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Opportunities for IE Members

Increasingly, more and more publications are approaching IE, requesting to speak to members about their experiences. We have always been very reluctant to put the press in touch with members, but after we recently sent out a mail about talking to the press, we received a phenomenal amount of interest. So, we have decided to put all of these opportunities in one place...

Those of you who have stumbled upon this page, but do not wish to be involved, don't panic. We will never, EVER release your name, photograph or details to anyone. We know that the nature of this site demands a very high level of confidentially, and want you all to know that we value this just as much as you do.

For those of you who would like to talk about your experiences, here is a list of all the publications and people who are interested in talking to our members...

Cash Paid For Interesting Stories...

A freelance journalist is looking for unusual stories for several top women's magazines.

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Did an Affair Save Your Marriage/Relationship?

A magazine is looking for a real-life story about couples who stay together despite an affair.

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Are You Considering an Affair?

Are you a relatively new member of the site? Are you considering embarking on an affair but have not yet done so?

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