:29PM

I am 72, have a relationship that is now just good friends and too be honest we have both lost that buzz for each other in a physical sense.
I would love to feel that sense of excitement again, the electric charge of anticipation of a mutually fulfilling relationship.
Sadly it has been fruitless so far.
Anyway that's why I joined.

Justawhile - 25 May, 2021 - 08:07PM

I just miss the excitement of getting to know someone new and getting to know their body.
Life has become boring and unexciting.

1453483 - 24 May, 2021 - 02:49PM

Because we weren't designed to be monogamous......

We have been conditioned to do so, especially by ''the sanctity of marriage'.

Fun is primordial, and sex is the best form of fun there is for most.

 1 member likes this comment.

1453959 - 23 May, 2021 - 11:01AM

Same old story, I guess. My wife and I went from being lovers to good mates to childcare administrators to bickering siblings. Don't get me wrong. We love each other, but life can be exhausting and we've simy let anything special go for good I fear. Just trying to replace what I miss so much.

 2 members like this comment.

datemexxx - 23 May, 2021 - 09:27AM

I love my husband,but I want some spark,excitement,romance,nights out

 1 member likes this comment.

1445740 - 23 May, 2021 - 01:26AM

I miss the romance and wholesome intimacy that comes with getting to know somebody. Marriage has fizzled out and we are more friends without benefits. I miss that headiness and wildness and this is what brought me here. Am very new so no idea what to expect but am an eternal optimist so here's hoping for some spark and fireworks!

1453289 - 22 May, 2021 - 05:47PM

If honest, it’s a compromise, a need and desire for adult fun, excitement, yes raw sex but unable to walk away from other areas of your life.
Financial, habitual or just actually deeply caring but no va va voom

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1453837 - 21 May, 2021 - 12:12AM

I would like to bring the fire back into my life with someone who has as much energy as me

1447499 - 20 May, 2021 - 11:09AM

Having been on a number of sites - some good, some completely diabolical; I suppose it was inevitable I'd end up here sooner or later.
The main contributor from stopping me from being on IE (from a male perspective, at least) was the cost but since joining I've encountered more friendly, open and honest women than any other site, so from my perspective - definitely money well spent.

Please note: this in no way reflects any form of 'success' but is very reflective of the 'opportunity' for success.

Queeniepops - 20 May, 2021 - 12:07AM

Here for the thrill of the forbidden

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1450864 - 19 May, 2021 - 11:31PM

I don't want to change my situation and I love my husband but I miss feeling desired, wanted, adored.

The excitement of seeing someone, the tension that builds up, my cheeks blushing under his gaze, our hands brushing...

 5 members like this comment.

Eliza Boo - 19 May, 2021 - 10:42PM

Lust and longing.

I know my cocktail of choice and after years of a sexless marriage I'm stepping up to the bar...been a good good girl for far too long and I need that thing that makes my heart sing! Pour me a double.

 5 members like this comment.

c.a523 - 19 May, 2021 - 06:52PM


 2 members like this comment.

1433297 - 19 May, 2021 - 06:08PM

Some fun times an intimacy with someone I fancied after becoming single.
Hasn’t turned out how I wished.

Goodkitty - 08 May, 2021 - 06:35PM

I wonder sometimes. Say no thank you to someone and they then accuse you of a non authentic profile !!!! Then block you.
It’s the way it goes on here sometimes . Live with it .rejection isn’t nice even when you say , no thanks, not for me !!!!

 2 members like this comment.

Shazy123 - 05 May, 2021 - 06:20PM


Relaxed Vibes - 02 May, 2021 - 06:56AM

I joined after many years of living in a miserable marriage and found the perfect escape. The marriage is still miserable but for many reasons now isn’t the time to part ways. I’m here seeking that secret friend/lover once again, it’s not easy finding the right one but so worth it when you do

 9 members like this comment.

956458 - 01 May, 2021 - 03:38PM

I joined IE, because I've had a loving relationship with a married woman before on IE, and she's gone to live in LA, so I'm left alone, bereft

Black widow801 - 30 Apr, 2021 - 03:22PM

Am just missing a man in my life

 1 member likes this comment.

NormanD - 28 Apr, 2021 - 03:58PM

Life is short, and I just do not want be left wondering and explore beyond what is just in front of me.

 1 member likes this comment.

Janice630 - 27 Apr, 2021 - 02:24PM

I joined because my partner let me have a night with a guy and sexually he was the biggest and best I've ever had. So now I'm looking to have more affairs behind his back. The excitement when going to meet is something I've not felt on years

1448320 - 26 Apr, 2021 - 07:51AM

After nearly 3 years of absolutely no intimacy it turns out that we have become mates. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that and I would rather not ruin that. I really miss the intimacy, passion and most of all fun that two people can have together. I have spoken to her about it and her answer is "meh, I don't feel like it anymore".

 4 members like this comment.

HappyHoofer - 22 Apr, 2021 - 09:49AM

The euphorious feeling of being in "love" in the early stages, the joy of meeting and of finding out about someone else - hopes, fears, likes, dislikes etc

 1 member likes this comment.

BF00 - 21 Apr, 2021 - 10:56PM

ClassyLady77 - I know the feeling and couldn't agree with you more.

TheClassierCurves - 21 Apr, 2021 - 08:39PM

I miss the “firsts” in a relationship. When it’s all new and exciting snd you make an effort for each other.. when you meet up and hopelessly flirt, giving each other shy looks and little touches not knowing where the night will lead... I wish you could bottle the feeling of those “firsts”, and I’m hoping to experience them again :)

 1 member likes this comment.

Sneaky15 - 21 Apr, 2021 - 01:12PM

To get some fun back into my life!

Day Surgery - 20 Apr, 2021 - 11:41PM

I like the thrill of the chase , the calls, texts, meets, walks, snogging and finally I love the sweaty, breathless sex...all with one person building up over weeks.

 4 members like this comment.

1436839 - 20 Apr, 2021 - 10:27PM

For me it’s the thrill of being wanted again, to be made to feel special and to share those times both in and out of the bedroom. Having been there once before, there is no better feeling knowing there is someone out there thinking deeply about you and that the feeling is very much mutual.

Unfortunately I have yet to find it on this site and from what I’ve seen so far, am not hopeful

 2 members like this comment.

