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Take me to the movies!

What are peoples favourite sexy movie scenes? Have you ever tried to reenact them?


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Date Plans

Advice please :) I have started to speak with someone and we have moved to video chats. We...

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Silver linings

Met someone really special, without whom this whole pandemic pandemonium would have been 10x more...

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Next Lockdown?

Am I being selfish to continue seeing my IE now that a full lockdown has been announced? I feel...

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Closer together?

The past few months have brought me and my IE closer together, he's seen me at my worst haha,...

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Lockdown x2

I've been such a good girl since March, behaving, laying tracks, making
friends and...

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At what age does a man become a turn off?

Having been on here a couple of weeks I don't seem to get much response.
So I thought...

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How far is too far?

How far is reasonable for an IE ,I don't drive but am happy to travel by train for meetings...

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Expiry Date?

Does marriage have an expiry date?

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The Right Balance?

What is the right combination for an IE? Mutual attraction, interests, intelligence, sexual...

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Lessons Learnt

What is the most interesting thing you've learnt about yourself since being on this...

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