1447499 - 20 Apr, 2021 - 02:21PM

I joined because sex should be more than a courteous nod of the head or lip service (pardon the pun!)
I joined because intimacy should be more than a quick cuddle whilst your partner either drops off to sleep or continues doing whatever on her phone.
I joined because the excitement of all the 'cloak and dagger' behaviour has actually increased my metabolism so I'm loosing weight too (I would not recommend my (soon to be patented) 'stress diet' though!!)

Yes, we've discussed this. No, she won't change and yes, she would string me up by my upper and lower intestines if she discovered me on here.
Yes, we still love each other and every now and then will go through the motions.
As a couple we work very well but I need to be more..... excited, engaged.

Other factors I see mentioned a lot such as the thrill of the chase, the anticipation and excitement of someone new are all relatively tertiary as I am already having the affair as soon as I joined the site, let alone message someone.

 5 members like this comment.

ClassyLady77 - 20 Apr, 2021 - 11:06AM

ViolentAubergine 😂 😂 😂

Mine was due to living with the tightest man in London it took its toll. I was faithful for 20 years and decided enough was enough..

.I could of got depressed but I decided to enjoy my life and see where it took me soo I joined here.. life’s been a fun journey ever since..My highlight definitely has to be being taken to the opera.. An experience I will treasure forever...

2021 Will be a great year. IF I can find a man on my wavelength and who doesn’t want to talk about sex 24/7.. 🤪

 6 members like this comment.

1449137 - 20 Apr, 2021 - 10:28AM

I was just trying to change my car insurance and somehow ended up having an affair via this site... Got a really good deal though in the end, along with free cinema tickets every Tuesday.

 9 members like this comment.

1444888 - 20 Apr, 2021 - 09:22AM

similar to funseeker63 comment but mine is due to ill health and medication my wife has lost her libido, and I'm not yet ready to live a life without intimacy.

funseeker63 - 17 Apr, 2021 - 09:40AM

Like lots of peeps on here...most marraiges get stale....especially after 30 yrs or more 😐😁,so the reason for joining,is to find excitement & the butterflies again....as well as new great sex.....for me personally...i love the excitement of a regular "special friend"...the ducking & diving & lilbit danger involved ,kinda turns me on tbh 😊😊😜😁

 1 member likes this comment.

MatureWorcsBBW - 14 Apr, 2021 - 11:20AM

I'm looking for face to face meetings only.

Anything else bores me so much.

Now that I'm single again, (just friends with benefits with my ex), I'd like to meet someone who can offer me a suitable, local bolthole, away from prying eyes as one of my main hobbies is naturism.

I'm in no rush to compromise or meet up with someone totally unsuitable to my needs.

1448031 - 11 Apr, 2021 - 11:51AM

I want the excitement that goes with being wanted again. Like a lot of others stuck in a marriage, looking for a bit of adventure again. Never had an affair so let's give it a go.

 2 members like this comment.

Inanna - 11 Apr, 2021 - 11:22AM

I miss flirting and wondering where that flirtation will lead!

 1 member likes this comment.

Milkomilko - 10 Apr, 2021 - 11:28PM

Excitement! Come and message me! I’m well up for anything!

 1 member likes this comment.

1448003 - 10 Apr, 2021 - 11:15PM

Excitement, passion, butterflies and pure lust!

 1 member likes this comment.

Nene17 - 10 Apr, 2021 - 10:34PM

Excitement and sex with someone new :-

Awordsmith - 10 Apr, 2021 - 03:25PM

Unhappily (but comfortably) married, with kids

 1 member likes this comment.

Mariachi2422 - 10 Apr, 2021 - 03:08PM

My relationship has gone pretty stale, and I need some excitement

Dni12344 - 10 Apr, 2021 - 11:19AM

Basically joined because I adore my wife but being in a lesbian marriage has meant I miss the male anatomy 😂

 2 members like this comment.

Just Yours - 09 Apr, 2021 - 04:16PM

Good Sex

 1 member likes this comment.

Awordsmith - 08 Apr, 2021 - 03:03PM

Marriage is ... comfortably numb. I need to feel that elusive excitement, anticipation, adrenaline rush again. Something to lift the spirits ... et cetera 😜

 2 members like this comment.

1430478 - 07 Apr, 2021 - 01:36PM

Relationship with my partner went stale some time ago but to break up would cause a lot of hurt to other family members so looking for someone I can engage with mentally and physically.

 5 members like this comment.

Brainteaser - 06 Apr, 2021 - 10:35PM

I guess I want my own delicious secret again....have had one amazing affair which ended due to emotional entanglement.
That's the risk of a great physical and mental connection.
Plus I like this site....
Ps I am not on commission!!

 2 members like this comment.

1386735 - 06 Apr, 2021 - 07:31PM


What do you mean how does she know that?

I know that.this is not the best site for threesums etc.. As the website wasn’t mentioned fully, perhaps we should be asking you how do you know that?!

Do you want to bet some money on that? Won’t happen,

 1 member likes this comment.

24ct Collar - 06 Apr, 2021 - 06:55PM


How would you know that? And how come the admin didn’t delete your comment for mentioning another website?

The Owl Juggler

I’d say you stand a good chance of that on here. Good luck to you

1417062 - 06 Apr, 2021 - 05:21PM

And Janice the 8.5 incher did just that I believe

 2 members like this comment.

Janice630 - 06 Apr, 2021 - 03:39PM

I joined because my partner couldn't satisfy me any more and I wanted other men to satisfy me.

 3 members like this comment.

1417062 - 06 Apr, 2021 - 02:08PM

The Owl Juggler

Wrong site! You’ve got no chance of finding that in here. You’re better off going on sites like fab.

 3 members like this comment.

1421566 - 06 Apr, 2021 - 12:07PM

We are here looking for another girl to join us for some MFF fun......

 1 member likes this comment.

Awordsmith - 06 Apr, 2021 - 10:24AM

Seeking a break from the norm ... a panacea from this interminable lockdown!

 1 member likes this comment.

1444646 - 06 Apr, 2021 - 09:30AM

I'm open about the reason I joined IE on my profile. Having ended a 35 year marriage, which had become platonic, I am in no hurry to have another traditional relationship. I don't want to wash his smalls, iron his shirts, etc. I want the best bits of a man, whilst knowing he won't want me to commit to a traditional relationship. Maybe you'd call it selfish. I've had one long, amazing affair, now looking for the same again.

 12 members like this comment.

1386735 - 06 Apr, 2021 - 09:29AM

Caroline Red

I’m bi, so I don’t really understand your comment. Why can’t you feel girly in your ff relationship? Surely if you’re dating a male or a female you can still dress up in your heels and feel sexy/girly?!

 2 members like this comment.

1386735 - 06 Apr, 2021 - 09:27AM


Why do you think? Maybe they stay for the kids, or for financial stability,

It’s not that cut and dry is it?

 4 members like this comment.

1445015 - 30 Mar, 2021 - 07:58PM

Hmm I'm going to get some replies with this comment, ha, so here goes. I understand why people come on here, but for those that are so unhappy, why stay with someone if your life is so miserable?

Obviously there are degrees of unhappiness, but if the last year has taught us anything, it's that life is precious, and shouldn't be squandered.

I'll get the hard hat.....

 7 members like this comment.

Caroline Red - 29 Mar, 2021 - 12:49PM

I am a woman in a committed relationship with another woman and I would just love to spend time with a man feeling girly and dressing in my high heels once in a while.

 7 members like this comment.

1427025 - 29 Mar, 2021 - 11:43AM

am a widower and don't want to spend the rest of my life alone, but helping someone in a stale relationship helps me and her, without breaking up a family and i can accommodate, travel and be discreet

 1 member likes this comment.

1365864 - 28 Mar, 2021 - 01:25PM

The need to have something for me in this short time we are on this planet. But don’t wish to disrupt my family and still want to be in a family unit !!

 2 members like this comment.

Windswept and Interesting! - 28 Mar, 2021 - 12:09PM

As someone else said on here, I'm happy with the friendship I have with my partner but it is just that, there's absolutely no physical activity between us other than chaste kisses and cuddles, he seems happy with that but I'm not.

 8 members like this comment.

Peterthetall - 27 Mar, 2021 - 09:08AM

No more attention to detail if you know what i mean and quickie missionary is such a turn off

 1 member likes this comment.

1127036 - 26 Mar, 2021 - 11:48PM

Controversial maybe, but marriage trends towards primarily a financial arrangement that becomes increasingly less enticing and relevant as time passes. I doubt in 30 years time people will do it

 4 members like this comment.

1306431 - 26 Mar, 2021 - 11:32PM

Bored with my partner and want some excitement back in my life. I miss intimacy and romance

 1 member likes this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 26 Mar, 2021 - 11:45AM

Loveable Me - 25 Mar, 2021 - 11:36PM
"Trying to forgive him"

I did, many times BUT it was never the same after that and eventually ended with a divorce.

 2 members like this comment.

1439959 - 26 Mar, 2021 - 11:14AM

Passion, excitement and intimacy, the three things that are lacking in my marriage.

 2 members like this comment.

Loveable Me - 25 Mar, 2021 - 11:36PM

Recently found out my husband has had an affair. Trying to forgive him but want some fun of my own now lol

 3 members like this comment.

1404086 - 25 Mar, 2021 - 10:12PM

No longer attracted to my wife and haven’t had sex for over 3 years. As we only live once need some special lady to have fun and sensational sex with x

Joker2021 - 24 Mar, 2021 - 09:52PM

Hi folks, roll on Covid being under control and life restarting!

1442248 - 24 Mar, 2021 - 04:30PM

To find what am missing in my relationship
Hopefully make someone happy too

I do miss the thrill of the chase!!!

 1 member likes this comment.

1444413 - 24 Mar, 2021 - 04:08PM

To stay sane

 3 members like this comment.

1411685 - 24 Mar, 2021 - 04:04PM

I joined a I have a need to be a rebel and do bad things. Home life is mundane so this is how I can satisfy my urges, have fun and hopefully some great sex x

 4 members like this comment.

kungfu man - 24 Mar, 2021 - 01:02PM

i am looking for passion intimacy physical relationship. laughs fun excitement of chatting texting and meeting up

Chuck2021newyear - 24 Mar, 2021 - 10:51AM

For me, it’s that I am missing the intimacy that goes with a physical relationship. I have tried to word that carefully, because although sex is important to me, it needs to be accompanied by the openness and sharing of feelings, thoughts and actions between lovers. I am married and otherwise happy, but it feels like we’re flat mates.

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1421217 - 24 Mar, 2021 - 10:11AM

Ever thought about “pampering yourself

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1360266 - 24 Mar, 2021 - 10:08AM

Fun, friendship, passion & intimacy

Sekhmet369 - 24 Mar, 2021 - 01:12AM

It's my way how to get myself back. Uncompromised this time. Fully as I , with all the power I have.

Tattsbaby - 23 Mar, 2021 - 11:54PM

Wanted to be pampered and wanted again!

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DoubleJ19 - 20 Mar, 2021 - 10:31PM

I joined a few years ago, met a lovely woman had about 18 months of fun, it burnt out, then Covid and now I’m back, I want passion laughter and that spark you get, I want to feel young again

1444035 - 19 Mar, 2021 - 11:40AM

Fun fun fun

1435676 - 19 Mar, 2021 - 11:10AM

Haha, maybe I should rephrase that and call it the "virtual- to real"crossover world! 😅

ExoticOrchid - 19 Mar, 2021 - 10:41AM

Ebonysun - 19 Mar, 2021 - 06:46AM
"realisation that the reality is nowhere near as fantastical as I imagined."

Welcome to the real world! ;-)

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1435676 - 19 Mar, 2021 - 06:46AM

Seemed like a good idea in my head but reality is slowly setting in to a realisation that the reality is nowhere near as fantastical as I imagined.
Feels like dating (with all the mind games) all over again and I can't be bothered.

Probably best to wait for lockdown to be over and get chatted up the old fashioned way and see where it goes.

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BucksMan72 - 18 Mar, 2021 - 11:44AM

I haven’t played with enough boobies in my younger days!

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1107061 - 18 Mar, 2021 - 11:32AM

I probably have too much time on my hands! Nevertheless, the search is on for somebody who is different, obliging, and looking for a change of scene like me. So far the search has been more fun than the actual conjoining., much of it is likely to be in the mind. There's the rub! How many want to get out, when allowed, and get their hands dirty?!

1100888 - 18 Mar, 2021 - 10:21AM

Why have a joined, an escape from reality, having two special needs kids and the resulting mental health strains on the family.

ExoticOrchid - 18 Mar, 2021 - 10:19AM

Beretta - 10:15AM

Legends ... in their own minds! 🤣

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1421217 - 18 Mar, 2021 - 10:15AM

Big pants, or no pants then , it is ladies , gods have spoken .

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Rustiqe plaisir - 17 Mar, 2021 - 06:39PM

Sportster - pretentious! moi? 😂
Depends whether you have the necessary skills to do your own with the finest ingredients.
Personally, if I’m ever out, any dish that is served with a sauce is a no no for me. As you rightly say, hides a multitude of ......!

1117169 - 17 Mar, 2021 - 06:15PM

@Rustiqe plaisir

Sometimes yes, but often fancy sauces and dressings ( Usually with pretentious french names) are used to make ordinary bland dishes made with cheap poor quality ingediients more tasty and more interesting, and often more expensive too!

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Rustiqe plaisir - 17 Mar, 2021 - 05:47PM

Sportster & Mary Contrary
The loveliest and tastiest of foods are dressed in something saucy by the greatest Chefs to enhance what’s beneath.
Ne c’est pa ?

1434661 - 17 Mar, 2021 - 11:05AM

Sportster1200L - 16 Mar, 2021 - 11:11PM
"I must admit to being bemused by those who get turned on by "Sexy " lingerie"

I admit I love lingerie, it makes me feel sexy and hides any potential wobbly bits. I love the glamour, the performance and it puts me in the right mindset.

Unfortunately, in this world of extra marital dating, the realist and pragmatic part of me knows that I am unable to wear lingerie for a meet and so - I agree - the guys will just have to accept that they can't have a nice outer wrapper and it is what's inside that counts.

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1413266 - 17 Mar, 2021 - 09:51AM

I read Teresa di Vicenza's tale and so understood her position.
I was told once that it was quite possible to feel the loneliest person in a crowded room and, being young, i scoffed. Loneliness within marriage creeps up slowly. We grow older, and apart, become different people, and for many reasons. But it is still loneliness when you cannot discuss or talk. Hence, why i am here and many others. I do not want to wait for what i miss any more. Our lives are now.

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1117169 - 16 Mar, 2021 - 11:11PM

I must admit to being bemused by those who get turned on by "Sexy " lingerie.

For me its what's inside the wrapping that matters.

Each to their own though I suppose.

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791941 - 16 Mar, 2021 - 07:15PM

I joined again, because I have dipped in and out for the past few years and had a great time,

I guess I just like the challenge and wickedness of enjoying time with another man's partner.

Am I bad?

1427040 - 16 Mar, 2021 - 04:44PM

Reasons for joining....

10 years ago I met a gorgeous lady off this site and had a wonderful affair. Totally secret and so passionate. How good was it to receive illicit texts and messages from my 'Executive slut' as she called herself. Not my idea by the way. Well back for more. Does my 'executive slut' exist 10 years down the line?


Rustiqe plaisir - 16 Mar, 2021 - 04:25PM

Teresa di Vicenzo-. ‘I got all dressed up one Saturday afternoon - yes, afternoon, the curtains were open and EVERYTHING. I was wearing gorgeous teeny knickers, loose but revealing camisole ‘

Ciao Bella signora, what a waste. If only my wife would do something like that. I’d even settle for light in the room!
It’s quite sad that my sexual fantasy is to have sex with my wife☹️

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Teresa di Vicenzo - 16 Mar, 2021 - 02:47PM

.. diamanté thongs, leather corsets and high heels are my new loves... I am fed up of my little sexual envelope and am pushing out!! And hubby.. well... he just isn’t that guy!

That was exactly my trigger. I got all dressed up one Saturday afternoon - yes, afternoon, the curtains were open and EVERYTHING. I was wearing gorgeous teeny knickers, loose but revealing camisole .. I shouted him upstairs. He bounded up, looked at me and says ‘Doctor Who is about to start’. And he’d gone again. I’m stood there in all my finery. I thought ‘fuck that’ and took it all off, hurled it in a drawer. He’s never seen me in it. I started hunting for a One soon after. Life is short ..

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Jamieiow33 - 16 Mar, 2021 - 02:01PM

@beretta I am an optimist tho

Jamieiow33 - 16 Mar, 2021 - 01:39PM

Meet girls on the south coast or on the Isle of Wight

241014 - 16 Mar, 2021 - 01:06PM

To explore the endless possibilities of intimate sensuality, worshipping the Goddess Femininity — flitting between sublime pleasure of a date and the sheer terror of being caught.

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faithfultome - 16 Mar, 2021 - 01:04PM

to be cherished

1421217 - 16 Mar, 2021 - 12:01PM

@jamieiow. You may want to actually join then , rather than just wracking your email address on and hoping for best

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Dejavous - 16 Mar, 2021 - 11:34AM

I joined for the badge and the free gift; strangely I'm still waiting for it.......hmm did I join the wrong site??

Jamieiow33 - 16 Mar, 2021 - 10:33AM

Looking for females obviously haha

lifestooshort86 - 15 Mar, 2021 - 10:24PM

I recently joined in the hope of meeting someone in a similar position to myself. In all honesty, I feel a bit conflicted, on the one hand I am here because my circumstances have left me feeling like I have no other option, but on the other, I wish I didn't need to be here. But I've made a decision to start thinking about myself a bit more and ultimately that means I need another woman in my life, whatever shape that takes, physical or emotional.

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Jaffajaffajaffa - 15 Mar, 2021 - 06:01PM

Curiosity, and less vanilla sex

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1329251 - 15 Mar, 2021 - 05:21PM

I've been having an affair with my service director from work, but we can only see each other rarely due to all kind of hurdles, and that was before covid. Basically I'm hungry for more and we actually spoke about it and he recommended this site to me. So basically mutual fun with a local older guy xx

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Tallulabelle - 15 Mar, 2021 - 01:06PM

Less chance of meeting a high maintenance, needy bloke on IE in comparison to the usual sites.
I don’t have the time to give to a conventional relationship.
Worked long term previously with IE relationship

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1443245 - 15 Mar, 2021 - 10:41AM

I have recently realised that there is a dark side to me that I have never explored... diamanté thongs, leather corsets and high heels are my new loves... I am fed up of my little sexual envelope and am pushing out!! And hubby.. well... he just isn’t that guy!

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1117169 - 15 Mar, 2021 - 08:55AM


Genuine people who actually want to meet someone and actually can most certainly do exist on here. I know that for sure, but they are in a small minority and you do have to make an effort with your profile not use a template one.

Profiles that say something like :-

"Just to level the playing field my friends kinda say I'm blues eyes and not much in to Peaky Blinders" and when it comes to specifying an ideal partner "Nothing entered" might as well have been written by robots and wont attract anyone's attention.

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1151610 - 14 Mar, 2021 - 10:25PM

I have come to a crossroads in our relationship, for many reasons so I’m looking for someone special to feel excitement with, have that being alive feeling again, long deep kisses, holding hands. Who knows where it will lead.

Myladyeva - 13 Mar, 2021 - 12:11AM

To find a nice companion it's not all about sex there has to be a good connection.

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Jo2110 - 12 Mar, 2021 - 11:20PM

Fun and frolics with transparency- no need to fib be honest from day 1 - no judging

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Boredbabe123 - 12 Mar, 2021 - 11:13PM

Boredom! My partner is so vanilla and as I'm getting older I realise I'm not!

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John_Herc - 12 Mar, 2021 - 10:56PM

Because I love people and I love sex! I'm just out of a relationship where we both wanted to move on, and I get how it feels to be in a relationship and want more, without jeopardising what you've got.

1442602 - 12 Mar, 2021 - 03:10PM

I met and married my husband when we were both really young. He's my only one ... ever! Over forty years on I've started to think from time to time, 'what if ....'

I'm very shy and very inexperienced but I've decided to explore.

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Turbs87 - 12 Mar, 2021 - 11:59AM

More excitement but don't want to wreck a family

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1424218 - 11 Mar, 2021 - 02:24PM

Very simple...for some adventure and to step outside my comfortable married couply world...to find a friend to enjoy the fabulous new lover sex that is no longer in my marriage x.

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1434661 - 11 Mar, 2021 - 12:24PM

duncanncan - 11 Mar, 2021 - 09:35AM

Genuine people do exist, it would help if you complete your profile and women may approach you x

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duncanncan - 11 Mar, 2021 - 09:35AM

im new to this site and hoping to meet genuine people but feeling as though they dont exist on here i await to br proven wrong

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1438875 - 10 Mar, 2021 - 08:50PM

Because monogamy doesn't truly exist. Even if you think it does, it doesn't because one of you is likely to have cheated or already doing it. And what's the problem with that... Nothing, in my opinion.

Life is about adventure, passion, happiness and excitement... And sometimes you need to experience it with someone who doesn't know you all that well, who will fill the desire and reignite your soul. Someone who will let you escape from the real world, yet shows you that your real world is worth fighting for. But that in order for real life to work, you need to enter a different world temporarily.

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Lancashirechap - 10 Mar, 2021 - 07:47PM

I am unfortunately in a sexless marriage despite treating my wife like a princess and possibly being in the best shape of my life.

It simply isn’t something that she is interested in anymore.

So rather than feel sorry for myself, this is me doing something about it and not destroying a perfectly good partnership that is simply lacking certain elements

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1441690 - 10 Mar, 2021 - 07:18PM

Like many people, I am married to someone who is more my sister/housemate. I don't want to end the relationship but I have needs.

So, here I am looking for someone to spend some secret time with for mutual pleasure.

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971869 - 10 Mar, 2021 - 06:44PM

To find a friend who wants to also find a friend, not a drama queen.

1441761 - 10 Mar, 2021 - 06:32PM

Great post!

I married way too young and it’s only been these past few years, as I approach 40, that I realise that I need more excitement. My husband does not find me attractive anymore and we are living like brother and sister and are, if we admitted it, really only together for the kids. This is ok as home life is not horrendous but I want to feel more.

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Harry539 - 10 Mar, 2021 - 05:51PM

To have fun, make new friends. Try new experiences. Maybe find a sugar mummy 😁😂 there's always a first for everything. But genuinely. Looking to chat and have a laugh.

1433297 - 10 Mar, 2021 - 05:28PM

Meeting someone nice who doesn’t want to move in and start being moody and bossy.

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BenJames - 10 Mar, 2021 - 05:03PM

My relationship has broken down - through no fault of my own - now I’m horny, frustrated and excited all at once - by the lockdown and the chance to get to know other females!

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Darlund - 10 Mar, 2021 - 04:42PM

I'm here in the hope of finding someone like minded who can be open and honest about their feelings and what they want. Let's face it, we're all on here because ultimately we enjoy and want sex and generally it's missing in our lives, for whatever reason. This site allows us to try and find that someone with whom we can enjoy it, along with their company, which in turn makes us happier. That's got to be a positive thing.

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Herts chap - 10 Mar, 2021 - 02:07PM

I’m looking to meet an assertive lady who will help me to set and reach new standards of behaviour and fitness. And to just spend some time with someone new and different away from the humdrum daily existence

Funbythesea19 - 10 Mar, 2021 - 10:00AM


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Dejavous - 10 Mar, 2021 - 09:55AM

I enjoy being in a club with members of a shared interest; I was really looking forward to the annual excursion to the seaside when we could all sit in our deckchairs, ice creams in hand and chat about our imaginary conquests. Ah well that will have to wait until after lockdown ends and reality sets in.

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ExoticOrchid - 09 Mar, 2021 - 12:32PM

fortylove2 - 09 Mar, 2021 - 11:39AM

Very kind offer which I must decline with much regret! ;-)

fortylove2 - 09 Mar, 2021 - 11:39AM

Dog might have done a better job!
Right second time, would you like to volunteer for me to practice some more.

OK, maybe that isn't the real reason I'm here but it could have been. I'm definitely not a hairdresser.

1117169 - 09 Mar, 2021 - 11:06AM


Or does it look like it was bitten off by the dog?

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ExoticOrchid - 09 Mar, 2021 - 09:58AM

Oops just "got it" ... you're in the dog house because you made a mess with the 💇‍♀️???

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ExoticOrchid - 09 Mar, 2021 - 09:36AM

fortylove2 - 09:28AM

Wow get you! 💇‍♀️👏

fortylove2 - 09 Mar, 2021 - 09:28AM

I cut my wife's hair during lockdown....

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1425667 - 08 Mar, 2021 - 10:37PM

I thought i might find a like minded person in similar circumstances to enjoy a fulfilling discrete liaison. Maybe they are still out there, if so, get in touch...

1441983 - 08 Mar, 2021 - 12:13AM

For myself joining is to experience chemistry and attraction as I’ve never experienced before.

Nickleupip - 07 Mar, 2021 - 03:21PM

My sex drive and seek for mischief has always been sky high. In the early years wife was interested and keen. Then with life getting in the way her effort put in our sex life and her own well being has been declining steadily. I still need sex very often but it is really unfulfilling, knowing the other person is only doing you a favour is a killer. I had a 3 year affair with a stunning lady who shared my situation and it was fantastic, we will stay friends forever even if we don't meet for sex any more. I need a new IE at the moment.

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1441869 - 07 Mar, 2021 - 11:13AM

I turned to the dark side 6 years ago due to my marriage not being a normal marriage. My hubby was verbally abusive and sometimes physical, a bully. My confidence was shattered. We led separate lives under the same roof, never took me out anywhere etc (he used to take his female friends out but never me). I stayed home raising the kids. He was the only man I had ever been with so exp was lacking. Still with him but he has changed however I don’t love him or ever have or ever will. . I’ve never experienced being treated nice so I wanted to know what it felt like without jeopardising marriage (I have kids). I met a nice man here and he built my confidence. He actually described me as extremely sexy but I had never thought that about myself before. I experienced sex for the first time with him. That lasted 5 years. I haven’t bedded my husband in 10 yrs and have no intention to. I’ve allowed him to have flings but my rendezvous has to be discreet. Absolutely discreet.

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Janice630 - 06 Mar, 2021 - 12:39PM

To find a partner that's not inhibited like my old man. I just love doing different things with my lover and things we both love doing. Neither of us want to split with our present partners. But the sex is incredible

Your Sexy Woman - 05 Mar, 2021 - 11:11PM

To fill the bit that's missing in my life ...
Passion, attention, sensual exploration ... that was some time ago and I've achieved that in shed loads since I made my decision. I found exactly what i was looking for ... and some ...

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skylabelle33 - 05 Mar, 2021 - 07:52PM

Bend me over

1421217 - 05 Mar, 2021 - 01:43PM

@rustique plaisir. Hear hear , But there are people who could fall out in an empty room here

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Rustiqe plaisir - 05 Mar, 2021 - 01:03PM

Sportster1200 - only if you let it happen ‘nowadays’
Mary Contrary- a most appropriate gift for you I would have thought, non? I’d have bought you Silver Bells.
Beretta- opinions are great, it’s healthy to disagree and I certainly won’t slate you for having one. It makes for a great relationship

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1117169 - 05 Mar, 2021 - 01:01PM

@Mary Contrary

Yes spot on! Sugar Babes are generally at the younger end of the spectrum serving their apprenticeships until they mature and become fully fledged mistresses.

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1421217 - 05 Mar, 2021 - 09:50AM

Your missing nothing Mary contrary, exactly spot on . Only if found here if your not very careful with your words you get slated for having an opinion x

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1434661 - 05 Mar, 2021 - 09:41AM


Seems I'm no mistress, I'm just looking for a longterm sexual relationship with someone to broaden each others horizons.

To me, the traditional mistress is a modern day sugar baby. Or am I missing something?

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1421217 - 05 Mar, 2021 - 09:04AM

A mistress , usually long term sexual and emotional relationship , traditionally was given gifts clothes allowances , sometimes even fully looked after . For some people it works still to some extent , both parties get what they need both parties are happy . There are some on here who are looking for that, there are some who aren’t . Everyone is here looking for something though . Yes that was very sensible for me 😁. Let’s see if I get scalped now

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1434661 - 05 Mar, 2021 - 05:02AM

@ Rustiqe plaisir

I must be chatting to the wrong guys as I've not received any lavish treats. One gent did buy me a rose plant which I have kept in my garden though! 😁

 6 members like this comment.

1117169 - 04 Mar, 2021 - 11:31PM

@Rustiqe plaisir

What do you mean " In the olden days" ? Its no different now!

 2 members like this comment.

ExoticOrchid - 04 Mar, 2021 - 11:10PM

Rustiqe plaisir - 10:45PM

Phew! 👀

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Rustiqe plaisir - 04 Mar, 2021 - 10:45PM

@Exotic Orchid
Good recovery, before the grammar police come and put you in the naughty corner.

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1441335 - 04 Mar, 2021 - 09:21PM

I joined to meet women who are looking for a distraction in their lives

ExoticOrchid - 04 Mar, 2021 - 08:53PM

Should be "without going for a drink or a meal" 🤦‍♀️

ExoticOrchid - 04 Mar, 2021 - 08:44PM

Rustiqe plaisir - 08:06PM

Indeed, that is the original meaning.

However, in today's IE understanding, I would assume it would mean a long term liaison rather than a one night stand or just a quick one in the afternoon every so often without a drinking a meal.

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Rustiqe plaisir - 04 Mar, 2021 - 08:06PM

In the olden days, a mistress was someone who was kept lavishly, afforded the finest clothes and treats by her married lover in exchange for the things he couldn’t get at home - heard it from a friend.
Thank heavens for liberte egalite fraternite

 3 members like this comment.

1434661 - 04 Mar, 2021 - 06:28PM

What's a mistress? Is that like being a sugarbaby without the possible age disparity?

1421217 - 04 Mar, 2021 - 06:22PM

Secret accomplice, ask someone who wishes to be a mistress what they think

Secretaccomplice4u - 04 Mar, 2021 - 04:35PM


Perhaps you could share what you think it means.
Being from S Yorkshire myself perhaps we'll agree.

 1 member likes this comment.

AAGilfan - 04 Mar, 2021 - 03:44PM

There were 2 reasons for me. One was the usual story of being ignored at home and pushed away with put downs and personal comments. So I wanted to find out if these were really justified or whether others might have a different perspective. Turned out they did. But, also, if am being honest, I really fancied finding out if I would appeal to older women and whether they would appreciate me or just find me irritating. Turns out that there are a lot of older women on here who really worth getting to know, and who have a brilliant attitude to having fun and knowing what they want from this. And there is often an appetite to enjoy themselves on a physical level too, as they feel like they are missing out and want to express themselves in a way they had done earlier in life or in a way they had always thought of. Over time I have had some very special relationships with some very special older ladies from here and have cherished their approach and zest for life. An open mind always helps

 2 members like this comment.

1436059 - 04 Mar, 2021 - 02:21PM

I joined because I want a man but don't want the traditional boyfriend girlfriend relationship. I don't want to live with anyone and nobody is moving in with me. I love my space and life just the way it is.

 3 members like this comment.

1424835 - 04 Mar, 2021 - 12:10PM

@redsoles001 I agree with your summary. If you like the profile then easiest to engage on KIK or whatever messaging app you’ve adopted for this - more fluent way to get to know one another than sending clunky messages. After that if there’s a click then strike while the iron’s hot (in normal times).

BigNbald85 - 04 Mar, 2021 - 11:10AM

I'm so bored, I need new people to talk to

1421217 - 04 Mar, 2021 - 10:03AM

Secretaccompice4you, it certainly does mean different things to different people

 3 members like this comment.

ExoticKhadjah - 04 Mar, 2021 - 12:46AM

I've always fancied being the other woman. Sounds mysterious and exciting, especially if I'm spoilt rotten.

 1 member likes this comment.

Garden75 - 03 Mar, 2021 - 08:37PM

I just can’t help myself, the excite and the thrill of something/someone different and the forbidden desires that lie in wake in the wonderful world that can be IE 😈

Secretaccomplice4u - 03 Mar, 2021 - 06:15PM

I find different women mean different things when they say
"...who knows how to treat a mistress/woman properly...."

What do you mean ?

 2 members like this comment.

AAGilfan - 03 Mar, 2021 - 04:11PM

Elisiea 1 - You are only ancient if that is your mindset. Your headset is clearly not an ancient one but a refreshingly active and lively one. Age is a number, attitude is a boon and helps keep you young. Go for it girl....!!

 1 member likes this comment.

HotChoco - 02 Mar, 2021 - 10:02PM

To borrow someone’s husband who knows how to treat a mistress properly....

 4 members like this comment.

1427040 - 02 Mar, 2021 - 04:17PM


This is Simple :

Man seeks woman and woman seeks man. Read each others profiles throughly. Is there a connection, like what you read? KIK,What's app or whatever to break the ice.

Then a real telephone conversation and ultimately meet.

Simple really as long as you abide by the rules....oh and don't disappear....as many do.

You have been warned!

 6 members like this comment.

1427040 - 02 Mar, 2021 - 03:43PM

It's all about me

I agree with you. You get the all the best bits, the excitement and amazing sex. As I said don't totter on the brink...dive in 😇

Everyone needs to let the halo slip one in a while!


 3 members like this comment.

KarenLovesCamping - 02 Mar, 2021 - 03:19PM

Read my profile.....my reasons are explained there 😏

1427040 - 02 Mar, 2021 - 03:06PM

Reasons for joining IE. Well speaking g from experience, passion,lust,excitement, friendship and just having a great time but being mindful that no one wants to get hurt. Total discretion,trust and honesty = a sizzling affair. Dont totter on the brink....just do it.


 3 members like this comment.

1434661 - 02 Mar, 2021 - 02:23PM

I like having my own private life.
It's so exhilarating knowing that while everyone else is plodding on with work, laundry, grocery shopping that I'm making plans and sneaking off to meet someone for a few hours of fun. It's like having a mini holiday break getting massages and enjoying some company and not thinking about the mundane.

There's nothing wrong with my marriage at all, I'm not unhappy or unloved but after so many years there's no secrets left and no real surprises. We make our own fun and sneak off for day rooms and weekend boutique hotels together too to escape the teenager but sometimes it's just nice to have my own secrets x

 7 members like this comment.

Kyllian - 02 Mar, 2021 - 01:58PM

Okay, I'll go for honesty rather than trying to impress with a series of romantic ideals. I've always watched shows about affairs and been hugely turned on by the idea of the secrecy. There's actually not a damn thing wrong with my relationship, sexually or otherwise (and it's a very long term and successful one) but when I watch something like The Affair or Doctor Foster, I'm hugely jealous of the guys that have so much sexual excitement in their lives - I just hate the parts where everyone gets hurt so I'm on here seeking the escape but not the drama. I actually made the decision to join when I watched an episode of Midsomer Murders and started to get turned on by the couple sneaking around for secret meet ups in the pub - and if you start getting turned on by programs like Midsomer Murders, it's time to drop your pants and reach for the forbidden door that says 'Do Not Enter (you Filthy Love Rat)

 4 members like this comment.

1440398 - 02 Mar, 2021 - 01:06PM

Fed up of being 4/5/6 in line to work and other interests. More housemates than a couple I need to be able to give as well as recieve some form of affection in life, it’s too short to be miserable. Also finding my interests are broadening abs want to explore that side more.

1329251 - 02 Mar, 2021 - 12:44PM

Basically to find a local older gentleman for some fun through the week. My boyfriend lives and works in London, I see him weekends.....when there's not a bloody pandemic. So just extra fun. Nothing heavy. Mutual pleasure 👍.

 4 members like this comment.

1436596 - 02 Mar, 2021 - 10:04AM

For me turning 40 was a massive wake up call. Wanted to have some fun before I got too old, as the saying goes "life begins at 40" I was dam sure I would make it happen!

Being with my husband for 25 yrs has take its toll. Seperate lives and seperate beds, just 2 people who share a house, bringing up a child.

Craved excitement and to feel wanted again, most of all wanted fun! The feeling you get meeting up with your IE knowing its wrong but it's something soley for you. Being able to have just that little escapism from mundane life makes other times more bearable. The meals out when you just want to clear the table and get it on there and then. OK I know you'd probably get arrested for that but that's the best feeling. Knowing you excite each other and want each other equally. Don't get any of that or anywhere close these days, if I did I wouldn't need to be on dodgy websites haha.

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tlove1279 - 02 Mar, 2021 - 09:31AM

At this stage, really to come across interesting, cultured, but also open-minded and naughty people to chat. Maybe I can meet someone to actually meet for real in the future when the stars start to align again!

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Pete likes wine - 02 Mar, 2021 - 09:13AM

We are a great operational team get massive amounts done and look after the family older and younger but no intimacy for years - missing the warmth of a cuddle and a bit more! But also the spontaneity its like socks at christmas but all year so predictable

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Hertsguy36 - 02 Mar, 2021 - 09:10AM

To meet a lady for passionate mutually rewarding fun, an affair that provides us both with what need to feel complete. To have those naughty illicit days in a hotel, where we deliciously explore each other as the world around us goes on with its normal day. To meet a lady who makes me smile to myself, and likewise me her, someone to desire and someone who desires me.

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Lonelychick1 - 02 Mar, 2021 - 07:43AM

He has no emotions, he's killed anything there was, I'm lonely and just want to feel human again

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HindenburgToto - 01 Mar, 2021 - 11:58PM

I was tired of my lady... I know that it sounds kinda mean. But me and my old lady had fallen into the same old dull routine.

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Chris 14093 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 10:35PM

Missing friendship, hugs, kisses and great sex is why I joined IE. I may be ancient but...

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ClassyLady77 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 10:03PM

Being married to the most miserable/tightest man in London, took its toll. So I decided to have some fun in life and I love meeting new people and things I wanted to do...

Was either let it get to me or have some fun and enjoy life...

I’m Definitely more happier and contented when I have a affair, can cope with home life. More..

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Reef7765 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 09:07PM

Home life wasn’t great, therefore spent more time at work, had a brief fling on a project and i liked it. Felt rejuvenated and a happier me… joined here some time ago met and and had two great experiences ….

Not really sure why i’m back… however, what i’ve learnt is it’s not all about the sex, there is much to be said about good connection, easy silences and sharing of ideas and experiences in and out of the bedroom 😊

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Teresa di Vicenzo - 01 Mar, 2021 - 07:50PM

I’m married and have been for ever. Our kids have left home so it’s just me and him. Big time me and him during lockdown 😳. We get on fine but sex and affection in general from him has always been an issue. I’m a naturally affectionate person and I need someone who desires me. With hindsight I should have bailed out of the marriage years ago. But I didn’t. I’ve currently got a lovely IE. It’s nice to feel wanted!

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1433753 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 06:03PM

And I’ve just realised I posted this in the wrong place ...apologies..😂

1433753 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 06:01PM

I’ve read some of the comments on blocking people after declining their advances politely...I have done this purely as a self preservation method ...some of the vitriol I received after doing so is unbelievable...
My age boundaries are regularly ignored and when I point this out politely...I get all sort of accusations...
I also had someone attack me for my profile ...accusing me of having a massive ego ..never met or spoke to the man before..?🤷‍♀️

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Rustiqe plaisir - 01 Mar, 2021 - 04:42PM

I enjoy sex with plenty of foreplay.
My wife doesn’t like foreplay and doesn’t enjoy sex.
The discussion and banter I have with my affairs are on a different dimension to the conversations that I can have with my wife, which I’m pleased to say continue even though we have parted.

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Desperate Cougar - 01 Mar, 2021 - 04:00PM

I've reached that age where It's now or never for my sexual fantasies and life is too short to not have fun

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Chezley - 01 Mar, 2021 - 03:29PM

I like cheating and the women who do it.

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1439225 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 03:28PM

For me it's about reclaiming some of my own identity after a long time of being a partner or father. Being able to express myself differently and have new conversations with a new person.

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1426707 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 03:24PM

My wife had been uncomfortable with sex for a while and then decided she no longer wanted any more intimacy. Came as a bit of a shock but she said I could go and seek those pleasures elsewhere as long as it was kept discreet. So I thought WOW! I'm solvent, fit, have plenty of energy and plenty of time. Finding a special lady was going to be more tricky. Not into one-night stands or playing the field, wanted something stable and long-term.

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1423917 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 02:32PM

I got into my " now " relationship for all the wrong reasons ( long story ) after being single for years , was unable to satisfy him due to an accident and although he said he was fine with it and his love for me meant more than sex , found evidence that he was cheating , not only with one but by all account6, multiple woman ...anyway to cut a long story short , my health is back to normal , I'm fighting fit and raring to go ..sooo.. what's good for the goose etc etc etc

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bonny - 01 Mar, 2021 - 01:50PM

My reason for joining is to find happiness with one special lady whilst keeping things the same at home

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Enigma.. - 01 Mar, 2021 - 01:23PM

Basically I don’t want someone under my feet 24/7.
Been there and done that. Tried other dating sites... and let’s leave it at that lol.
I know what I’m looking for and looking forward, hopefully, to finding someone on here that I can share great times and experiences with x

ExoticOrchid - 01 Mar, 2021 - 12:40PM

Because I don't want another husband ... just borrow one from time to time ... simples! 😌

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littleminx75 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 12:17PM

I'm married my kids adore their dad, has do I...but I think he's secretly having an affair ( found evidence)...like I say our kids are our world but what's good for him ... honestly this site has stop me snooping on him ..I'm more paranoid on him snooping on me now 💯🧐

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1386735 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 11:45AM

Wanted to lose my virginity again after 18 years of no sex in my marriage. Now it’s much more than that, the whole package, good sex, good banter, good laughs, a confidente. Bloody hard to find mind you, so might just stick with the good sex!

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1352755 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 11:31AM

I agree with you .
I want all the excitement of amazing sex
Without the hassle of dating 🤣😂

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1429015 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 10:51AM

Female company, sex, friendship, sex, attention, sex, affection, sex, someone to laugh with, sex, new adventures, sex, did I mention sex?

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Sigmaguy - 01 Mar, 2021 - 10:27AM

To find partner for no-drama sexual encounters... Usual dating sites are mainly full of women who want to find a guy to settle down with... not my thing anymore.

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Zhivago - 01 Mar, 2021 - 09:46AM

I joined for intimate relationship as miss this in my married life. I love my wife and wouldn’t dream of leaving. Hence being discreet is important

1320953 - 01 Mar, 2021 - 09:30AM

Honestly... I'm lonely, my ex and I still share a home, I actually think it makes it more apparent that
I want and need a friendship that has fun and laughter with a physical element but I definitely need it to be descreet because of my situation. So I joined IE

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